Sociology Assignment Help Online Study Review Analysis:: Description of Garrage box in daily uses

 Sociology Assignment Help Online Study Review Analysis:: Description of Garrage box in daily uses


Write about the description of Garrage box in terms of daily uses??

Solutions proposed

  1. As the material collected in the garbage box was a mixed material of my daily use and daily concern. In 24 hours, I collected these materials as waste from my daily uses. So my first reaction would be like I am contributing a lot to the waste and I must reduce and even try to stop this much of garbage production within 24 hours. As I am a part of society and it’s my responsibility to keep my society clean and this would be possible only if everybody starts taking initiative towards the reduction in garbage production. So I will be taking an initiative to reduce the garbage production and I will try to stop it.
  2. My garbage collection experience is very much related to the Wright Mill’s discussion because in his discussion, he has taken into consideration to the society and the individual. How well we are able to manage this relationship between the society and individual. What we were earlier and what we are now and what we are going to be in future. These all things are totally dependent on us. Its in our hand to make a better future and environment that will make us proud as a responsible citizen of the country and society.
  3. As per various reports, we can see that the organic garbage and the landfill is increasing year by year as we can see the prediction of increase from 10 million tonnes in 2008 to 14 million tonnes in 2030. Apart from that various other waste are also increasing enormously and if it continues with the same pace then it will be a huge challenge for Australia to overcome from its negative impact.


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