Sociology Assignment Help Online Review analysis: Description of Feminist theory & gender differences

Sociology Assignment Help Online Review analysis: Description of Feminist theory & gender differences

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Write a feminist theory on gender differences?

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According to Crossman (The feminist theory is one that is one of the most contemporary sociological theories. The main purpose of this theory is to analyze the status differences between men and women in the society and then use this information to create a better life for the women in the society. The current scenario has also allowed the feminist theorists to ask the question that how does the differences amid women, including how race, class, ethnicity and age traverse with gender. As per Zack (2005) the main purpose of the theory is to give a motive and a voice to the woman in today’s society and to show the world how in the past women have contributed to the growth and safety of the society that we all live in today. Although there has been a clear understanding between the differences of a man and a woman when it comes to the physical aspect, however the feminist theory may not necessarily refer to the fairer sex. The theory is about getting the woman a place of stature and respect in the society however this may not exactly involve a woman as a sex. The theory differentiates between sex and gender. Although the ordinary language uses the two interchangeably but the definition of the two has come into scrutiny during the recent times.

All things aside the feminist theory is about the woman and how the various differences between men and women have to curtailed to allow the women to develop and grow at pace with men. There in total three major types of feminist theory that attempt to explain the societal differences between men and women, these are explained below.

Gender differences:

As per Jacobus (1986) till today even in this society the woman’s position in a social situation is different from that of a man as shown by this part of the feminist theory. How the woman shall be looked down upon in any social situation and how the man shall be taken as a savior. This is very much like the damsel in distress pseudonym that exists in the society. As per Butler (1990) this is one of the major reasons why the woman is still oppressed in some parts of the world and not allowed to grow in many. The feminist theorists believe that they shall have to maintain a very judicious way of getting the scenario on an equal level if not in favor of women. This situation is very much like how Pink says in her song the stupid girls. The song states that how that girl with the dreams of becoming the first female president of the United States is today dancing as a backup model in a video with 50 cents. This is how the society has treated her, as an object of show rather than a person with high level of aims and interests. Another comparison can be drawn upon from the song Baby boy from Beyonce. In this song the singer has given that how the man is always in the position of power every time, from being in West indies and partying with the rich or being an African prince and excepting the woman as his own. These songs portray that even today the gender differences have not been eradicated. Today also in this advanced society of ours in the end the difference in social situation that existed between men and women in do exist. Another aspect of gender difference that comes out in the two songs is how the protagonist in both the songs is a woman. They are using these songs to actually highlight that how the situation is still the same for the woman in today’s society. The songs also portray how the two singers take into understanding the values associated with womanhood and then sing them out. For example in both songs it is the female that is asking for acceptance from the man and not vice versa. According to Butler (1990), this shows that in social situation like the past the woman is still considered as lower than the male when it comes to the social acceptability criteria. The Gender differences theorists also believe that the situation of gender differentiation also comes into light in the day to day situations in the household including how the work in the household is divided between the men and the women in the household.

Thus it can be ascertained that gender differences are still part of the society and they form a very important part of the feminist theory shall have to change the perspective of the society to make it a better place for women.

Gender and Sexuality:

The male and female of our species have some very distinctive features that separates the two including bodily features. However when it comes to gender there is no confirmation that the sex shall be the same as the gender and this is the difference between the two. As per MacKinnon the gender theory is the on the basis of the theory of sexuality. According to her the societal meaning of sex has been developed to create a view that women are objects that are used by men to satisfy their desires. This can also be seen in the song Stupid Girls when Pink states that the girls come out with push up bras to attract the guys and thus this shows that they too consider themselves deep down as nothing but objects that are to be used to satisfy desires. In the song Baby Boy too the sexual innuendos cannot be missed as the singer refers to a bed and spending time there with her prince. This too is another form of objectification of women to satisfy desires. In the societies of today and the past masculinity as a term has been used to define sexual dominance and femininity as sexual submissiveness. As per MacKinnon (1989) genders can be said to be “created through the eroticization of dominance and submission. The man/woman difference and the dominance/submission dynamic define each other. This is the social meaning of sex”. The feminists believe that social factors to constitute a lot to this particular definition of gender (Haslanger 1995). The women are always portrayed as occupying the submissive stance while the men the dominant stance and thus this too is another reason why there is an oppression and submission of women in the society. Many feminists believe that if the sexual dominance of men is challenged then the whole societal perspective of men over women shall change.

Thus as the songs go and define how the guys or the prince shall be the one for the woman according to feminists it is the women who should be deciding their own future than the men. In the song Stupid Girls the sexual dominance of men is displayed by the fact that the singer is ready to be skinny and do anything to impress the guy that she wants. This shows how the men are actually being considered above the women by the singer.

In the song Baby boy the singer tries to woe her prince by submitting herself to him and telling him how she looks and how much she would do for him. All these sexual innuendoes just help to establish the fact that the male in the society is above the female in sexual dominance and thus this shows out into other social situation as well.

Thus the view of the feminists that the sexual dominance of men shall have to change and that shall help to truly bring forward a world where the theory of equality is practiced. Therefore sexuality too holds and important part to play in the matter so of feminist theory.


The society has always degraded the position of the woman since the beginning of time. As per Moi (2008) there has been a steady decline in the approach of equals as per the feminist theory in the field of literature. According to her it is not only the field of literature, though she speaks primarily of the same, but the general situation in the society where the current scenario has started to decline and the fight for the equality of women with men has started to reduce to nothing but thought up theories that do not have any concrete plan to actually achieve the required equal status.

In the agency aspect of the feminist theory we talk about the position of women in the various fields of society. Women in general have always been considered as the second fiddle to the prowess of men any field of application. There has always been a set standard that have not allowed the women to come forward and deliver their intellectual and physical prowess.

As per Jacobus (1986), there have been many instances where even intellectually superior women have been portrayed as dumb by the society and the men. There have been jokes made around them with no fault of their own. And this according to her shows that how this society is actually a male oriented society where the female has to fight continuously to prove that they are equal or better than their male counterparts.

In the song Stupid Girl the title and the primary lyrics of the song portray the same feelings as Jacobus. The singer tries to give out the message that the women of today are actually lowering their intellectuals if they are trying to be dumb girls to impress the males. This attitude according to the singer has become an epidemic and is spreading to thought the world. As per Pink the girls of today do not realize that the world is failing around them but they are more concerned about their hair. The song also highlights the fact that the women today have again become just objects of use and nothing else. The song also makes the point that the girls today have become dumber and this is a fact that even the males have understood and that they want their women to be dumb but as per the singer she does not want to be that girl and invariably she supports the feminists who say that women need to come above the situation of an object and should take control of their own situations.

The song Baby Boy takes into account the way a girl can crib for the prince of their dreams and does not understand that she herself has the power to fulfill each and every dream if hers and that she does not requires a prince to do that for her. Beyonce, the singer, says that she shall do anything to please her man but feminists believe that women need to be more assertive and be the force behind the society rather than being a damsel in distress.


The two songs have taken a very different approach to the very same thing that the women today are demanding their men to help them out rather than being someone that can actually do something to help themselves. As per Gatens (1996) the women today needs to come out of the stupor of security and need to accept the challenge of pulling men down from the high throne of power in terms of sexuality, agency and gender differences. The women need to come out of the titles of stupid girl and need to bring men down from their title of Baby boy. They need to bring equality and this shall only be done by making sure that they do not themselves to be objectified and to be used to fulfill desires and nothing else. Women also need to bring out their intellectual and should not end up as one of the examples in Stupid Girl as a woman with ambitions to be the first female president but ended up dancing in a music video with 50 cents. They also need to understand and take a stance to improve the current situation of women and the future of women that lies in the hands of the current generation

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