Society Assignment help on : Relationship Between Culture, Knowledge, Experience And Behavior

 Society Assignment help on : Relationship Between Culture, Knowledge, Experience And Behavior


Relationship Between Culture, Knowledge, Experience And Behavior

Culture can be defined as a powerful tool in the hands of human beings which is very essential for their survival (Bechara & Damasio, 2005). One cannot see culture, as it is present only in our minds. In every society, every individual has to follow certain identity belonging to a certain culture. Thus in every group of individuals who belong to a particular society, some common characteristics like languages, practices, customs, values and views can be seen which are quite common and similar. Thus, behavior of an individual is influenced substantially by the culture in which an individual operates as his/ her domain of knowledge and experiences is based on that culture only. Implicit cultural knowledge is linked to behavior through emotions and core values. Human behavior is developed on the basis of this cultural knowledge as this knowledge provides reasoning and rationale for the same. However it is not necessary that the behavior developed on the basis of cultural knowledge will always be right only. Behavior as experience leads to new cultural models if sustained and shared (Hartshorne & Weiss, 1958).

University Assignment Help AustraliaIn every society, culture is present in any of the form (Hempel & Carl, 1969). Morale and motivational level of members of the society are impacted substantially through the prevailing culture. Artifacts, values and both visible as well as invisible assumptions are the three sources through which culture is communicated to the members of the society. Many of us are of the belief that the behavior that people adopt is their own choice but in reality it is the culture which substantially impact the behavior of a person. So be it a very simple thing like variations in temperature or an extreme situation like a war, everything that takes place around the humans put a  profound impact on their behavior. It is the environment which influences the way we act or respond to a situation, our facial expression, the values which we accept, the manner in which we talk, the words which we use. Everything we do is the result of culture in which we grow (Parfit & Derek, 1984).

Essay Writing Tutor SydneyI would like to elaborate this concept using my example only. The family environment in which I have been brought up has a substantial impact on my present behavior and knowledge. I believe that I am very helpful in nature, and many times go out of the box to help my friends whenever they need the same. Both of my parent were very helpful in nature and I have seen them helping not only each other but also our relatives and friends many times thus the same behavior has developed in me. Similarly the way my parent has treated me on my mistakes and misbehavior also have great impact on my nature. They have always been very patient with me thus now I also deal with other people with great patience when they make any mistake. Similarly I have friends who come from different cultures and backgrounds this has lead to a behavior where I respect the distinct culture and their values. These differences sometimes leads me to read about the different culture which only add on to my respect for different cultures. In my school I have always played games which involves team so that has developed the behavior where I believe in team work. Now also I enjoy playing games and doing projects in team only. In the context of human beings, the culture can be defined as a natural as well as manmade physical situations, the institutions, and the opinions and ideas with which human are surrounded (Pearl, 2000). Thus culture hold a great importance for the humans. The smallest detail that constitute the life of a human being is impacted by the culture in which he lives. Though the choices made by the human beings as far as their goals are concerned  are not controlled by the culture but it definitely controls the choices and possibilities available to him. In case of manmade culture the best example that clearly shows influence of the same on human behavior is the example of impact of culture on the development of behavior in case of children. Attitude and beliefs which they develop indicates the kind of culture that they prevail in. Evolution of gendered identities in a boy and a girl is an on-going process. A man can choose certain so called feminine habit (for example, cleanliness is generally associated with females, but a man can also have liking for clean and organised home) same way a woman can also choose some masculinities (for example, a girl may develop a liking for bikes which is termed as males’ toys). Social institutions like family and school, transfer many informal messages which ultimately lead to development of attitude and evolution of certain beliefs. A child is what he/ she see and experience. For example, from a birth of a child, parent start differentiating between a girl and a boy on the basis of their dresses (pink for girls and blue for boys), toys (cars for boys and dolls for girls) etc. In addition, various forms of media like books, advertisements, news paper, magazines and Television has a substantial impact in the formation of children’s attitudes and beliefs (Thorne, 1993).

Assignment Help AustraliaThere is no better way to conclude this essay than to quote TROM. According to him, things such as bad, criminal, lazy, brilliant people, thieves or racists do not have any existence, it is only the culture which predispose these behaviors in people. If the culture will be supportive, these behaviors will never evolve in the world.

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