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What are some of the trials and tribulations you might encounter if you were a part of the illegal immigrant population? Beliefs and whether illegal immigration helps or harms the United States and our boarder relations with Mexico?

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Its estimated  around eleven million person who live in United States are illegal immigrants(U.S Census 2010).Most are students who try to pursue their studies(Golden Doors 2012).In the past two decades USA has experienced an influx of Mexican illegal immigrants. Some states have benefitted through them as the Immigrants do offer cheap labor. North Carolina has been on the forefront of embracing cheap labor thus most Mexicans do move in to find work in USA industries such as the construction and manufacturing sectors (Bailey 2005).According to United States Immigration and naturalization service (INS) where North Carolina leads.

Trials and tribulations

Treatment of immigrants has been harsh especially for the brutality experienced from Boarder Patrols agents. Immigrants are usually placed in holding places that are very cold normally called Hielera in Spanish. The cells are pathetic with only small mats for one to sleep on, treatment is like of animals. The floors were too cold for any human being to survive plus the stuffy environment as it was not well ventilated.The Border agents could harass for no apparent reason as we had no documents.

How I could survive

After rapid growth in USA economy, the increase of U.S immigrants has also increased. With a relief in deportation after President Obama’s Executive Action of 20th Nov 2014.It’s easy to obtain a green card for immigrants as congress had passed a law to absorb illegal immigrants especially children. With Mexicans making up to 49 percent of unauthorized immigrants one is able to survive easily through providing up to 5.1 % of US labor force. In 2012 8.1 million immigrants were either working or looking for jobs in USA.I could find work in many of the factory even if it’s being low wages.

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Impact of Immigration

Illegal immigration may seem to be indirectly impacting in the progress of USA but in real sense it has helped many USA companies get cheap labor from the immigrants as they is reduced wage level. Thus most illegal immigrants have been able to secure jobs (Steven 2013) thus better working relationships. Through interaction it can enhance peace and coincidence across the border.

The immigration can also help children of workers to learn in USA prestigious schools which in turn will provide skilled labor in many of their organization back home thus building their country (Steven 2013).

Securing of border lines can help Mexico improve its own security thus safe environment for its citizens.

Solution to solve border crisis

Solution to solve boarder crisis include the following steps:-

Cutting aid-foreign aid has to be suspended as it was seen as a way of mitigating persons entering U.S illegally. According to Bill introduced by Rep Rand Weber, he stated that “hold our southern neighbors accountable,”. Lawmaker Ted Yaho is also advocating for halting non security assistance until the border is secure.

Enhancing border security-Border patrol to be increased .A legislation which Rep. Trent Frank is coming up with he say that more than 6000 border agents should be assigned to increase border patrol while Custom officers should also be increased.

Deployment of national guards-To bolster security guards need to be deployed. According to National Guards spokesman Capt.John Fester, 110 members are guarding the southwest boarder.

Mass Deportation and executive Action-As it’s an election year Congress can’t pass legislation for mass deportation. President Obama has directed allocating of resources of interior to bolster the border points through directing the Attorney general Eric Holder.

Improvement of Anti trafficking law-improvement should be made on the 2008 anti-trafficking law. This will help solve cases involving migrant children which have been proposed by Texas Rep Sen. John Corynan.

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