Service Agreement-42392


This agreement is entered and made into as of the November, 21, 2014 between and by JKL Industries and E.L. Blue. JKL industries desires to hire E.L.Blue to perform all their HR activities that outsource their management services and E.L. Blue desires to get hired by JKL industries to perform all their HR related services for JKL customers. Presently therefore, regarding the terms and conditions put forward underneath also other great and profitable thought, the receipt and sufficiency of which is thus recognized, the parties concurs as follows (HireRight Inc. and TransWorks, 2014; NaviSite Inc. and ClearBlue Technologies Inc, 2014):


1.1.The parties concur that the general extension and consequences of the Services to be finished by E.L. Blue should be produced by JKL Industries and by JKL Industries and comprise basically of HR administrations.

1.2.The parties recognize and concur that from time to time amid the term of this Agreement there may be extra administrations needed by the E.L. Blue. The particulars and evaluating of these administrations will be commonly settled upon and affirmed through composed instrument (i.e. Statement of Work) which is marked by an approved illustrative of each one gathering before such administrations are conveyed. The parties recognize and concur that such composed instrument should be liable to the terms and states of this Agreement unless particular alterations to this Agreement are made in such Statement of Work.

  1. FEES:

2.1.Payment: All Monthly Service Fees should be payable inside 30 days of invoice receipt. All Monthly Service Fees not paid inside 30days should be liable to a month to month administration charge of 1.5% of the unpaid parity.

2.2.Changes and Fee Calculation: The Monthly Service Fees is focused around JKL Industries real expenses for giving the Services and incorporates a foreordained edge of 30% which should be balanced as indicated by the Margin Plan. Inside 45 days of the effectual date the parties should commonly concede to a sliding scale system under which the 30% foreordained edge put forward above might be balanced downward or focused around usage rates. The Margin Plan might be revised quarterly as fundamental and included in the Budget.


3.1.The execution of the repayment commitments of this Agreement in regards to third party claims, not JKL Industries or E.L. Blue might be at risk for, nor will the measure of damages incorporate, any circuitous, accidental, unique or considerable damages or amount for loss of income, benefits or funds emerging out of or identifying with its execution under this Agreement.


4.1.This Agreement will start on the Effective Date and proceed in full constrain and impact for 3 years and the term of this Agreement might, upon mutual agreement by the parties, be stretched out for extra 1 year, unless ended.


To ensure that the agreement is working effectively among the two parties, the following quality assurance program will be followed (, 2014):

  • Assign an Quality Assurance Officer to manage the monitoring process
  • Conduct a meeting with the client to understand their expectations
  • Conducting monthly meeting with the client will help to develop future plan and also status
  • Ensure that all the services and activities are adhering to the standards
  • Conducting reviews and audit
  • Approve and review all the specified deliverables during the process
  • Report unresolved complaints or non-complaint activities
  • Analyze and collect metrics produced out of the process of quality assurance
  • Recommending changes to improve the process and procedures


Sometimes the criteria and the standards may vary in many ways and there are various ways to meet the criteria. Thus the QA tool described below is designed to make sure that the service delivery is appropriate.

The QA tool is divided into 3 parts (, 2014):

Data Collection 1A: HR activities record Data Collection 1B: Procedures and Policies of JKL Industries Feedback from Service User Linking to portfolio

Part 1: Collecting Data

This tool will include set of short statements related to the services and the policies and procedures of the organization. For an easy analysis, the responses are Not applicable, No and Yes and comment. While commenting the members should make sure that based on their recommendation, future actions will be developed.

Part 2: Feedback process

This is to assemble feedback from service user on components, which benefit client can comment or observe upon.

Part 3: Linking to Portfolio

This gives all the members a structure for assessing and reflecting their service delivery. There is no desire that this data will be imparted. Members utilize this personally to record their participation and CPD in the process of Quality Assurance. Alternatively, this information may be utilized to inform discussions with associates and analysis of the process of quality assurance.


After effective completion of quality assurance audit it is found that the line managers are not properly following the procedures of quality assurance. They are not submitting the request forms within the given time duration and thus failing to complete the forms of person specifications according to the needed procedures. It is also noted that the line managers are complaining that filling forms are time consuming and thus they are unable to deliver the final checklist of selection candidates. Thus based on this quality audit, following actions are taken for delivering high service quality (, 2010):

  • Administration related objections or grievances tell about what the framework clients think about the framework’s execution. Subsequently Quality Improvement Team is relegated the obligation of recording and following the status of every grievance got in the framework until determination.
  • Guaranteeing that the audit functions are finished
  • Guaranteeing that the information acquired through QI activities are examined
  • Incorporating external and internal benchmarking information sources where ever appropriate
  • Proposals made and suitable follow up of resolution of problem is carried out
  • Reporting the trends, recommendation and the ongoing activities to the Board
  • Asking for required resources
  • Recognizing educational needs and guaranteeing that staff training for improvement of quality in the service

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