Research assignment help on: Misconduct with animals and Human’s for Research

 Research assignment help on: Misconduct with animals and Human’s for Research

Essay Writing Tutor SydneyResearch is a process of moving from a know activity to an unknown activity. There are different methods of carrying out the research based activities (Alzheimer Europe    2012). It has been noticed that in pharmaceutical companies the animals and human beings have been used for conducting the clinical research. It has presently created distrust and negative perception among the public regarding such research being conducted by the companies. People think that it is a kind of misconduct and is promoting conflict of interest for the society. It is immoral and unethical to target the human and animals for the clinical research based activities. One third of animal research is conducted in UK by the pharmaceutical companies. The animals such as monkeys, dogs, and rats are burned, cut, poisoned, and starved in the laboratory for growing the business of those Pharmaceutical companies (World Health Organization    2003). Before experimenting on the common people it is basically done on animals to know about the human reactions. The experimenting on animals had reduced the number of the animals and it is also indirectly affected the habitat of ecosystem. The diseases such as smallpox, chickenpox, Polio are being controlled by experimenting on the animals. It was observed that chimpanzees share about 90% of genetics similar to the human. The animal testing helps to safeguard the lives of the human beings. It provides lot’s of pain to the animals and benefits to the company by increasing their sales of the medicines (BBC        2012). The Santa Clara University has reported that around 20 million animals have been used for the purpose of medical experimentation. As per the animals right it states that such testing is illegal and unethical. There was an experiment which was conducted based on psychology and the facial experiment. Carney Landi’s was a graduate of Minnesota University where he developed an experiment determine different facial emotions of human. This experiment purpose was to determine how people express disgust, shock and joy. The students participated for this experiment in a lab where the faces were painted with line and the movement of the facial movements. The photographs included different facial movement which was taken by Landi’s. 

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The students were asked to smell ammonia and also put their hands in the buckets that contained frogs. The students did not have any knowledge about how to perform it. The research failed and created a negative impact among the human psychology. It has been proved that above 20 million animals are killed annually, where as 8 million are being used for the painful experiment (Markkula Center for Applied Ethics     1851). Animals have been used for the various experimentation process such as cosmetics, household, medicines, pesticides, and etc. It is found as a cruel method to torture them. The rabbits cat mice are being tested for the lipsticks, moisturizer and for the nail polish. The companies are still validated by the Food and Drug Administration. The cosmetics companies have been declaring these days that there products are cruelty free. People for the Ethical Treatment of animals (PETA) had downgraded some of the companies such as Avon & MARY Kay. It was formed to save the lives of the animals.  It has sent a letter to the European Pharmaceutical company for abusing the monkeys by killing them or their clinical research process. The animal’s research has failed to protect the human from the adverse medical reaction. The bio chemicals experiment can replace these types of harmful research being conducted by the companies. National Institute of Health has also proved that these types of life related experiments are quite risky and unethical for everyone in the environment. Some pharmaceutical companies accept that they are liable for experimenting the animals for the research based activities. It has been said that the animals are being used for the research purpose to provide treatment for the different diseases. The successful animals treats have been failed at the human test and people have suffered from death. People have died due to side effects of drugs. The Animals welfare Act is the federal Law for dealing with the animals issues such as caring, housing, and treatment animals in the laboratory. It is a type of traditional research being conducted and very less evidence is there to support this fact. These days the research is conducted in an ethical manner. It is the duty of the companies to protect the animals and human abuse for growing their business. Government and legal bodies should protect this issue by implementing strict laws with punishment and penalties.

University Assignment Help AustraliaThe time has changed and now people have become conscious about this and they have started to criticize these activities. Some of the pharmaceutical companies that have been doing drug testing on animals are Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, Galaxo Smithkline, Bayer, Novo, UCB and Cephalon. Pfizer is a committee dealing with the animals and human to live longer with healthy life. It deals with a caring attitude and for doing the ethical activities. When the animals were force to smoke they did not find any difficulty whereas the problems occurred with humans had to face with cancer when they started to some and continued for a longer period of time. The experiments conducted upon the animals are done without using the painkiller and in that process the animals suffer with pain and they become unconscious. The clinical research such as transplant of the human parts for saving the lives of other human is also being conducted upon the animals to check the accuracy level (Animal Aid     2012). The human behaviour on different aspects was also being experimented to explain the types of different psychological subjects. Evan Pavlov experimented on a dog to explain the classical conditioning theory. It is not proved that the animals are not the way to always prove that experiments conducted on them are successfully (   2012). Companies have been stating that these experiments are being conducted to prove that their products are better in quality. Consumers are aware that the medicines have been tested upon someone’s life before being used by them. The pretesting of the animals for the successful sale of drugs in the market is being done by the maximum pharmaceutical companies in the world. People have started the research to explore the business. It is a duty of pharmaceutical company to produce the drugs and medicine without experimenting on the lives of the animals. Certain groups are there which promote that killing animals for the research work is unethical and inhumane (McKinsey & Company    2012). Pharmaceutical companies have failed to maintain a better corporate responsibility with the society because they have been ignoring the facts that animals are useful and without them whole of the ecosystems will get misbalanced. They should be protected safely throughout their lifetime. The animals testing should be strictly prohibited by the Government.

Get Sample AssignmentThe animal testing also is related with the environment pollution such as the companies produce the pesticides for testing in a land. There are certain animals they die at the agricultural land with a foul smell which is very bad for the environment. The researchers involved are doctors, Historians, and the students. The human society is very healthy as compared to the animals. There are certain conflicts of interests that arise in society whether the animals and human should be used for the experiment process or not. The study conducted by different researchers proves that it has failed to explain the similar response as compared to the animals. It is a debatable issue whether the pharmaceutical companies are running their business ethically throughout the world. Certain Government Law and legal bodies have been formed to protect the animals and human who have been suffering for the experiment process (Columbia University Press     2008).  Animals and human should be protected well as both cannot survive without each other. Therefore the misconduct of experimenting and killing of animals should be stopped. Advanced technological method can be used to conduct research by pharmaceutical companies without killing the human and animals. 

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