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Quantitative Background

I was born and brought in one of the poorest neighborhood in a small farm town about eighty miles north of Manila where both my parents had to work from a very young age to take care of their younger siblings. After completing the primary school and eventually got married and always remains without having any complaints of either their job or life irrelevant of the tough situation (Selvig, Holaday, Purkiss & Hortsch, 2015). I have always admired their unwillingness to give up even in any worse situation. My parents had managed to send me to a local school and gave the opportunity to study abroad and fulfill my dreams with the help of my siblings.

My mother often used to say that education is something that one can never take away from us irrespective of the fact we choose to use or not, which always encouraged me to have a better life and inspired me to succeed in life. In January 1996, I got my first job in the US as a clerk in one of the biggest internet companies of those times. I worked there for the next two years and a year later eventually got admissions for an undergraduate course in a night class in one of the recognized universities of US, working full time. Then I moved on to work in different posts with different companies especially in the internet technology firm and finally got my undergraduate degree in the summer of 2001.

I further took a job in a small network consulting firm as an office manager/ network engineer for a few years. At the end of 2003, I worked as an executive assistant in one of the biggest internet companies in the industry where I need not have to worry much about deadlines and deliverables and continued my job for the next three years. As my in-laws were aging, I had to quit my job and move to Florida with my husband so as to take good care of them. During those times, the real estate business flexible enough in Florida that helps the families a lot to take care of their children along with managing my new business (Salikutluk, 2016). I entered the business during worse market conditions when hundreds of homes were abandoned, and there was a minimal movement in the market.

As a result, the real estate business failed abruptly leading to a giant mess, but I stayed on this business fulfilling my family’s necessities and also managed to purchase few properties at a very reasonable price and started renting them. After my in-laws died, we moved to Northern Virginia and continued the real estate business, managing our real estate assets and helping my friends and relatives to purchase and sell homes. A few years later in Virginia, I helped my late brother’s family along with my husband by filing a petition to adopt his two daughters from the Philippines which took three long years of pain and grief to deal with the Philippine Government.


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