Design of Public Relation Campaign for Breast Cancer Foundation Pink Ribbon


In the world of communication Management of Public Relation is one of the key issue with any organization or company for the matter of fact. A good PR management of any organization can make a drastic change in the image of the company.  A good PR plan is entirely responsible for the success and failure of the campaign.

Following is an outline of the Public Relation campaign that will be undertaken for the Pink Ribbon

Address of the Key Issue or the Problem

It is very important to highlight the problem related to the awareness of the Breast Cancer. In order to run the campaign for the matter, the organization will have raise funds from various sources for effective implementation of the plan (business consulting buzz)

Current scenario of the organization- Currently pink ribbon is health and social based non profit organization, based in the state of Queensland, Australia. It is specially addressing the issues related to the women’s health and hygiene. The organization helps the women by generating awareness in terms of health aspect specially the breast cancer which is becoming a crucial ailment to be deal with. The foundation is helping the entire Australian women and generating awareness in this matter. Through its awareness campaign it has benefited.

The Target audience

The women specially form the age groups of 20-50 years.


The primary goal of the organization is to raise fund for further implementation of the program.

To go for national level tie up with the hospitals and medical centers to make avail the services related to the disease. The aim is to recruit health service provider who can give subsidized treatment.

Recruitment of individual volunteers in various levels


Objective for the foundation will be to generate or to obtain grants from various organizations.

For the hospitals and the health care centers

Strategy for the Foundation and the Hospitals


The foundation will be submitting at least 30-40 application to the various organizations for the raising of funds irrespective of the requirements.

ü  The foundation is also responsible for development of the speakers in the issue of health.

ü  Solicit volunteers

ü  Send regular written material to the organization associated with the foundation

ü  Hold annual dinner s for the donors and appreciate their contribution.

Health Care providers-

Hold meetings on regular basis for health care providers to represent the foundation and recruit volunteers for monthly health program.

Media Strategies

Once we launch a Public Relation campaign it is vey important to publish the core idea for which we are working , Thus publicity or media strategies are one of the key components .

For this the basic strategy will be followed, which is stated as under:

Contacts will be established reporters from all the leading newspapers in the country to cover the organization to spread awareness among the females. The list will be further expanded in a professional manner the basics strategy will include (a list of on line and print news letters and other publications. Based on the level of publication analysis will be done in a professional manner. There will also be press release about the department who is generating funds in this regard.

The campaign will cover:   Information Press Kit about the foundation and the working style and information regarding the issue which will be covered.

All the necessary steps will be taken to design the materials related to the public presentation, the background information of the foundation as a whole. Fact sheet about the issue how serious is the matter in the current scenario and it need o be tackled.

Electronic media and local talk shows in the radio will be organized and message will be broadcasted in a professional manner. A list will be prepared in this regard and will be graded as per the level of importance for top categories etc.


The budget of the entire campaign will be designed according to the funds raised in the entire campaign from various sources.

Plan evaluation will be done in various stages by the year end in the March 2012, Funds collected up to the month of September 2012 etc.

The number of health care centers will also be taken into account, it is also an important matter how many health care centers voluntarily comes to the foundation to extent their health services.

Feedback and Implementation

Feedback and revision of plans will also be initiated in case; there is a need to publish the matter professionally.

Thus you can observe that the plan is very simple in all the respect, and just been designed as an initial blueprint to reach the goal. All details of the plan and its various deadlines will be generated on timely manner for best results.


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