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TASK1 Note: Characteristics of Programming e.g. Low-level language, high level language, generation, application, instruction and algorithm; types of language e.g. procedural language, object-oriented language, event-driven etc.); reason for choice language, data structure, data type, programming syntax. Suppose you are employed as a senior procedural programmer in a big software development company. A client is seeking for details features of procedural programming for develop their new system. Based on your experiences and solid knowledge in procedural programming, company has decided you to prepare a details report explaining the features of procedure programming. Your report must address the following points effectively. 1.1 Discuss the principles, characteristics and features of procedural programming. [P1.1] 1.2 Investigate different types of programming language and make an effective judgement by comparing them with appropriate example. [P1.1, M1] Hint: identify the different types of programming language, their features, strength, weakness, environment etc. and highlight the advantage and disadvantage and present a good self – judgement, explain the appropriate programing language to solve the different problem nature with real example. Ø To achieve M1, you must demonstrate a clear understanding of the procedural programming (task 1.1) and other types of programming language with relevant example. In addition, you will have met the deadline to submit the tasks and achieve the unit assessment criteria.

Scenario for Task2, Task3 and Task4 A renowned “Galaxy School” hired you based on your good theoretical and practical knowledge to develop a various mathematical program. School wants to design and develop a “Mathematical Skill Testing System” for children (under 15 years old) with a view to understand their level in mathematics. You have to set up two types of testing methods one for to evaluate the children numerical skills and another for problem solving skills. Each test must have 20 questions

Procedural programming



Table of Contents

Introduction. 3

Task 1. 3

1.1 discussing the characteristics, features and principle of procedural programming language. 3

1.2 identifying and analyzing distinguish types of programming language. 7

Task 2. 9

Identification of the program data and unit structure. 9

Designing and analyzing an effective procedural programming language. 11

References. 14




In computer science procedure programming language is used to denote an effective ways in which computer developer and programmer writes a programming language to build an efficient and user-friendly program. This method of budding or developing software program i.e. application program and resolve codes as concise as possible(Sethi, 2010).  This programming language is generally focused upon the very specific end outcomes to be enhanced performance and archive productive in well organized manner. Hence in application programming language procedural programming language implements lists of instruction that helps them to tell the computer what to be performed.

Therefore, present assignments deals with the principle, features and characteristics of procedural programming language. In addition this assignment also discussed with the designing and implmentiaon of programming solutions.  Apart from that present report also discussed about the implmentiaon of control statements, parameter passing mechanism, implmentiaon of procedural programming solutions, testing and reviewing procedural programming solutions and creating documentation.

Task 1

1.1 discussing the characteristics, features and principle of procedural programming language


In computer science procedural programming language specifies a sequence of well structured procedures and steps in its programming context to build a program. In addition this programming language includes the functions, commands and order of statements to complete program and computational tasks.  In programming language procedural programming language is identified as an imperative language. Procedural programming as the name realizes, implies on well organized and predefined procedures, sub routines and functions in program’s architecture by specifying all the sequences that the computer must reach as a desired outputs or state. Procedural programming language segregates a program within statements, functions, variables and conditional operators. In programming language procedural programming language is most common language includes Pascal, C and coldFusion, C#(Watt and Findlay, 2004).

Characteristics and features of procedural programming language 

Procedural programming language helps the developer or programmer to build large application programs in effective manner with the help of divided into smaller program also known as functions. In addition in procedural programming language most of the functions are to be shared in global data that helps the developer to move data and instructions openly within the system from one function to other functions.  In addition to build an effective programming language developer implements the top down approach i.e. programming paradigm. In addition procedural programming helps the programmer in order to break down application program into a data structure, variables and subroutine(Kochan, 2005).  Procedural programming languages or code of instruction are executed very fast and required less memory. Moreover, procedural programming language allows developer to develop general purpose programming and offers better level of controls as well as portable source code. Thus it is said that procedural programming involves that it can be used to evaluate and analyze all distinguish areas of life and provides better solutions of complex program.

Methods: -methods in procedural programming language are used to contain and store set of instructions. In procedural language program run using calling by methods. It used within the programming language with access specifier.






In procedural programming language for loop, while loop and do while loop is used in order to run lists of codes and instruction.

For loop While loop Do-while loop
For loop is used in procedural programmingin order to run statements in many times. In this loop program is executed after condition checking. It firstly executed the code of instruction then execute program.






Features of procedural programming language 

Key features of procedural programming language are following;

Function: – in procedural functions is same to the procedure but generate or return with the help of values. In add ion functions can also be utilized return values, parameters.

Local variable and global variable: – local variable within program is utilized only the area where it has been placed. Thus   instance of operator is used.  On the other hand global variable can be utilized in anywhere in programming code, this procedure is best in order to build the program.

Parameter passing: In addition parameter passing provides the variable values that are passed all the way through the program to the procedure.

Procedures: – In procedural programming language procedure is the sequence by sequence instruction. In addition in this programming language the program does exactly what programmer told to do(Oualline, 2010).

Programming libraries: in procedural programming language program libraries contains the collection of subroutines, pre built sources, values and classes that can be utilized at any time by the user and program.   

1.2 identifying and analyzing distinguish types of programming language

Programming is the most effective and creative process that is carried out by the developer to allow the computer how to perform tasks. Programming language is used to build an effective and efficient program or application program in order execute and run tasks in more appropriate manner. Object oriented language, procedural language, functional programming language are the programming language that is used to build an application program. In above programming approaches two of the most and effective programming approaches are object oriented programming language and procedural language.  In addition the fundamental distinguish approaches to build an effective solutions is to efficient types of problem solving with the help of programming. Most of the language has specific paradigm but other implements another paradigm.

Procedural programming languagevs object oriented programming language

Procedural programming language object oriented programming language
Procedural programming language is used break the program into the collection of data structures, variables and subroutine.     Object oriented programming language divide the programming tasks into object that helps to exposé the data i.e. attributes or members and behaviors i.e. methods with the help of using interface.
To operate data structure in well organized manner procedural programming language used procedures.  Where object oriented programming language use objects and operates with its own data structures.
Procedural programming contains the top down approach in order to create application program.  It uses the bottom up approach to build an efficient program(Chandra, 2005).
Procedural does not contains any access specifier.    Object oriented programming language contains the public, private and protect access specifier.

  Advantage   Disadvantage
  • Execute very fast
  • Required less memory
  • Implements top down approaches
  • Portable source code and excellent in general purpose programming language


  • Need a very knowledgeable and precise about program instruction
  • Poor at handling fuzzy condition
  • Low level language
Object oriented programming language
  • Easy to define abstract data type
  • Ability to utilize inheritance
  • Easy to maintain and reuse code


  • Reduce system performance
  • Large programming size
  • Difficult to implements character such as polymorphism and inheritance
Functional programming 
  • Compose functions and able to construct large abstraction using smaller one
  • Better modularity
  • Better lazy evaluation and higher order functions
  • Not easy to learn
  • It based on von Neumann architecture but in today most of system are not based on this thus it code does not match with the hardware

Therefore from above discussion it has been concluded that there are many pro and cons of using various programming language and developer of programmer implements different programming language according to requirements and needs and dislike other programming language due to certain disadvantage. Hence it is true that most of programmer in today implements object oriented programming language because of several benefits, but there is a still programmer who prefers different language.

Task 2

Identification of the program data and unit structure

In order to process and execute program in more effective manner inputs, outputs and processing plays an effective role in procedural programming language. Therefore with the help of input device users or students registered and enter their information within the computer system. In addition in computer science input device is any hardware device that used to convent individuals language or real life information into the binary that the computer can read. In order to build an effective mathematical i.e. numerical skills test and problem solving test developer use keyboard, mouse as an input device(Mitchell, 2003). In addition with the help of output device users can see the desired outcomes which they want. Therefore in this report, developeruses monitor as an output device. Thus with the help of output device users see their result i.e. using output they know their result in effective manner.  Apart from that in recent program developer use variable, data type. Variable helps the developer to store information and data in database. In addition each variable contains its specific types as well as size. In addition web form, console application and windows form in the basic component of this application program. In addition widow’s form used web services as well as server. In addition in this types program system contains Microsoft intermediate and data type language that is used to intermediate and interact with the language in effective manner. In addition garbage collector helps to collect the garbage.




In addition data structure helps the developer in order to analyze data and store data in an particular format.

Local variable and global variable Local variable within program is utilized only the area where it has been placed. Thus   instance of operator is used.  On the other hand global variable can be utilized in anywhere in programming code, this procedure is best in order to build the program. 


Array Array is the group of element in programming language. It is also said that array contain data that is used to hold fixed value in single type. In present developer used both single and double dimensional array(Mitchell, 2003).


File structure File structure helps the developer to store information and data in particular location i.e. database
Integer In present programming language developer used int integer for purpose of implementing for loop and storing student record.
String String data type is used to store set of character. In present paper student used and stored information. Thus string helps the programmer to store set of character.


Character Character used to store single character in present program.

Designing and analyzing an effective procedural programming language

In roader to design an effective application program developer used flow chart and algorithm. With the help of using flow chart developer build a flow chart of data within the system.  In addition flow chart within the program is used to represent the flow of information, data, display the sequentially representation of algorithm (Ashbery, 2006). In order to process in well effective and efficient manner developer develop and create flow chart to show how data is process within the system. In addition flow chart is also used to represent managing, analyzing, documenting and designing the process of application program.


In order to identify issues and errors developer cerate flow chart. The main purpose of implementing the flow chart is that it is easy for programmer to write an efficient code.  The above example shows that the login and logout page. In order to longing into the page student needs to known their user id as well as password. If student has not their user and password they can register it first then enter into the system to test mathematical skill. In addition algorithm i.e. pseudo code helps the delver to represents the details explanation of program. In addition pseudo code involves less time to make a program and write the code. In add ion effective advantage of implementation of pseudo code helps the programmer to easily write program(Carrington, 2011).

// pseudo code//


Accept the marks gain by student in test

If marks grater than80 then

Display pass


Display fail



Therefore it is said that the present mathematical skills test application build with the help of implementing flow chart, data type, algorithm as well as pseudo code helps the developer to develop most effective program. In addition with the help of implementing flow chart, researcher identifies error if occurred that help them to identify problem in primary stage. Apart from that in present application researcher implements switch case statements that help them in selection process. in addition main advantage of this application is that developer build flow as well as algorithm in all sections i.e. all process that helps them to build program in more accurate and generate effective outcomes with successful manner. String, integer, float and character data types are used that helps them to store data in accurate manner. Apart from that researcher implements MATH.H header file that helps them to calculate mathematical function in effective manner. Thus from above statement it is said that the techniques and methods researcher used in present application program is more efficient.


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