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Marketing plan for Netflix is to increase brand awareness and sales for the company. The company offers DVD on rental basis by email. Customers can steam the available movies and rent the services at an affordable price. An increase in the competition level has reduced the DVD portion of the business, as customers demand for streaming system for viewing the videos. The proposal of the company is to target large number of customers, of different age groups. For this, customer segmentation is prepared as this enables the management to increase sales and product visibility for the clients. Netflix proposes to launch new products, for increasing the sales. Analysis is done for analyzing the challenges associated with the marketing strategies (Teo, 2000).

Competitive position

Through competitive position, the company highlights the differentiated products that have been offered by the company. The proposal is to promote the conventional trading process, which enables the customers to watch the movie online on computer. Different means like i-pads, smart phones, and computer tablets can be used for viewing the movies. The company focuses on moving ahead to target market for renting videos online. Netflix has launched new website that can be integrated with the search engine (Porter, 2009).

This enables the users of the customers to search for the required information or movies, of their choice. The time consumed for this process is quite less, as compared to others. Through this process, the management has proposed to use advanced skills, which is asked on the efficient supply chain management structure followed by the company. New process is expected to help the company in gaining advantage over the existing competition in the market. The process and the proposal would be used for increasing the market share for Netflix (Zijad et al., 2008).

For gaining a better control over the market, the management has conducted competitive positioning. The value for the new online video selection process has been developed and implemented by the management. There are several factors that influence the business activities, and performance of Netflix.

Market profile

At present, the company offers two types of services to the clients. In one of the process the company sells streaming services and the other process includes providing online services to the clients. The proposal is to increase the number of clients, and offer the best services to retain the tough competition that exists in the market (Soo and Narasimhan, 2002).

Market profile for the products are based on factors like –

  1. Demographic

Gender – The preferences of the male and female customers are considered in this process. Netflix offers varieties of services to the clients of different age groups. The online system would enable the customers to choose the product that would cater their needs.

Income – The price and services offered by the company is affordable. Discount coupons and affordable price for the services has been offered to the clients.

  1. Geographic – The new product would be made available to the clients from different parts of Australia. Such a change in the product expectations and sales would improve the sales and create brand awareness for the products (Vandenbosch and Dawar, 2002).
  2. Psychographic – The requirements and preferences of the customers in terms of quality, price, and services are analyzed through this process. Through the online services, the company intends to offer freedom to the clients to select the best options that would satisfy the customer’s needs.

Competitor analyses

Stan and Presto are the biggest competitors for Netflix. Services offered by the competitors include –


  1. Single tier for pricing, which enables the users to access any movie from the standard high definition contents that can be found on the movie library
  2. The company offers flipside services, for which no additional expenses are charged from the clients.


  1. The company offers the best Foxtels streaming process.
  2. With the application the viewers can enjoy movies, television shows, and others.
  3. The company can fill the lower cost gap services, which is meant to benefit the viewers.

The company offers two tier offers to the clients, which can be selected as per their requirements.

Through such analysis, the management of Netflix can analyses the changes that can be implemented for improving the business performances. At present the company offers discounted price tariff to the clients. The integrated services would enable the clients to access different types of movies that can be selected as per their choice. Netflix has proposed to offer various types of services to the clients. Price, quality, and improved customer services are some of the factors that are being concentrated by the company (Ahlemann, 2009).

The company has conducted the below mentioned analysis –

  1. The customers for the company would belong to different age groups.
  2. For increasing the sales, the management would offer reliable and satisfactory services to the clients
  3. New product would be launched for attracting the clients from different parts of the country (Esther and Brian, 2009).

Through improved and well-planned supply chain management system, the management proposes to create competitive advantage for sustaining the tough competition. The new services would be capable enough to handle the requirements of the customers, and provide the best possible services for retaining the customers.

Customers of the company

Netflix has high range of customers who have different preferences for movies. Different business related information about the customer preferences are collected from the viewers through different sources. Required details are collected by the company through online process. The company in the past had implemented new and effective system or offering the best services to the clients. This included obtaining licenses for different products that were exclusively available for the customers subscribed with Netflix. The proposal of the company was to build comprehensive library that would take care of the client requirements (Comcowich, 2002).

Sales and launch strategies

Improved and well-analyzed strategic plans have been introduced for launching the sales of new products for the existing and potential clients of the company. Netflix believes in offering wide range of options to the clients, as this helps in increasing the sales and productivity for the company. The company highly concentrates on launching new products that would take care of the client’s requirements. New product launch is done for attracting and retaining clients from different parts of the country (Gregus, Michal and Benova, 2006).

Some of the factors that are adopted by the company to retain and allure customers are price improvement, quality services, and options to the customers. Product development and the sales for the website integrated services for the clients has been planned and implemented by the company in the right manner. There are different stages that are involved with the product launch, and it has to be analyzed in the right manner by the company. Netflix follows the below mentioned process –

Development – The process followed by the company includes discussing the new product details with the department. Challenges involved with the development process have been analyzed to improve the production activities (Porter, 2001).

Internal testing – the process expected to be followed for analyzing the validity of the new product is tested by the development team. Internal team members are entitled with the task of testing the activities that are related to analyzing the validity of the products and services (Holsapple and K. D Joshi, 2000).

v   External testing – In this process, the external members of the company are entrusted with the task of testing the usefulness of the product. Through this method, an attempt is made to correct the deviations in the quality of the product. This would increase the validity and usefulness of the product that is proposed to be launched by the company.

Goal setting – The goal of Netflix is to offer the best possible services to the clients at the lowest possible price. New and improved strategies for developing business activities have been implemented by the management. Through this process, the management intends to attract maximum number of clients and overcome the challenges related to competition.

The sales and the product launch process also include developing excitement and curiosity amongst the buyers. This would help in improving the product value for the new sales that has been proposed by the company. Different events have been organized by the company for improving the visibility of the products. Through this process, an effective marketing tactics has been attempted to be introduced by the management. This would help in increasing the sales for the products that has been proposed to be sold by the company to the clients. In this process, the management ensures to implement new strategy and technology, through which the value for the products can be improved (Desouza, 2001).


Marketing strategies and methods followed for increasing the product value for the company has to be well-planned by the management. In this process, the changes are implemented by the company in the planned manner. This would help in increasing the product value and improve the sales for the products. Strategies have to be developed and implemented by the company in the right manner. This would help in attracting the clients and retaining the customers for the company. Changes and the business plan have to be associated with the objectives of the company. This would increase the sales and improve the brand image for the company.


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