Marketing essay on: Product development process – Sony mobile

Marketing essay on: Product development process – Sony mobile 

University Assignment Help AustraliaThe product chosen for discussion is sony mobile. Its product development process has been discussed in brief. On the basis of analysis, it was found that company reduced hardware and software platforms in their overall mobile group. They also focused on picture and touch screen quality, as customer considers it most while using a hand set. Moreover, company decided to go with Android rather than any other options because it is already popular among the customers and would be much faster. They followed their technical excellence and a rich tradition or traditional expertise. In this context, there are a few competency areas where it needed to develop. Therefore, to make its handset innovative, company should have focus on customer value, competitor differentiation and extendibility. As Sony included android in its system, it could go for a new product line market to gain competitive advantage. It should have focused on its precision of engineering, making perfect and new designs. Every company wants to be a pioneer and swim upstream. In this core concept, a realistic strategic framework should be designed in order to reinforce the entire product development system not to change that. Thus, there are some realistic approached that could have been used by Sony to make its product effective and innovative (Fatakia, 2012).

Buy Assignment AustraliaFurthermore, core competencies are termed with something unique and different an organization has unlike others. Therefore, Sony should have used a strategic framework for customer benefit and an interface that is easily handled by every user easily. It should not have focused only on its designing and android functioning but also considered marketing and sales part. It should have align its corporate strategies with logistics management so that good coordination can be made. Company should consider three main competencies while producing a new handset in the market.

  • It should contribute both to the perceived value of the customer and company’s financial health.
  • The competency should have been unique and innovative that it would be substantially superior to company’s peers and competitors.
  • Moreover, competency should be capable of being pertained to a variety of its new products and solutions.

In this regard, main point of concentration of Sony should be on technology innovation, production & operations and marketing & availability of the product. Discussin about the core competencies of a phone, following are the main areas considered highly:

Cellular wireless technology: However, there are subsequent improvements and developments in semiconductor technologies, but new, innovative and competent attributes and capabilities are provided at the same cost. Therefore, Sony should have taken commodity chips in to account that are used in cell phones and are easily available in order to enable exciting hardware systems.

Cellular manufacturing: As company already enrolls miniature system in its manufactured handsets, it should also go for assemblies of digital, plastic parts that are precise interlocked, analog, etc. In order to gain competitive, cost and technology advantages, Sony should use ODMs so that it could make the operations effective (Expert program management, 2011).

Software/User interface: Most of the cell phones companies are hardware centric and focus on hardware system and its quality and seeks software as an essential cost to sell their products. But, the use of software system has been changed and demand is increasing. Thus, Sony should have used software as one of its core competency as Apple iPhone is providing specialized media applications with a complete ecosystem for customers to buy media and other applications. As a result, the market share of Sony could have increased like Apple and Samsung. It should use interface as its core competency by providing innovative and different customer benefits. Moreover, it should be complex to imitate by its competitors and it should be used in its every new line of mobile products.

Semiconductor design: Additionally, as semiconductor industry is growing better, every mobile is applying new designs of semiconductor. Likewise, it should have taken this into consideration in order to provide longer battery life and develop phone’s functionality at a lower cost (Innovation in project, 2012).

Inter-project learning:  It refers to the capturing of new knowledge or competency that is created and built up throughout the formulation of a project. Apart from this, that knowledge is also transferred in order to improve other current and prospect future project’s execution (Newell & Edelman, 2008). Successful and effective delivery of a range of projects is also making certain through inter project learning. It may occur in global electronic firms with the use of its key mechanisms including the production, compilation, storage, right of entry, distribution and finally reuse of new project knowledge.

However, knowledge is more than information and date in electronic firms. Therefore companies may undertake the knowledge of design, their implementation and production of a new range of well-build electronic and communications technologies. For example, mobile companies through inter-project learning may learn and undertake innovative and technological ideas. Moreover, technological expertise obtained can be used for their prospect new product line. At a global level, there are so many electronic firms that are implementing and developing core competencies and serving better to their consumers by applying knowledge through inter-project learning.

Additionally, as an innovation manager, inter-project learning can be aided and used as one of the best alternatives for product development and innovation.

Assignment Expert AustraliaFollowing diagram can be taken into consideration for best use of inter-project learning. It would be made capable of application across various different projects and innovations by the management of organization. Holistic approaches would be used to generate new ideas of knowledge generation and execution of projects in a subsequent order. Building blocks and activities related to the project would be used for future prospect and new ideas would be added to the project so that competitiveness could be obtained. To aid it in an effective way, first it is required to accumulate knowledge experience, articulate that knowledge, codification of knowledge and then re-use of knowledge (Mainga et al, n.d).

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