Marketing assignment on: New Caledonia Itinerary

Marketing assignment on: New Caledonia Itinerary

Wholesaler – Jetset travel can be recommended to visit New Caledonia because they will allow the tourists to explore places that will be loved by them.Assignment Writing Tutor AustraliaMonth suitable for the visit – New Caledonia should be visited between September to December because during this time period, the weather is normal. June – August is very cold and January – April is very hot thus, making it uncomfortable for the visitor to travel (LonelyPlanet).

Hotels recommended – Young couples should stay in resorts rather than that of hotels. There are many resorts in New Caledonia and this place is known for the beach attractions that it offers. Le Meridien lle Des Pins is a resort and this resort is known for the recreational amenities that it offers to visitors. Le Pacifique is another hotel that can be opted because this hotel is situated on a beach in Noumea so the couples can enjoy the fun of a resort and comfort of a hotel (NouvelleCaledonie).

Cost – The cost of the vacation would be nothing less than $15,000 for per per person for 7 days if the young couples are planning to have complete fun.Assignment Help AustraliaActivities – New Caledonia is a complete fun and hence, a lot of activities can be undertaken. Windsurfing is one of the fun activities to do and this can be done by people of any age. Competition is held among different age groups so it’s very exciting. If a person loves to see the lives under water then they can opt for diving. The diver can opt for free diving or bottled diving. The divers will come across a variety of species so exploring will be fun (RocketGuide).

Fiji Itinerary

Wholesaler – Fiji Travel can be considered if a family is travelling to Fiji because they will help the family to get something that can fit their budget.

Month of visit – Fiji can be visited from June to December as this is the time when the weather condition in Fiji is stable and cool. Monsoons are longer in Fiji and it is better to go to Fiji in the cooler season so that the family can enjoy things other than the beach (FijiWeatherForecast).

Stay – If a family is visiting Fiji then they should stay at Turtle Island. Turtle Island is a private island where the couple can enjoy to the fullest. Apart from that, this island also has “Bulla buddy” to entertain kids who are above the age of 6 (LonelyPlanet).

Cost – The cost per person will vary from $2000 – $5000 depending on the kind of hotels and dining that the person opts for (FijiBudgetVacations 2012).University Assignment Help AustraliaMeal package – There are very few travel agents who are willing to add meal plans. If a travel agent adds meal plan then the cost would be nothing less than that of $500 for seven days for one adult.

Activities – There are many resorts that a family can visit in Fiji. With kids, the family must visit The outrigger on the lagoon. This resort will allow the kids to play in a traditional Fiji village. Apart from that, there are supervisors available on the resort so the parents can be relaxed regarding the safety of their kids. Kids can also be taken for fishing and hot air balloon flight. Parents can go for diving but it is better not to take kids along with them (AdrenalinFiji).

Vanuatu Itinerary

Wholesaler – Vanuatu Escapes would be a recommended wholesaler because they understand people’s requirement and modify the packages accordingly.

Month of visit – Vanuatu can be visited from May to October. This is one of the driest seasons and the evenings at this point of time is cool. During this time period, festivals are also held so the tourist will get a glimpse of their culture (LonelyPlanet).

Stay – These two friends should stay at The Melasian Port Vila, Coconut Palms resort or Hideaway island resort as these resorts are especially designed for people who don’t want to spend much.

Cost – Vanuatu is not a cheap place to visit because an overnight stay will cost 2500 – 4000 vatu and a meal will cost 1000 – 2000 vatu. The overall cost for the trip to Vanuatu won’t be anything less than that of 50,000 vatu.

Activities – The friends should go to Tanna Island and over there, they will come across active volcanoes. This is the only place where a volcano can be enjoyed at a closest possible distance. If the friends love playing golf then they can enjoy 18 hole championship at Mele Bay and Whitesands. The friends can also undertake fishing activity (TripAdvisor).

New Zealand Itinerary

Wholesaler – Lets go is an awesome New Zealand wholesaler whom the middle aged couple can trust as they will help them out with all that they want in a personalized manner.

About the tour – The couple should undertake South Island scenic discovery and North Island Thermal experience. This tour will be completed in 14 days so the couple can complete their plan during the time period that they have (NZEscape).

Time to visit New Zealand – September to November is the spring season in New Zealand and this is considered to be the perfect time to visit New Zealand.

Cost – The cost per person for 14 days as per New Zealand itinerary would be somewhere around $ 4000 – 5000 NZD. This cost will not include the cost of meals and airfare.

Summary of the tour – First day, the couple will arrive at Auckland and on day two, they can spend time in the city of sails, that is, Auckland. On day three, the couple will go to Coromandel Peninsula and they will chill throughout the day. On day four, the couple will roam on the beaches of the Coromandel Peninsula. On day five and six, the couple will explore Rotorua and over there, they will come cross mineral hot pool and boiling mud. On day seven, eight and Nine, the couple will explore Queensdown. They will come across the most dramatic landscape that they can think of. On day ten, they will reach Fox Glacier and enjoy over there. On day eleven, the couple will travel from Fox Glacier to Christchurch. Day twelve and thirteen will be spent in Christchurch itself because this place has many things to show. On day thirteen, the couple will have to leave from Christchurch to Kaikoura. On day fourteen, the couple can pack their bags and come back (NewZealandEncounters).

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