Marketing assignment essay help online: Oceania Windy city theater

Marketing assignment essay help online: Oceania Windy city theater


Essay Writing Tutor SydneyThis report will present information about the case study on “Oceania” Windy City Theater (WCT) that focuses on the negotiation strategy of General Manager of the WCT in perspective of supplier for the buyers. This report will contain all the required key information that provide in depth descriptive information which covers all the key aspect areas of the negotiation strategy at the time of buying and selling of goods and services between buyers and suppliers. To discuss all the required information that will provide the numerous information about the negotiation strategy in perspective of selected organization “Oceania “Windy City Theater, this report is divided in different sections that will cover all the key essential information in the area of negotiation strategy from supplier and buyers’ perspective. The report starts with small introduction that will provide overview of the case study, selected organization “Oceania” Windy City Theater, negotiation strategy and the key topics that will discuss in the further section. In the further sections the report will discuss all the required topics in detailed and descriptive manner. At the end in conclusion section the paper provides summarization of the whole discussion that discuss in the below sections and within paper that provides quick overview and visibility of the discussions.


Information regarding the specific item or service that your party is buying

Buy Assignment AustraliaAs we all know that WCT is the world’s best known and renowned as well as oldest and prestigious theaters, it seeks to bring the best musicals, concert productions, tourism and other entertainment productions to the theater.

The specific item that the party is buying is known as the tickets. Windy City Theater has its world premiere in the year 1982 and it was opened for better shows and high quality services. The customers were buying the package deal i.e. the ticket with the luncheon and by adding high value to the food as well as beverage. They started offering a dining package with the matinee performance and also with the high markup to food & beverage. This deals with the cost of production and also it splits the excess profits accordingly. There is limited opportunity and availability of booking the shows especially in the spring schedule in WCT. The week of 14th April leads to the unexpected cancellation and also it is mostly preferable at WCT. It also helps to justify the expenses with respect to the need of structure and also with the help of profits in WCT. There are varieties of reviews as well as factors of attraction on an older audience.

Market information

The market for this theater was found in Chicago that really believed to be the most profitable market and the important place for the shows of WCT that also enjoys the strong image and great reputation. This market proved very profitable and it focused on important ways of promotion. It is the customized area that looks for entertainment, business and production with respect to the ticket expenses as well as its revenues. It deals with the merchandise and there are profits with respect to the Chicago market. (Littman 22, 2010)

Assignment Expert AustraliaDetailed information regarding your firm’s operations as it pertains to the purchased item

The firm’s operations as it pertains to the purchased item is known as WCT is the most privately owned and is operated with the help of board of directors. It has the major bulk of decisions with respect to WCT productions and also with the help of important key responsibilities. It is most profitable for the theatre and is dealing with the important profits for the future perspectives. There is the classic summer stock operation with respect to the original music known as Raunch and Roll. (Abarbanel 15, 2012)

There are better operations with the help of proper restaurant and other important competitions associated with it. The area of entertainment, musical concerts will deal with the operation with respect to the suppliers such as music system management, catering, fabrications, sound & lightning as well as other operations such as people management.

Determination of your party’s strengths and weaknesses relative to those of the other party

The party’s strengths relative to those of other part is as follows:-

ü  Weekday matinees have heavy discounts

ü  Dining package available with the performance of matinee

ü  Ticket with a luncheon

ü  High value to food and beverage

The party’s weakness relative to those of other part is as follows:-

ü  Hedgson provides pick up facility for lodging and boarding

ü  It is a four star hotel

ü  It also provides high quality service and long term client’s relationship

ü  It also offers special and favorable rates of food and lodging

ü  It has advanced booking system and arrangements with respect to night stay, prepaid facility and other important parameters which is the major weakness for the party with regards to WCT.

Party’s overall needs, wants, and objectives

The party is a special event so it would solely go to WCT because they have autograph parties on Friday and Saturday evenings. They continuously deal with the future seasons which are the important need and wants of the party.

They will look for negotiation at the rates of lodging and boarding. Their major objective would be for the party is that WCT should provide rooms with continental breakfast and lunches with respect to high facilities and additional discounts.

Assignment Help AustraliaParty’s specific goals and objectives for this negotiation (Aspirations, Targets, and Bottom Lines)

The party’s specific goals and objectives for this negotiation are as follows:-

Negotiation is the most important approach of making decisions and also to manage the disputes as well as conflicts. It is the common problem solving approach and it succeed always with respect to the identification of parties who are willing to participate and to provide the common faith for commitment.

The major goal and objective for the party for this negotiation is to increase the recognition of parties and to test the major strengths of other parties. This way, they will be able to obtain high level of interests and will be able to develop major gains.

Party’s assessment of the other party’s needs, wants, and objectives

There is the change in perceptions and also there is the requirement of desired changes in the relationship. The party will be able to develop new process and procedures for handling the problems and for making substantial gains. This will also help to solve the problem and to meet with the desired outcomes. (Moore 01, 2012)

Description of the specific strategies and tactics of negotiation

The specific strategies and tactics of negotiation are to afford the pay of the product or the service. This also creates the important demands of good deal and also it creates the better response with respect to the negotiation results. This will help in better achievement of success and goals.

Contingency analysis and creative options to create value

Sample AssignmentThis will help to convey essential information and will generate creative options. It will also create proper and clear communication with respect to better ideas and high amount of accuracy. Thus it will also help in collecting information with respect to interests, trust and other areas of skills and improvements for gaining high level of efficiency and effectiveness. This way, it will reflect better values and actions. ( 01, 2007)


The paper discussed about the strategy of negotiation with respect to the buyer’s and the well known WCT. There has been the discussion on the information of services or product, market information in depth, the weakness and strengths as well as also the paper discussed about the needs, goals and objectives with regards to proper strategies and actions.

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