IT Management Assignment Help Online:: ICT governance / Learner’s decision making

IT Management Assignment Help Online:: ICT governance / Learner’s decision making

Information and communication technology


ICT decision making online??

Solution the question frame is::


ICT governance is a disciplined process that helps in the integral part of corporate governance. This helps in attaining the sustainable strategies and objectives. It also ensures and sustains the broad concept of ICT governance. The world today has increased the growth with the support and the importance of ICT. The major role of this has evolved with the help and support function of specific success and achievement. It also ensures the technical support to facilitate the work and to ensure the better decisions and discussions.

The paper covered certain key issues with respect to the ICT discussion. Thus the decision making capabilities also depends on the financial volume of the projects. Major issues that are raised are through the audit and evaluation reports of the work and this also associated the risk of technical, operational and information technology risks.

The use of ICT creates major benefits on learning and the assessment of relevance to this report is to create the positive impact on the performance. This helps in bring out the positive benefits for the ICT learners with respect to team work, motivation, performance and skills. (Balanskat, 2007)

  Role of ICT in decision making

 To sustain in the competitive environment, organizations focuses on real time information and accurate data that provides the required key information’s which determines the success path of the organization.

Technology and other available resources plays very important role in the area of sustained and compete in the competitive environment. Decision making is an essential approach that affects the overall business environment in terms of defined new strategies and tactics that determine the success. This paper provides descriptive in-depth discussion and information about technology that helps to access real time information and decision making process.

The paper discussed about the ICT (Information and communication technology) that helps in preparing the right decision. This paper focused on issues related with stock reconciliation and this paper talked about the fertilizer industry linked with the agriculture industry. Thus there are issues associated with tracking the equipments effectively. The calculations of maintenance of materials cost, labour, the consumables have not been made. There is no proper approach and process of decision making in the paper thus this issue is also covered in the paper for better understanding of the reader about the issues and costs. Thus ICT provides the framework that helps the society and people to live the lot of alternative approaches for better lifestyle and other classifications. Thus in this industry, there was lack of flexible internal divisions. Thus there is also the issue connected to the manual process. The organization was not able to perform highly and there were also the problems associated with the booking and the time of the project.

This paper discussed about ICT that helps in decision making process and access real time information. As the industry level, the level of information varies. To discuss about the fertilizers industry and decision making process in agriculture sector is highly complex comparatively other industries.

All the discussed key topics, ICT lifecycle process decision making process helps to understand the relevance, importance and its benefits. Thus there should be effective approach to ICT as it will lead to the better performance management and also it will deal with the process of monitoring the measure of performance. (, 2012)


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