Law and Ethics essay in ICT: ASC code of ethics

Law and Ethics essay in ICT: ASC code of ethics

Assignment Writing Tutor AustraliaIn this Essay, moral dilemma or an ethically questionable situation related to ICT at workplace or in business environment is being discussed. It is related to whistleblowers of the company who have been sharing secretive and important information with others illegally (Farlex Inc,   2012). The two processes that can help to analyze the ethical issue related with ICT are Modified Doing Ethics techniques and ACS code of ethics. In this essay ethics has been described as the moral value that supports the factors like integrity, honesty, openness, respect, confidentiality and etc for protecting the environment because the livelihood of human entirely depends upon it (Santa Clara University,    2010). ICT is defined as Information and communication technology such as internet, hardware’s, software’s, telephone and etc used for communicating & sharing important information within and outside the organization. There is an organization where management has identified that employees have been sharing the confidential information of their organization. Certain information in form of product design and details of the upcoming products have been communicated illegally and shared with competitors of the organization. Since technology is being used by organization to reduce human effort and make the work easier. The information is being shared by the employees with the help of cell phones, email and scanned copies of the projects (Tech Terms,     2012).   The hardware’s and software’s of the company such as printer, laptops and internet have been used by the employee’s to reveal the secretive information. The employees are using their own mobile phones to message the information to others in form of SMS. The two methods such as Modified Doing Ethics Technique and ACS Code of Ethics have been explained so that the problems related to ethics in this organization can be managed properly.

Assignment Expert AustraliaIn this paragraph issues related to whistleblowers of company has been analyzed using the Modified Doing Ethics Techniques (Robert Traer    2007). It is a process by which organizations can analyze the situation by considering variables and facts so that solutions can be found out. It was observed by management of the organization that their competitors were using their ideas and strategy in same manner as management had planned earlier during several meetings to grow their business by launching new products. It is a case regarding sharing of crucial information by the employees of organization for additional money and facilities with their competitors. The information was being shared by team who is conducting research and development activities for their organization. It was being shared with the help of their official email –Ids, and personal cell phones. The team of marketing people had observed that their upcoming products have been launched by their competitors in the market.  They marketing team had complained the top management regarding such fraudulent activities by mailing them from their official Email-IDs. The top management of organization tried to analyze the facts by creating an inspection team who could do the SWOT analysis for finding loopholes of their organization & also existing position of their competitors. The technological system of every employee was being checked by inspection team by entering their official email ID’s and password.  It was being found that research and development department team had mailed the data’s and important information to their competitors. It was being found by inspection team that scanned documents consisting of product design was being mailed to the competitors. The issues which led to wrong doing were appraisal was not being made and research and development team was not being paid as per the market standards.  These were the reasons related with legal, social and practical aspects of ethics (PWC    2012). The stakeholders of organization were negatively affected because they had invested in the organization for the new product which was going to be launched in the market. If we consider in positive aspects then, it was being highlighted in Media and shareholders were cautious for future investment in the company.  If we describe the issues in a single word then it was purely a Whist blowing process. The employees forget their morality for earning more. The classical theory of ethics is based on Deontological and Teleological aspects (Luceo Magazine   2001). Deontological aspect focuses on morality and Teleological aspects focuses on achieving things without considering the consequences. This case can be related with the Teleological aspect. The implications of such ethical issue were that management of organization was being blamed by the shareholders because their share prices were falling and there was no guarantee that their investment would be returned backed to them. Online articles were being published and people came to know about working standards of the organization in society. Management could have installed software’s so that whistle blowing team could have been tracked at times regarding their performance of such activities. Management could have appointed the inspection team earlier so that the technological devices that were being used by the employees could be inspected time and again to prevent fraudulent activities. There could be three possible options that could have been used for resolving such problems. The first option is management could have paid the team as per the market standards and also give annual appraisals. Second option is electronic devices should be provided to all employees such as laptops, scanner, printer, punch cards, cell-phones, and telephones and etc. It must be only used in office and should be tracked on frequent basis by the inspection team. The third option is employees are not supposed to carry any electronic device other than provided by the office. The best option for the Organization could be the second one. The reason for this option is that because if employees are paid as per market standards and appraisals are made to them, in such case it does not provide guarantee that they will remain loyal. An employee cannot get satisfaction about what money he is getting right now because he want more and more because of demanding nature.   The second option will be better because the employees entry and exit time can be tracked, the inspection team can at time enter the email ids and password to track the personal devices being used by the employees. Moreover employees will be conscious regarding monitoring of their performance at workplace which will create a better working environment. The employees should not be allowed to bring their personal devices because employee’s can copy and share the information any time. The management should have intellectual property in terms of using the software that can track performance and activities of their employees.

Get Sample AssignmentIn this Paragraph, the ASC code of ethics has been used to analyze the ethical issues of the organization.  The team who will be involved in the inspection process should be honest, loyal, knowledgeable and transparent for their profession so they can serve the organization, society and humanity as a whole (Demand Media Inc    2012). Every employee working individually or in a team should understand the value system of the organization.  The Management and employees need to set their priorities, competence while serving the society. The organization and it employees activities should not affect shareholders and stakeholders of their organization. Professional development of employee’s is required at organization so that they can know the consequences and results of their ethical and unethical activities. Technology should be used as instructed by the management of the organization. The whistle blowing team failed to apply the standards and code of ethics of the organization which was at any cost not accepted by the management of the organization.  The code of ethics should be applied in organization while using the technology, employees or teams should not go beyond the norms of the organization. The employees or teams should not use their skills in a misleading manner by sharing and communicating crucial information related to their upcoming products using the technologies.

Buy Assignments OnlineThus it can be concluded that employees have to maintain ethics while using the technology in organization.  The employees were whistleblowers and had shared the crucial information with the competitors regarding their upcoming products.  Management of organization should not rely on everyone. Organization should timely track the performance, activities, behaviors, and technologies being provided to the employees on a continuous basis. Thus as an ICT professional according to me both the techniques and important and will be required to manage ethics in organization (Create For Mississippi   2004). The Modified Doing Ethics Technique will help to identify the cause and provide solutions for avoiding the process of whistle blowing used by the employees.  The ASC code of ethics will help management and employees to create self awareness regarding morality and factors related with ethics. Thus both techniques are required to analyze the problems related to ethical issues.

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