Law assignment on: Critical thinking of ethics and law

Law assignment on: Critical thinking of ethics and law 

Assignment Writing Tutor AustraliaLaw is written and being defined by the government where as the ethics provides the guidance related to what is right and wrong.  Law is being formed to control the community and it differs from one country to the other country. Ethics reflects the morality of the individual’s, and the organization (University of Missouri,    2009). Ethics also helps to maintain the transparency and it encompasses law.  Both the Law and ethics is required for managing the individual’s in community, and organizations (Difference Between,     2012). In the age of technology it is mandatory for organizations to handle the consumer’s data with confidentiality. Employees of the organization should not share the consumers data related to name, employability, and photographs with others in terms of law and the ethically consumers should not be disturbed to get more personal information. Ethics and Law can be managed by keeping the record with proper security system.  The law will state the existence of the basic personal information of the consumers in an organization, and ethics will clarify the participation of the customers while maintain privacy policy in the organization. The data being provided by the consumers should be true based on their credentials. The workplace policy and personal information privacy policies will help to maintain sensitive information. The private information of the customers can be managed in future by asking to fill up the feedback forms while they are purchasing any product form the organization(Privacy Rights Clearing House,      2012).

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