Law assignment essay help: Ethics & moral values – education system

Law assignment essay help: Ethics & moral values – education system


Assignment Expert AustraliaEthics can be explained as the moral value that helps to decide what is wrong and right. It guides what actions should be taken by human to satisfy their needs (Santa Clara University   2010). It describes the moral principles based on the cultural, religious and philosophical aspects. Ethics supports the factors like honesty, objectivity, Integrity, Openness, respect for intellectual property, confidentiality, social responsibility, Competence and Carefulness. It states that environment should be protected because human livelihood depends upon it (NIEHS   2011). Ethics is important because environment gets disturbed by unethical activities of human which impacts them in return. The importance of ethics is to satisfy the basic needs of the human because human wants to work in such place where organizations and society follow the fair practices. It helps in creating credibility by driving moral values. Ethics and morality supports unity among people in the society by aligning ethical behavior with the human goals. Long term gains can be enjoyed by an organization, society and individuals by driving the ethical standards and practices. Moral values and responsibility towards the society is being created by being accountable to the human itself ( 2012). One can become ethical by being transparent and responsible towards others.

University Assignment Help AustraliaThe factors like Globalization, innovation, and development of society have brought happiness and comfort in human’s life. Human have been using the resources abundantly but are unable to contribute in return to the environment. We have been observing and facing the problems in environment due to unethical and immoral behavior of the human. Companies have been following unethical practices such as using of child labor, killing of animals for the experiments, lack of transparency in the company, unable to install the pollution control devices because they just to earn the revenue and satisfy their shareholders. These are unethical and immoral activities because children are deprived of education, the complete ecology is disturbed because of problems such as harmful pollution like air, water, sound and land pollution. Moreover employees offer bribery for getting their projects accepted by the Government officials and it results negatively in form of corrupted unethical practices. It creates bad image in the market because society accepts that corporate are accountable for their problems (Michigan Ross School of Business 2011). The harmful and unhygienic products produced by the companies are consumed by the consumer and they suffer from the harmful disease like obesity, cancer and etc. The wastages produced by the corporate, households should not be discharged in the rivers and open spaces where humans are residing. The wastages should be recycled by the corporate to create a moral and ethical image in the environment. Timely the legal bodies should intervene to check & avoid the unethical and immoral activities (DRZE   2012). If environment is not protected today then human have to face the problems due to scarcity of resources and unhealthy atmosphere in coming future. Many companies have been producing the nicotine and toxic products like cigarettes wines and alcohol which are being consumed by the human and they create pollution and also affect their health. Government should also impose fines and punishment to protect such activities that is harming the environment. It should not give License to those companies which do not implement the proper pollution control devices.  These days human have started to react for the issues such as global warming and have started to follow the going green concept to have a healthy life. Environmental ethics and morality explains how human should treat the resources and help in maintaining a balance in the environment. Human have realized that they are accountable for their activities in the environment. They want to consume and use those resources which are produced by ethical companies by keeping in mind the moral values of Human. Ethical and moral activities of Human in environment means human life should be valued first before profits. Companies like Proctor & Gamble have been contributing some amount from the price charged for their products like Ariel, Head & Shoulder and etc for poor children’s education. The fund generated is being donated to the Non Governmental Organization (NGO) like YOU, CRY and Child Rights which shows that they are doing ethical and moral work in form of Corporate Social Responsibility. They have being producing the eco-friendly products keeping in mind about the environmental aspect (Electronic Journal of Business Ethics and Organization Studies    2007). Human can become ethical by changing their mindset towards the environment. Ethical behavior will have to distinguish what one should do to protect the environment and its resources for present and future. They must be honest and morality should abide them to prevent from doing illegal activities. There should be proper education system where the curriculum related to environment ethics should be taught to the children. The programs like planting of tress and protection of animals should be conducted to create awareness in the environment. The resources like water and air should be protected. Water resources should not be exploited because human life depends on it. Water is used for drinking, cleaning and generating the electricity for human. The garbage and waste residues such as waste papers & plastics should be recycled and dumped properly. Strict law should be there to check the activities of human who are conducting the health related hazards in the environment by behaving immorally and unethically (Protiviti Inc   2012). Ethics can be promoted in environment which includes human, societies and corporate by stopping the fraudulent activities such as adulteration, piracy, bribery, corruption, robbery and etc. One should be transparent in his activities and help in creating a pollution free environment by helping the different communities in the environment. Deforestation should not be done because it disturbs the habitat of the animals and human. The number of wildlife is reducing due to the impacts of the human activities which is not good for an environment. The financial crisis occurs due to the unethical practices of the employees in an organization. The crisis is spreaded globally which creates problems such as deprecation of currencies, unemployment, inflation and etc. This proves that human created such activities which have affected them in form of the negative results in the environment (Hearst Communications, Inc    2012).

Buy Assignment AustraliaEthics can be maintained if human gets satisfied with what he already has, by without harming the other human. It is not a duty of a single person to protect the environment. Every individual must be ethically and morally responsible to protect the natural resources and its environment. Government should enforce strict rules and regulations for human to be ethical and morally responsible towards the environment. The unethical problems in the environment are related to cultural, economic, social, ecological and technological aspects which should be resolved ethically by being moral. The aim of every human is live a healthy life in an environment. The environment should be protected by an individual, corporate, government for Human because it is fact that human livelihoods depends upon it. The ethical and moral values should be taken into consideration while protecting it. A better and healthy environment is a requirement and right of all the Human Beings. Therefore it is a duty and responsibility of every human to protect the environment. 

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