Introduction of Spanish Contemporary: 1254030

Question One

Translated as Basque Ball: the Skin Against the Stone in English, Julio Mendes (2003) documentary film titled La Pelota Vasca: la Piel Contra la Piedra examines the battles and difficulties faced by the Basque country in its attempt to separate itself from Spain. In this short documentary, the documentary director seems biased against the Spanish dominance in the Basque country. The documentary director tends to suggest that Basque country should be left to govern itself, after a series of battles with Spain. The narrator tends to favour the separation of Basque country from Spain.

Question Two

In his piece of journalism, the narrator overtly paints the picture of Spain’s rule over Basque as unfair, if not suppressing and manipulative. The narrator is determined to showcase the violence and manipulation perpetrated by the Spanish nation towards the Basque country. Being a Basque, the narrator narrates of his experience in Madrid, Spain’s capital city. In Madrid, the narrator confesses that he was utterly discriminated because he had come from Basque country. The narrator attributes the thirty-year bloodshed in Basque country to Spain’s violent and inconsiderate political ambitions.

Question Three

In the 21st Century, I do not believe nor advocate for the use of war and violence by countries or societies to communicate their grievances. I believe that the contemporary civilization standards can facilitate other more effective and efficient methods where conflicts and wrangles can be resolved without necessarily engaging in bloodshed. For instance, countries against each other can seek the help of a non-partisan and unbiased mediator or arbitrator who may help the countries to reach a solution. Moreover, there are international courts such as the International Criminal Court that may serve to solve conflicts between nations in conflicts.

Question Four

However, I do not think that Basque region has yet reached the threshold to be called a country. First, the region exists as the ruins once witnessed in Zorrotzaure peninsula and Olabeaba docks.  The many battles in the region incapacitate Basque to have the minimum resources that may help the region to govern itself. Apart from the many fights with its arch-rival, Spain, the country cannot maintain its own peace between its own populations.