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After completion of studying the cross cultural theories I have understood about the various traits of business. With the help of cross cultural theory I know how to communicate with people from different cultures in a proper way under business context. Competency model has helped me in understanding the collection of the various competencies which are required for running a job successfully.

 Cultural theories have helped me a lot in understanding the different types of cultures and trait. With the presence of cross cultural theory is it has become easier to understand the various applications cultural management and how to communicate with people from other cultures in a compatible way. I have learnt a lot of things locations of the competence model proper way (Oetzel 2017). In the future understand chat with people from different cultures in the workplace. With the help of cross cultural theories I will be able to communicate with them in a proper way and also understand how they are going to reciprocate my communication. In the present era of business it can be said that cultural management is a very important aspect for managing in a proper way. With the increase in globalisation I think inclusion of diversity in workplace has become a very important aspect (Oetzel 2017). With inclusion of diversity I believe yes become important that before that inclusion of cross cultural theories and management must be used for running and Organisation. With the help of cross cultural theories I have understood that there are certain traits about certain religion only be understood by the inclusion of cross cultural theories. With the cross cultural theory of hofstede a company can easily understand the various traits which needs to be followed for entering a foreign market (Koester and Lustig 2015). Besides in need of finance it is very important to assess that the socio cultural context also needs to be addressed by a company so that it can expand in the future. In this aspect I must say that cross cultural theories are the most important which can set light on the different needs of the culture as well as the surrounding environment of a foreign market.

With the help of competency model I have understood the various skills and the knowledge which are required for performing a job in a proper way. Competency model will be very helpful for me in the future as I will have the idea define kinds of business assessing the various competencies which are required for an organisation (Prifti, Knigge, Kienegger and Krcmar 2017). I have also learn about both the hard as well as soft skills which are required for working properly in an organisation. I am sure that I will be very successful in conducting my job as competency model help me in understanding the various functioning of a business.

To conclude it can be said that both competency model and the cross cultural theories have helped me a lot in understanding various which business can be conducted in a proper way. Both cross-cultural theories and competency model are essential part for running a business.

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