HR essay on: Organization change and the impact of Emiratization policies on Etisalat Telecom UAE


HR essay on: Organization change and the impact of Emiratization policies on Etisalat Telecom UAE


Assignment Expert AustraliaEtisalat telecom is one of the largest leading telecommunication companies of UAE. This organization caters to consumers, international level telecommunication organizations, ISPs, businesses, content providers and mobile operators.  In addition, company connects more than 74 million consumers globally.  Headquarter of Etisalat is in Abu Dhabi, UAE.  It is considered as the largest operator in the regions of Africa and the Middle East. The scope of the research is to examine the impact of Emiratization policies on Etisalat.


Emiratization policies make their impact on organizations of UAE, it cause an organizations’ cost to enhance as the number of emigrants augments in proportion to the number of nationals in an organization. Organizations compose an embedded form of taxation on emigrants’ hiring on the basis of the perception of these costs. Consequently, these costs help incentivizing the organizations to attract more nationals which ultimately enhance those nationals’ bargaining power and make an impact on their wages. Nevertheless, as the organization employ more nationals, the bargaining power of each added national gets down. Similarly, Etisalat is also attracting a number of nationals by considering the cost factor of Emiratization policy.

Buy Assignment AustraliaResearch question:

  • Do Emiratization policies make an impact on the Etisalat Telecommunication Company?
  • Is there need to seek organizational change from Emiratization context and managing the change?
  • What is the criterion that has been adopted by Etisalat to hire both nationals and emigrants in their organization?
  • How does the organization attract the talent for its business, set their wages and develop them as per Emiratization?


Sample AssignmentH1: Higher number of UAE nationals in Etisalat Company will measure the impact of Emiratization policy on the Company

 H2: Criteria of deciding wages for both nationals and emigrants in company will seek the impact of Emiratization policies

H3: Type of organizational change in Etisalat Telecommunication will identify the implementation of Emiratization policies in the organization

Research objectives:

Research has key following objectives to focus upon:

  1. To examine whether Etisalat is making changes to its organization as per Emiratization policies.
  2. To map the outline of different areas of Etisalat Telecommunication which are under impact of those policies
  3. Establish the link between key factors of Etisalat services and Emiratization policies for managing the organizational change.

Significance of the study:

Assignment Writing Tutor AustraliaThe significance of this study will be to:

  • Improve the understanding of UAE organizations and people about Emiratization and its policies.
  • Improve Etisalat knowledge on organizational change, managing those changes and workforce planning.
  • Understand the areas of change within an organization by seeking the impact of Emiratization policies.
  • Finally, fulfill the MBA requirement for this paper.

Research methodology:

This segment of the paper will present an overview of methods that has to be used in this study. The areas covered under this segment are as follows:

Research design:

Get Sample AssignmentThe study will involve assessing role of Emiratization policies in the organization selected Etisalat Telecommunication. Moreover, it will seek the organizational change after Emiratization impact on the organization and people management of Etisalat in this regard. Consequently, the research will be designed and prepared to achieve the objectives established by the researcher.


The targeted population for this research will include the following:

  1. Employees of Etisalat Telecommunication organization UAE
  2. Chief directors, coordinating directors and the entire staff of the said organization
  3. Both public and private sector organizations of the United Arab Emirates

Sampling and sampling technique:

It is clear by the type of population above that only a census will not be viable for this paper. Accordingly, the survey type will be used for the research in which a sample would be taken from the target population. It can be created in a group that around 160 elements can be selected from the target population of 300. Following is he detail for sample:

  1. 30 emigrants working in Etisalat and 30 nationals of UAE working
  2. 10 chief directors, 10 coordinating directors and 30 other important staff
  3.  50 people from other organizations of UAE

Data collection:

Buy Assignments OnlineThe focus of the study is on impact of Emiratization policies on Etisalat Telecommunication Company and managing change. This will not require only primary data from the reliable sources, but secondary data will also required to be collected to increase the effect of studies taken from primary sources. Primary sources will include the journals and articles that will be peer reviewed and on the other hand survey and case studies will be taken as secondary source of the information.

Data analysis:

Data will be analyzed on the basis of findings from peer reviewed journals, articles, books, survey and case studies of Etisalat and other organizations of UAE that are seeking the change an impact of Emiratization policies.

Literature review:

This segment of the paper will include following areas:

Buy Sample Assignment

  • Introduction of Etisalat Telecommunication Company of UAE and its business, human resource management
  • Introduction to Emiratization term and its policies and their implementation
  • Impact of Emiratization policies on both public and private sector organizations of UAE and the changes in their workforce planning, wages system, etc
  • Analysis of Emiratization impact on Etisalat company
  • People management, organizational change and managing the change 

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