HR Assignment Study Help Review Analysis: CSR & its effects on organizational effectiveness

HR Assignment Study Help Review Analysis: CSR & its effects on organizational effectiveness

Question Proposed??

Write about the corporate social responsibility and its effects on the effectiveness of the organization??

Research Questions

  1. What types of impact are present between CSR and organisational effectiveness?
  2. Is there a relationship between CSR and organisation outcome?

 Solutions Proposed

According to Buciuniene &Kazlauskaite (2012, p525) that socially responsible businesses and  organisations are seen to be taking better care of their employees and stakeholders, that is leading them to continuous improvement and well being.

The main concern is that, how CSR affects their internal and external environment and as a result how it affects the company’s loyalty and market share. Corporate identity, Brand image, and organizational competitiveness have become one of the key topics at this point of sustainability and marketing research to achieve the competitive advantage. (Arendt & Brettel,2010, P.1469).

If I go through these aspects of CSR and its future results to the organizational success and sustainability then I must be using some research objective and scope and methodologies to analyse the concept behind these concerns and if these researchers are right to their points then why there is further need of study and researching regarding the impact of CSR. These all are the main concern in my research and I will be analysing and discussing these concerns related to CSR and its impact on the organization.

The first research question is about the impact that is current effect on the organization due to the use of CSR as the source of marketing and brand building among the customers and various stakeholders. Then we must seek some kind of differentiation in the study that what are the main concern of study and based on those study and research the organizations are indulge in the CSR and if they are indulge in it then whether they are successful in gaining sustainability and competitiveness or not.

The second research question is all about the influence and effect of CSR on the internal environment of the organization. Whether its impact is positive or negative?

  Research Objective

To find out whether corporate social responsibility has a positive effect on organisational effectiveness.

 Observe whether the organisational outcomes will change according to stakeholders who are socially responsible.

 The main research objective is to find out the relevancy of CSR over the organization effectiveness and what are the future steps that shall be taken by the organization to consider the CSR activities to increase the organization effectiveness.

The secondary objective is to seek the relevancy of stakeholders CSR activities over the organization effectiveness. The steps and decisions taken by the stakeholders like board of governors and top management people are relevant to the organizational concern and have a positive impact on the organizational effectiveness or not?

 Research Methodology

Here I will be using the empirical research methodology based on the past written research reports and their analysis. As we already have three articles which are related to the various fields of CSR and its effect on the various organization and industries. We will be looking after those parameters and based on those analysis we will be further making the recommendations if there is need of any for the future aspects.

We will be making some hypothesis that whether CSR has a positive effect on the organization or negative.

H0= Positive Effect

H1= Negative Effect

Based on our research over these two hypothesis, we will be further making the decisions that which one is best suitable for the organization point of view and for their effectiveness..

 Critical Review

What was the overall approach:

In all three articles the approach was the quantitative research of various industries and business such as Insurance companies, various industry settings and effect of CSR on organization performance correlation with HRM.

What method was used to collect data:

In all three the data collected was from quantitative method and survey method including field surveys and questionnaire formulations. The qualitative aspect is missing in all three research papers. As we know that qualitative and quantitative both are important parts of the research and both should be taken care while collecting data from various methods.

 Comment how would you change or develop the methods & why?

Here, my first recommendation will be to use the qualitative data as well to understand the people concern about the CSR and its importance for the organization if any. There may be some biasness in quantitative research as we do not know the mood or concern of the sample/population, which we have selected for the research. These aspects will be further helping in making the unbiased decision based on the accurate data and concerns of the population. The second recommendation can be, they must utilize their effectiveness for the betterment of society rather than just seeing the CSR as a brand building activity. This may help the organization for the long run of business and competitive advantage


According to me the research report is good and they show that CSR has a positive effect on the organization effectiveness. This helps in increasing the brand image, loyalty among the customers and stakeholders. CSR should be used by the organization to attract the people perception that makes them force to think twice about the organization culture and way of working.

The organization gain emotional empathy of people towards the organization and they bound to buy products or services from the organization. This may not be the actual scenario but, in most of the cases CSR activities are just used as a gimmick to attract the customers and stakeholders towards the organization.

Insurance companies are gaining positive effect on organization effectiveness by using CSR activities. The most important activity consists of consumer affairs.

Contingency model shows that CSR activities have a positive correlation with the organization image, industry size and market budget. These aspects are very much important for the organizational growth and effectiveness.

So the final outcome and finding which we can assume is that, the CSR activities have a positive effect and correlation with the organization effectiveness and they help the organization to grow and become more sustainable.


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