HR assignment report on: Diversity at workplace

HR assignment report on: Diversity at workplace

Executive summary:

Assignment Expert AustraliaThe report discusses about the achievement of diversity at workplace. Then, the next part highlights the major issues associated with the management of diversity in the enterprises. In this context, some of the key theoretical concepts have been described which have been applied with the analysis of case studied for the report. In contrast, Juliet Bourke’s statement related to movement of flexibility’s use from its original standard. In addition, the role and effect of extreme working hours in the performance given by employees and superiors also have been delineated in the discussion. Consequently, the report has moved on to the description of work life balance program’s introduction in the organizations and the difficulties addressed throughout the program. Next section of the report has discussed some solutions in order to overcome the difficulties and issues. Furthermore, the report has recommended the solutions for addressing the problems and issues identified in managing diversity in the organizations. Afterward, a number of ways also have been explained so that work-life balance could be made easy during an economic downturn. Finally, the benefits of the designed policies for achieving work life balance have been explored in this regard.


Assignment Writing Tutor AustraliaThe main aim of the report is to demonstrate the necessity of workplace diversity in an organization. For support, a case on managing diversity in the organization and movement of use of flexibility at workplace has been analyzed. The report not only focuses on managing diversity, but also has an aim of taking about work life balance and the importance of working hours in the performance of employees and seniors. It has revealed that he meaning of flexibility has changed now for the employers. It states that flexibility is referred with having ability to diminish the cost for employers and providing sufficient time to the employees for their personal interests simultaneously. But, according to Juliet flexibility is to get maximum output out of fewer people. He also added that organizations that are concerning for cost reduction expect their employees to work for longer hours and obtain anticipated results.

Consequently, workplace diversity is related with the issues and difficulties focusing on the distinctions and connections they bring forward in an organization. It is concerned with the learning from others, value and self-respect and about building healthy environment around workplace and practices that play a vital role in encouraging learning from others. It has become important to achieve workforce diversity being a necessity of every business because workforce demographics are shifting and market is emerging globally. In sum, it has come forward as a necessity for organizations because it serves mutual respect, resolves the conflicts, increase the business reputation & exposure and on the other hand helps reducing the cost for employers as well (Miller, 2010).

Next part of the report talks about the issues take place in managing the workplace diversity. That can be in terms of communication, resistance to change and implementation of systems helping in managing diversity. Next paragraph of the report discusses about work-life balance. It is totally regarded with the balance between an individual’s job life and personal life which is necessary to implement in every organization in order to gain maximum productivity and output.

Importance of managing workplace diversity:

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Before embarking on issues and difficulties associated with managing diversity in the organizations, it is necessary to explain the importance of it from a business’ perspective. It is very important for an enterprise as it promotes the mutual relationship and connection among the employees and makes them feel comfortable working with one another. It also brings the strengths and talents of the employees and seniors together to the workplace. Undoubtedly, the conditions related to conflicts among the employees also arise at the workplace environment. Diversity helps resolving or reducing the conflict issues due to the co-workers having respected by their colleagues. Thus by managing diversity, workplace conflicts and issues are resolved which on the other front lessens the potential accountability for grievances of workers (University of California, n.d).

Additionally, when employees become satisfied with their work, they work with high level of productivity and result in maximum output which automatically creates the business reputation amongst the competitors and market. The companies making a balance between employees’ work life and social life attract a broader pool of experienced and qualified people.

Issues associated with managing diversity:

The main issue with managing diversity in the organizations is organizations not being able to make the job attractive and appealing to the diverse employees. Second, the main problem takes place during the diversity management is that employers become inefficient in providing the employees with flexibility at work place in terms of working hours and the balance between their work and personal life. In this term, Juliet Bourke’s statement on use of flexibility can be described and discussed upon. He has stated that use of flexibility in the organizations have totally been changed with respect to its original paradigm. He is right up to an extent because the employees were given flexibility so that they could enjoy both their job and personal life. But, in modern context, employers expect reducing the cost for them by lessening the number of staff and receiving the anticipated result out of them (Dossier, 2003).

Assignment Expert AustraliaNext, the problem can be with respect to the communication. It is seen that when a company hires an employee of different culture who has differences, in that case, employees and the seniors of the company may face difficulties in communication. This may have possibilities of misunderstanding among them and may result in profitability and productivity’s reduction. One of the key difficulties can be in terms of employees’ resistance to change. Nonetheless, workplace diversity has an ability to benefit an enterprise as a whole; a few workers and seniors may go against it and not accept it properly. Following this, the employees who do not react positively to workplace diversity and changes made, they tend to refuse the ideas and create negativity around the work environment and make it more difficult to work. Sometimes, diversity is managed to foster the employee’s performance and to reduce nthe overall cost for the company. Therefore, company sets the longer working hours for the employees to get whatever has been standardized.  In this context, some of the employees are comfortable with working for long hours and some of them do not get ready which gives birth to the conflicts among them. If it is not handled properly by the company, the initiatives of diversity at workplace may not be able to offer the intended benefits to the organization (Johnson & Redmon, 2000).

On the other hand, the issues can be related to long working hours of employees which can have an adverse impact on their performance. This also has been noticed in the case analysis in which according to Nick Greenhalgh, too much working hours may result in unhealthy, unproductive, and resentful employees that may again become a key issue. Excessive hours of working may have negative consequences on employee’s health. It can lead to the fatigue, depression and anger in the employees. Moreover, the longer working hours escort them to low morale, state of dissatisfaction and discomfort with their jobs. Moreover, some companies may face difficulties in implementing the changes made with respect to workplace diversity (Patrick & Kumar, 2012).

Alternative solutions:

The employers can be suggested with many ideas for elimination of issues and difficulties they meet with during managing diversity. In that case, recruitment can be developed and indigenous employees can be focused upon and retained by providing them flexibility at workplace. Afterward, the less working hours and optimum level of working should be introduced by the employers for their employees which encourage them for better working and result in high productivity (Australian government, 2011-13).

Get Sample AssignmentIn support, a survey can be picked out from the case study revealing that    most of the organizations have started providing flexibility to their workers in order to avoid redundancies. In addition, many organizations have also sought reducing the working week’s length and fostering the greater flexibility working management. Furthermore, local and experienced employees of the organizations should be provided multiple opportunities for their development. A program of work life balance should be introduced in the organization for the workers (Kalliath & Brough, 2008).

Work-life balance:

It is concerned with providing the opportunities to the employees so that they could get a balance between their work and personal life. Excessive and longer working hours brings forward to the lower level of productivity, absenteeism and sickness; therefore work-life balance can be maintained for both the employees and the organizations. Employees are ensured that they are provided with various options helping them balance their work and personal liabilities. On the other front, there are a number of issues that should be introduced while conducting a work-life balance program (Konrad & Mangel, 2000).

  • First, employees are working too much and doing overtime. Therefore, this is the primary issue which should be addressed during diversity program of work-life balance.
  • Next, as the employees do not get enough time for their families while working overtime, they take lot off to deal with some emergencies related to their family, children and other dependants. Then, this leads to the absenteeism problem in the organizations.
  • It gives birth to high level of stress to the employees for which programs such work-life balance are introduced by the employers (Department for Business innovation and skills, 2012).
  • Longer working hours make the employees unhealthy and angry. Therefore the problem of great level of absenteeism and sickness of employees can take place that should be identified during the program.
  • Employees want flexibility at their workplace, for that they require limited working hours so that they could also take care of their personal lives and interests. This is the major point which is introduced throughout the work-life balance program (Martins, Eddleston & Veiga 2002).

Such issues are faced by many organizations and require recommendations to overcome them. First of all, various strategies can be brought forward to get the mindless time. Organizations can involve meditation sessions, game activities and role plays in the organization in order to provide flexibility to the employees. Next, employees should be retained by introducing less working hours or offering them work from home at the time of emergencies with family (Perry-Smith & Blum, 2000).

Furthermore, it is also essential to evaluate the practices of diversity management so that current status of work performance and employee’s job satisfaction. But some policy makers have considered that they are not able to introduce adequate measures to evaluate a sustainable and effective work-life balance program. Reason being, the cost of approaching and utilizing such measures is too high due to competitive worldwide market. But on the hand, according to academic literatures it is stated that the positive impact on work performance of the employees, high productivity, maximum profitability and outstanding output are the measures on the basis of which work-life balance and diversity management’s sustainability and efficiency can be assessed (Manski, 2004).


Facilitate work-life balance during economic downturn:

Economic downturn condition affects the workforce factor of an organization. During the recession or economic downturn, policies can be introduced to the employees who offer those flexible timings and working environment. At this time, working hours can be reduced and more time can be offered to the employees for their families. It promotes their understanding of company on account of being provided with emotional well-being. By providing them the relaxation in work timings, company can ensure the efficiency and profitability from employees (Naithani, 2010).

Work-life balance policies:

Sample AssignmentWork-life balance is considered as an important aspect in human resource management and development. Policies incuding flexi timings, Annualized hours, term-time working, shift working, staggered hours, job share, part time work, flexible retirement, compressed hours and career breaks can be defined to the seniors in order to plan their implementation. The arguments can be made void by presenting the results of such policies before the seniors so that they could get an idea of the companies that have achieved outstanding results with the support of these policies. The results after the involvement of such policies can also be assessed in order to know the real strength and expectations of the company (UCL human resources, 2012).

Sample AssignmentConclusion:

On the basis of overall discussion, it can be said that managing diversity in the organizations is the necessity of every business. Through diversity at workplace, employees can be encouraged for better work and higher productivity by providing them flexibility and good working hours. It is important to get the benefits related to diverse talents and strengths of the different employees. Moreover, it sets the mutual relationship between the employees and makes them working in a group or a team together. The next part of the report has highlighted the issues which take place during the management of diversity in an organization. First, the management faces the challenges related to communication differences, managing work-life balance and flexibility working arrangements. In contrast, Juliet’s raised issue on the changing paradigm of flexibility has also been involved in the discussion.

It is noticed that less flexibility at workplace and excessive working hours make an employee unproductive, stressful and unhealthy which automatically leads to lower productivity and profitability to the employer. Afterward, alternative solutions have been recommended in this regard to overcome the issues. First, working hours should be reduced to provide higher flexibility in the working environment. Next, the report has discussed about work-life balance and issues taking place and the solutions for them. The employees can be made aware of the options for their development and timings can be reduced at the time of economic downturn to assist their work-life balance.

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