HR Assignment Help Online:: Business Management Essay on Five leadership styles

 HR Assignment Help Online:: Business Management Essay on Five leadership styles


Business Management Essay on Five styles of Leadership??

Solution the Essay Proposed is::

Literature review work on three (3) to five (5) leadership styles commonly taught in Business Management course.


The leadership is one of the best qualities for the leader to deserve all the essentials things to lead the teamin front with the great passion with the style. So many great leaders lead the people as they are born to lead the team. The leadership is also described as the process of influence the social activity in which one person provides the necessary support to target the goals. These are common leadership styles used by the great leader to achieve the hallmark success in their business field.

Autocratic leadership:

As per Blakethe leader holds the enough power to control the other people. The followers and staff do not have big opportunity to make the suggestions. Even though they are holding valuable position chances are less for them to makesuggestions. The most advantage of this leadership style is efficiently incredible and the work done in very quick time. The decision is made as soon as possible. This style can be used in the criticalsituation when the decision ismade to be taken in quick time.

Transactional leadership:

As per miner leadership involves the team members in the organization to their effort and compliance. The leader has the power to punish the team member when they fail to meet the leader expectation in their work. This leadership also offers some additional benefits like it clarifies the job role and responsibility of each and every one. The bottom off the style is that the team members can improve their job satisfaction. It has restricted to the limitedknowledge and creative work.

Charismatic leadership:

This leadership is also resembled to the transformational leadership because it gives the inspiration and energy to the team members by motivating them to achieve the objectives of the organization. This provides the commitment and excitement in the working environment from the team to have benefits. The difference in the two leadership is totally on the intention. It focused on them and does not want to change.

Participative leadership:

In this type of leadership the decisions are made along with the suggestion of the team members in the decision making process. As per Tittemore they encourage the innovation from the team members in the projects and decisions. Here the team members have job satisfaction and they are productive in their work and they are deeply involved in the decision making process. The speed and efficiency is needed in this leadership to achieve the success. The approach will be slow in decision making because of gathering the input from team members.

Task oriented leadership:

It is one of the most important leadership focusing on the jobs and target of the organization. They actively in the work and define the structure plan as per the objective set by the organization. It ensures the deadline off the work to be completed in time.


It is necessary to hold all the leadership style to perform good role in the corporate life. And makes the difference in style the way the approaching to specific task. The good leader can lead the time more effectively. A good leader is like ship of the captain.


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