History short assignment writing on: Has colonialism helped in the development of India?

History short assignment writing on: Has colonialism helped in the development of India?

What did our Country appear like before and after independence? Do we have people to share their experiences with us? Are we satisfied with the way our History books have taught us? The question which still remains unanswered is how much are aware of our Country, how much do we know where we stood once, how much do we know about the shape India is going to acquire in terms of its development in the years to come?Assignment Expert AustraliaLet’s look into some of the interesting facts our Country can educate us with. Politically India was a Country which was ruled by the British though not directly but we were dependent on them as some of the States were governed by the British. If we have to take the economical condition in the India then poverty was the main issue everywhere and one of the main issues in the Country was religious intolerance. Due to this there were incidents when huge disasters happened in the Country many a times. This was the main concern which paved its way to a huge struggle in India for its independence. Religious intolerance was considered as the main determining factor India’s National unity (Downloadnosorg 2011).University Assignment Help AustraliaWith the presence of another Country to govern and to rule them, India developed an interest to absorb the newer ideologies, thoughts and beliefs of the British and the European Countries. Education was the result of such an ideology and there started the influence of English Language in the Country. Post World War 1 and World War 2 Britain was financially dependent on the USA and it had the pressure of the USA favouring an independent India. With a great amount of struggle and violent struggles between the Hindus and Muslims India received its independence (Sannesquarespace 2011).

To understand the factor “Has colonialism helped in the development of India”, splendid articles were considered. Some of them are British colonialism in India and its influence, British colonialism and British influence in India and British Indian colonialism. When compared all the three articles emphasize on the points like the state of India before the British colonialisation, the trade and the economic conditions in India, the political state of India, the existence of no. of rulers in India, political conditions between these groups, the existence if unity factor among all the religions which existed in India, the religious disturbances in India, the structure of families and societies in the Indian society like the caste structure and the hierarchy of the castes especially in the Hindu society, the system of education and development in India.Essay Writing Tutor SydneyThe thought which was a common ground for discussion in all the articles and theories was the change of ideology and the acceptance of various factors which contributed to a major development in India even in the current situation. Some of the factors are “The change in Education and language system, religion, the change in the hierarchal structure and the importance of equality are the major changes which India has seen and implemented as a result of colonialisation.  The detailed view of all these factors which are common to all the articles will be explained in detail in the later parts of this article.

 If we have to look at the effects of Colonialism on India and its development there are certain factors on which it had its influence.Buy Sample AssignmentThe power of education and influence of language: With the number of British schools established in India and with the growing number of people realising the importance of education more and more number of people were educated and one of the significant changes in terms of education in the Indian society was establishment of a lot of Hindu Colleges and Organizations which lead to educating people on a variety of subjects like Mathematics, Psychology, Philosophy, Engineering and Science. The recognition of services in the Country and joining Government services was one of the greatest achievements in the public. People started appearing for Government service examination like Civil services. Leadership and Intellectual Programs formed the basis for an economical and intellectual growth of India (Downloadnosorg 2011).

Religious Influence

As we looked into the fact that one of the issues in India was its constant struggle of unity in terms of its religion. The British tried and converted the people who belonged to the lower sections of the community however they could not succeed in converting the entire Country. Most of the Indians played the game of getting converted but still followed their own religion. So it can be derived that the Indians maintained their beliefs and followed their own religion in spite of influence of Colonialists over them (Sannesquarespace 2011).

Influence of Colonialism on India and its units of Organization:Buy Assignments OnlineDuring Colonialization the Indian society was confronted with a lot of notions in terms of its basic units of Organization in the Society. It was the concept of more of individualism in the west where as in India it was that of the groups. Post Colonialization due to influence of the British a distinct way of grading the society came into place and the influence of individualization was definitely seen (Sannesquarespace 2011).


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