History management assignment help online: UN convention rights with disabilities

History management assignment help online: UN convention rights with disabilities


Describe the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities??


This UN convention was the first human rights treaty that was adopted by the United Nations.It seeks to protect the human rights for the disabled persons round the world so that they can also have equal and effectual delight for themselves. This Convention does so by tailoring the already existing human rights norms according to the circumstances of the disabled and to achieve this there are certain aims of this UN convention which are described in the forthcoming lines .Firstly it is to have respect for the innate dignity, individual self-sufficiency which should include the freedom to make one’s own choices. Then it lays special emphasis on the non discrimination of the disabled people. Further the disabled should have complete acceptance in the society and also they should have full and effective participation. They should be treated as equals and should be given equal opportunities; there should be equality amongst the men and women who are disabled. Not only the respect and equality should be given to the elders but the same should be implied for children or in other words we can say that the children who are disabled should be shown equal respect and that they should have right to preserve their identities although being disabled . They should be respected for their difference and accepted as part of diversity and humanity.

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Two of the articles from the UN convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and their relation to “Labor Of Love” are described here under:

This article basically deals with the” Equality and the Non – discrimination”. It basically deals with the fact that all people are equal before and under the law and there should be no discrimination amongst the people and everyone should be provided with equal protection and benefit in the eyes of law. Talking about how the article is related to Labor of love is that usually the normal people can get apartments to live in easily after marriage but the couple mentioned had to undergo various challenges to find an apartment and it took them 12 months to get it. This merely shows that they were not treated as equals and were discriminated from the normal people.

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This article describes about “Women with disabilities”. It mentions that the girls and women with disabilities have to face a good amount of discrimination and hence are not treated equally. In this regard it can be said that certain measures should be taken so as to make sure that they also have full enjoyment of human rights. Relating this article with “labor of love” it can be said that as the couple were looking out for an apartment and the female partner was regarded as high need whereas the male was of low needs. It became very difficult for them to get an apartment suitable to their needs showing the discrimination towards the women which should be lowered as they are part of human diversity and thus should be accepted.

There are a lot of issues that have to be addressed by the society when it comes to the acceptance and development of disabled peoples in the various fields of society. The issues which can be one of the most important are the family, parental and societal perceptions.

As per Aitchison (2003) there are a lot of challenges that disabled people face and among them the most major can be the perceptions that exist between the disabled people and the family members. If the member of the family of such persons is supportive then they have a very high possibility of having a very normal life. However if there is any kind of resistance from the family member than that can have a very high level of psychological impact on such people and this can be a very high resistance to their aim of living a normal life. And if the case is opposite and the family members are supportive of their disabilities and help them to continue a normal life than this can be a very positive development for them and this can help them to create a sense of normalcy in their life and this can be a very important part of the process of creating as normal a life for these people as possible.

According to Barnes (1992) another major perception that can have a very high impact on the normalcy level of such individuals is the perception that they face from their parents. Although it can be said that all parents love their children no matter what but there are a lot of parents who sometimes feel ashamed of children with any kind of disabilities and feel that this is a letdown for themselves that they were not able to give birth to normal kids. However they forget that the child to has a future and that they should try to help them to maintain a normal lifestyle and should not make them felled as a negative at any point of time. As per the Department of Health, UK (1995) this kind of perception from the parents can have devastating effects on the life of such people. They usually end up falling to depressions and that they stop living their lives. Therefore probably the most important of the perceptions that are required for the normalcy of life of such individuals is the positive perception of parents for such special requirement individuals.

As per Edgerton, Bollinger and Herr (1984) the last perceptions that can have high reaching consequences are the social acceptance of such people. These people have had a lot of problems in their life and they cannot be hoped to remain in the confines of their houses for all their lives. They shall need to get out and be allowed to live their life on their own terms. This can only be achieved if the society is acceptable to their condition and tries to treat them in a normal way. According to Oliver (1992) there have been many cases reported thought the world in both developed and developing countries where disabled people have been treated with contempt from the society and this has led to many disabled people being loners and non societal. This kind of discrimination among the society based on the physical or mental deformity of people can be very demeaning to the society in general and can also showcase the narrow minded attitude of the people in the society.

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Thus these are just a few of the major perceptions that have an important effect on the mental and physical development of people with physical disabilities.

In the case of Gerard and Tracy Zapelli there were also a lot of perceptions that they were able to change and modify to make sure that they were able to live a normal life, And there were a lot of perceptions that helped them to grow as individuals and not be bogged down by their disabilities.

The first perception for them that was very important for their development was the perception regarding them that was shared by their parents. For them this was very important as we can infer from the video that both were part of a small family with only their parents hence for them the perception of their parents was extremely essential for them. In the case of Gerard his parents knew from the time he was born that their son will not be a normal child. However in spite of such an announcement they decided to raise the child as a normal child. The decision of the parents to raise him and then the words of the father that the doctors decided that their son was a fighter and that he deserved a chance to live was a statement that clearly defined the perception of his parents towards him. This in itself is a very positive statement for such a person with special needs and instills confidence in him that helps him to grow as an individual.

In the case of Tracy the perceptions of the parents was very similar as was with Gerard. Her parents too were very supportive of their daughter and this helped her to grow as an individual, and to help her to become a person that could provide their own livelihood and does not have to depend upon anyone else to care for their living and day to day needs. This kind of confidence is something that is not very common in various places across the globe.

The second point that was very important for both of them was the social acceptance that was required for both of them to lead a normal life. This was not something that both got easily however both of them have been accepted socially with both having jobs to look forward to each day and various other activities in the day. These kinds of acceptances have helped the two to continue their growth as individuals.

As per PWD Australia (2012), the perceptions play a very important role in the life of the disabled people because these perceptions become the base on which these individuals frame up their entire life. These perceptions can have both the positive as well as the negative impact on the lives of the disabled people. The above mentioned perceptions also play an important role in the development of an individual this is so because if these perceptions are positive they will lead to a positive development and if these perceptions are negative they will tend to bring a negative development in the individual’s life. Like everyone’s parents the parents of the disabled people also play the most important role in the development of their children and it is only the parents who make or break their lives. It all depends on the thinking or the mentality of the parents of the disabled children .This is so because there are parents who are proud of their children in spite of the fact that they are disabled and wants their children to lead normal lives. This attitude of theirs brings in a sense of confidence amongst the disabled children and they tend to feel normal. Then there are some people who are ashamed that they have given birth to a child who is disabled and thus they keep themselves distant from their children. This attitude of theirs is responsible for the negative development of the disabled children as they feel that they are unwanted and their life is a waste for them, their parents and society as a whole. Thus the disabled children themselves treat that they are a shame to a society and a sense of inequality prevails in them.

Although Australia is a developed country and there have been a lot of steps that have been undertaken to make sure that there is equality in the ranks of the society based upon the disabilities or otherwise among the Australian citizens. However there are cases like the Zapelli where they have had to look out for so many houses before they were able to get one suited to their needs. This is not just the case of this couple there are many who are suffering the same inequality and discrimination only for the reason that they are disabled or we can say specially abeld. There are people who are not able to lead a normal life because of the very fact that they are not socially acceptable and they do not have accessibility. Thus there arises a must need that certain strict measures should be undertaken so as to make these people socially acceptable. People should understand that they are not aliens they are amongst us only. They represent the diversity in humans and for this they should be given equal respect and acceptance and a little love which could do wonders for them as they will feel a part of the society and will give their complete participation in the welfare and development of society.

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