History essay Summary of Pride and Prejudice

History essay Summary of Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen authored Pride and Prejudice, which is the skillfully crafted novel, which depicts about the comedy, love, and the first impression. This was firstly published in the year 1813. The main characters of the novel are Elizabeth Bennet, and her middle family, which lives in England in the 19th century. Elizabeth was second among her five daughters of the country gentleman who was living near the fictional town in Hertfordshire, London. Elizabeth, just like her other sisters is quick witted, but she is also very judgmental and totally relies on her first impressions of the people, which is evident from the novel when she had her first meeting with Mr. Darcy. Lydia. The younger sister of Elizabeth is very childish and she is also very foolish, which is also evident from the novel, when she marries Collins after Elizabeth rejected the marriage proposal of Collins (Johnson, 86).Assignment Expert AustraliaThe novel also portrayed another interesting concept that depicts the motivation behind the marriage of main characters: Elizabeth marries due to love, where else her friend Charlotte marries, so that she might continue with the lavish lifestyle. Lydia, youngest sister of Elizabeth marries out of what she thinks about love, but that is something more sinister. In the first line of the book, biased process and the importance of marriage is explained. The author writes in the first line that it is truly universally acknowledged that single men in tenure of the good affluence must be looking for a wife.  However, little known feelings of such type of men might be first entering the neighborhood, and this truth is fix in the minds of the surrounding families, and they are considered as the rightful property of someone, which implies that man wants wife and the women is not in a place to turn him down. The men became her claim and she might fight with other women. (Johnson, 86).

Men has got the freedom and option any girl of there choice, and women are rather desperate and can even for the men they want. Jane Austen in his book Pride and Prejudice has shown how women’s are dependent on men in the English society. This type of dependence is viewed as the important part of the upper class England families and is not criticized. These emotions has been presented in Pride and Prejudice that means Jane Austen held the feminist ideals, which is expressed in this book.Assignment Help AustraliaThe first marriage depicted in the novel is of Charlotte Lucas with the Mr. Collins Charlotte. Charlotte is presented as the well educated women having small chance and that accept the Collins proposal regardless of her friend, Elizabeth rejected proposal.  Charlotte marries Collins as he can make her life quite easy. The family of Charlotte just like the family of Elizabeth, did not receive their wealth from their inheritances, rather they earn wealth through work and trade. People who earned wealth in this fashion are considered as of low class. Therefore, when Mr. Collins propose Charlotte, it looked extremely fortunate, since they earn their money through inheritance (Johnson, 86). In conclusion, Charlotte marries Collins not because of love, rather for the material gain. The novel depicts that a women must be a kind of person that should be respected deemed and accepted. The women who achieve all this is the perfect lady.

About Pride and Prejudice

In 1813, Pride and Prejudice was published, which was the earliest work of Jane Austen and in some form it is one of the most mature work of the author.  Austen started writing novel in 1796 at the age of twenty one under the First Impression title. After first impression, Austen started writing Sense and Sensibility that was published in 1811. Between 1810 and 1812, Pride and Prejudice was republished, while the original work was the novel was published from a girl of 21. The final version of the book includes thematic and literacy maturity of the 3 year women, who spend her many years in painstaking drafting and revising. Price and Prejudice is one of the most popular novels of Jane Austen (Mudrick, 56).Buy Sample AssignmentThe novel Pride and prejudice is related to several factors to analyze the real self. Through Pride and Prejudice, Austen takes high convention, designing in the first section and in the second section of the novel, the title and first sentence of the book shows Austen high convention. The concept of Pride and Prejudice depicts the universally acknowledged truth along with the interpretation of the concept; this concept is the central focus of the novel. Concept of the novel depicts every action through its major characters, such as Darcy and Elizabeth. It also foreshadows every major event within the novel, basically in the first sentence. Darcy character in the novel represents Pride and Elizabeth character depicts Prejudice.

All the characters in Pride and Prejudice are highly impacted by the both pride and prejudice, and their contempt towards the two central characteristics presented in the novel becomes only hypocritical. The idea of the book is based on the portrayal of the three main unions. The union of Charlotte and Collins depicts the ambitions idea and at one side it depicts the marriage. Where else union between the Darcy and Elizabeth depicts one of the compassion and mutual love. Their marriage of Lydia’s with the Wickham depicts the darker side of the society and also presents how unscrupulous character can take the advantage of the innocent and foolish child. The novel si the grand example for all the human interaction in the 19th century England and that could be sued for studying that period in history.Buy Assignment AustraliaMajor Theme

Love- Pride and prejudice contains the cherished love story. It includes the courtship period between the Elizabeth and Darcy. It is a good love story, in which the lover should elude and try to overcome the various stumbling blocks, starting with the tensions that occur by the personal qualities of the lover. Pride of Elizabeth makes her misjudge Darcy on the first impression, while Prejudice of Darcy against the Elizabeth poor social standing blinds him. Author presents the obstacles that occur in the realization of the love among the Darcy and Elizabeth. Jane Austen in its novel suggests that love is the force which is separate from the society and one which conquer the most difficult circumstances.

Reputation- Pride and Prejudice about the society, in which the reputation of the women is of most importance. It is expected from the women to behave in certain manner. If she steps from the social norms it will make her vulnerable to ostracism. This theme is presented in the novel when Elizabeth walks towards the Nether field and comes in the muddy skirts. At the other side, ill mannered behavior and ridiculous behavior of Mrs Bennet provide her a bad reputation with more refined Bingleys and Darcy. Author has presented reputation as the serious matter.  Reputation has been presented by different aspects in the novel concerning the class , love and character. The happy ending of the Pride and Prejudice is quite emotional, but there are many areas in which themes of reputation are left out and importance of reputation is explore. The reputation factor has been considered by the author as one of the vital aspect in the lives of the characters of the novel (Mudrick, 78).University Assignment Help AustraliaClass- The theme of the novel is related with the reputation, in which both reflect the regimented nature about the life for the upper and middle class in the Regency England. In novel, lines of class are strictly drawn. While Bennets, who is from the middle class might get socialize with the upper class. Austen has satirizes the class consciousness, especially in the character of Mr. Collins that spend most of its time in upper class patron. Collins offers an example that is not the only one which holds such perception.

Symbols are objects, figures and are known as symbols. The bovekl has offered a symbol in the book in order to build the romance when the Elizabeth encounter with the Darcy over the film that offers the symbol. When the Elizabeth Darcy on the estate. So that they are crossing small’s bridge, which is suggested by the broad gulf of misunderstanding and class prejudice that lied between the bridge (Mudrick,  67).

Pride and Prejudice is extraordinarily free of open symbolism, which perhaps has something to do with the novel’s reliance on dialogue over description. Austen makes the association open when she describes the stream that flows beside the house. Like the stream, he is neither “formal, nor falsely adorned.” Pemberley even offers a symbol-within-a-symbol for their budding legend: when Elizabeth encounters Darcy on the estate, she is crossing a small bridge, suggesting the broad gulf of misunderstanding and class prejudice that lies between them—and the bridge that their love will build across it.

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