History essay on: Does Religion cause War

History essay on: Does Religion cause War

Buy Assignment AustraliaReligion has been defined as the beliefs that are being created for the god (Oxford University Press      2012). People are motivated to follow particular religion because of the practices and values of the spiritual leader. It is being followed since the olden times and still it is prevalent in recent times. Conflicts occur in societies in the name of religion when they are related with certain factors such as family, caste and creed, nation and race. People become very rigid in their approach due to influence of the intellectual approach towards religion. Individuals want be associated with the groups who follow particular value system in the name of religion. People follow Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity to show that they belong to particular, country and culture. The factors such as politics and power have got higher influence upon the religion. Countries have been involved into wars in the name of religion to show that they are having larger groups and more power is gained by them. It has become a debatable issue in today’s time whether religion is important or not. Every religion has been stating that their god is super powerful and their religion is the best one (About.com     2012). People say that religion causes war but many of the teaching and laws have been coming from the different type of religion. The war between the Christian and Islam countries is an example of weak religion. U.S has been fighting for the group called Al Qaeda which resembles the Islam community and its religion. People have changed the viewpoint towards all the Muslims saying that they have been spreading the terrorism globally. It’s not true because due to few illiterate people in the society everyone has to suffer throughout the world. Some people say that it is supernatural thing and the faith towards god is being handled from one generation to the other generations. Discrimination in the name of religion should not be there at places such as organization, schools, and societies. People have been saying that morality comes with religion. It is that culture of a particular country or group is being highlighted with the religion. It has been providing meaning to life by linking it with the psychology of the people. Religion causes war not only between two countries but it is seen that it creates difference between the individuals. The religious discrimination will accommodate the misbehavior and the illegal activities in the society. The people who believe in religion highly are supposed to tolerate the violence and other activities (Catholics World Report    2012). It has been stated that religion has been supporting the social, cultural aspects for development. It is being used as an instrument to build the nation in economical terms. It has also created the problems in the terms of the humanity because people have been following it with a blind faith to prove themselves right (Answers Corporation       2012). Most of the war across the world in past has resulted due to religious difference.

University Assignment Help AustraliaIn this paragraph we will explain why religion is important for the different societies. It provides social stability to the people because human wants to be associated within groups. It provides mental health and also increases the self esteem factor of the people. The emotional damages such as drug abuse and the suicides are being controlled with the help of religious practices. It develops commitment towards life and encompasses ethical aspects in the societies if religion is being viewed from broader aspects. The main motive of every religion is to work with honesty without ruining the lives of others. The agenda of every religion should be to promote peace, honesty and happiness throughout the world. Every religion has got own opinion towards the human life, marriage, children, divorce, family relationship, health, happiness, skills and education. Human come to learn different cross cultural aspects with the help of religion (The Heritage Foundation      2012). Religion has been with people since long period of time by providing confidence to them in different ways. It can be noticed that some sections of people in the society think that they should not indulge into any wars, and illegal activities because god is there to punish them. Whoever commits the sin has to face punishment in his present life. The masses of people can be easily controlled by the help of religion. It unites people in the society by fulfilling their expectations from other groups either they are intellectual leaders or Government of the particular country (The Institute on Religion in an Age of Science     2011). It will help in identification of the diversities in the society and teach discipline, respect, honor and commitment for others. It helps in guiding the behavior of the people and help in judging them what is right and wrong. It helps in bringing out new ideas that can help in developing the societies. Religion will also help in protecting the resources such as plants and animals by attaching faith and belief towards it. People’s mindset can be turned and changed with the help of strong value system. The belongingness factor will be attached with individuals, places and with tangible and the intangible assets (Helium Inc     2012). The human actions are being supported by the help of religion. It ensures safety among people regarding their thought process, morality and etc. The education has been supporting an ethical part of religion and providing the satisfaction to the people. An inspirational feeling is being developed among the individuals because their family has been supporting the religious points.

Get Sample AssignmentIn this paragraph we will explain the points which do not favor the religion. It should not be favored because it creates issues in the counties and its societies. The modern society does not give more importance to it because they lack commitment, and they think economy of country can only be grown if global aspect is being considered. Modern generation does not believe in god and they think that it does not exist. People think of spending time in education and career related activities as compared to indulge in the group based activities. Science has also proved that god does not exist and development is society is being created with the past and the present experiments in the society. People believe that religion wants their group to support them financially as and when required to show the power to others. In the name of religion people create illegal activities in the societies such as abortion of girl child, killing of animals, early marriage, class discrimination, and etc. In the name of coordination the religion has been creating several differences between people and dividing them in terms of race, language, culture, and etc. Negative influence is being created and people are misguided & cheated in the name of religion. The war between two countries such as Arab nations & America has been caused due difference in the religious aspects. In the name of religion people have been forced to sacrifice their emotions and lives by dividing them into groups. Education has been spreading awareness by making people conscious about illegal activities being promoted in the name of the religion. Even government does not support it because it indulges lots of politics and also funding one religion over other will create biasness in the society. It breaks down the emotions and creates unhappiness in the society most of the times. It invites people for social loafing and misinterpretations are being created. The factors such as anger, fear, jealousy and fraud increases while promoting any type of religion in the society. It creates war which destroys the human and the resources by creating impact upon the environment and humanity. The leaders and intellectuals of the society start to think themselves as the superior for spreading the religion across the world (Alter Net     2012). The religious wars have been created since ancient times and it still hold its importance to several parts of the world. Religion based wars are cause when the negotiation fails and people cannot come into consensus. In the name of religion people bring their personal interest and emotions for adding fuel in the fire so that they can create spread their religion in the name of humanity. It creates discrimination in terms of language, culture, and lifestyle of people in the name of religion which hampers the development and growth of an economy by disturbing everyone.

Essay Writing Tutor SydneyThus many researchers have been identifying the pros and cons regarding whether religion causes war or not. Religion is the belief and it should not hurt the emotions of the other human by demoralizing the other human being. Every religion should be treated equally in the eyes of law and humanity. No religion holds the supreme power to rule over other religion. The god is same in every religion, it’s the people opinion how they perceive it. The difference is only highlighted with the value system, culture and the practice. It’s the weak perception of the individuals which have given birth to war by inviting the people to support the particular religion. In the name of religion human should not obstruct the development of society. It can be used to bind the people with trust, loyalty, and honesty for building the nation. The war is not caused by the religion it’s the people’s negative perception and the misconduct which results in destruction. Blind faith for the wrong happening should not be treated as a part of religion. It has been debatable issues for the individuals, organizations, and government to create a balance of every type of religion within and outside the countries for social, economical development. Though religion holds the diversities but it should be managed well for the upliftment of people in the society. It cannot be proved that morality is always supported by religion. It is the individual’s knowledge that will classify the differences been good and bad things. Human have to suffer a lot when war takes place in the name of religion between societies and the countries (Got Questions Ministries        2012). Some religion believes in spirituality and it says that mistakes should not be committed by human because god will be punishing them for it. The love and peace factor should be spread by all the religions to make world a happy destination for the human beings. To gain supernatural power countries and individual s have been promoting their religion by indulging into war. All religions should have a common objective to love and treat all the human beings with equality. Even government of particular countries should punish such groups who influence the people to participate in the unfair activities in the name of religion. A truly religious man will respect the religion of others with dignity and will also value his value system and emotions. It can be concluded that religion does not causes war, it’s the human psychology that accumulates the difference between individuals in terms of culture, race, language and lifestyle within groups which gives birth in form of wars in societies and between countries. If power, authority is being distributed equally to all the religions then the wars can be ended in coming future. One needs to decide from broader aspects to value all the religions equally and resolve the issues like wars. Therefore religion never causes war in the societies and between countries.

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