History essay on: Religion and beliefs

History essay on:  Religion and beliefs

Religion and beliefs are two great role players in any art. These two parts can make a great combination of art and can push a lifeline in an art. But the one thing which is mostly required is the kind of combination of both religion and belief while designing the art (Buonarroti & Michelangelo, 2005). The expression of religious belief gives a direction to the artist and gives a creativity to move ahead with a new dimension of art and new combination of colours of art that can be reflected via their art to the outer world.

Assignment Expert AustraliaBarnett Newman’s stations of cross is better art and series of artistic representation and implication that makes the stations of cross better in terms of art and scenario of representation and explaining the terminologies and expression of life and gives a better idea and understanding about the things which were happening with Jesus at his later age. Whereas, the 14 painted panels by Notre- Damdes- Champs-Avranches is giving the expression about the joy and colours of life which is only explaining the joy and colour of life rather than explaining and putting light to the most important part of life that is sorrow and pain of life. So it is more important for us to understand the meaning of life which not always lies in joy and colour of life but we get lots of learning from our pains and sorrow, it make us more powerful and strengthen us to fight with the external problems and issue which always comes in our life while moving forward to achieve our goal and vision.

Buy Assignment AustraliaSo according to me, if I compare both of these arts then the one which is more effective and enlightens the expression of life is the stations of cross and gives a better understanding and meaning of an art and its importance in life.

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