History Assignment Help Online: Hong Kong returns to China:: China’s success & benefits

History Assignment Help Online:  Hong Kong returns to China


Should Hong Kong return to China or not?

Solution the question frame is::


This paper consist information about the country Hong Kong and China. The paper consist all the required information and addresses all key discussion in several sections that contain and present a descriptive in depth overview about the topic. In the beginning the paper provides introduction about the both country Hong Kong and china and also discuss about the various sectors social, political, economic, their relationship and overall development of strategies. In the further sections the paper focuses on the main discussion topic “should Hong Kong return to china or not” starts with small historical discussion that provides and highlights some key events that happened in the past and discuss the pros and cons, overall scenario and possible scenario as per the available information in secondary sources. At the end the paper present a conclude report that summarize the whole discussion that’s provide quick overview about the paper.

Until 1997 the Hong Kong was the part of United Kingdom and ruled by the governor whereas today the Hong Kong Special administrative region (SAR) is the part of china. In terms of rules, policies and regulations that define and introduced to drive the countries and states the Hong Kong is a separate country from China. As per agreement of China and Britain, the country Hong Kong has its own currency (the Hong Kong dollar), legal system and parliament system for fifty years. In conclude both country china and Britain has impact on Hong Kong or Hong Kong is part of both country but in terms of practical approach and systems the Hong Kong is separate identity and country. (Ostrovsky, 2012)

The paper below will explain in great detail about the two countries i.e. Hong Kong and China and the country that gets more benefits in terms of economic success and other advantages so, it would be easy to understand and to conclude the major important points for the selection if or not Hong Kong should return to China?

Thus this will be the major area of focus in the below points of discussion to make the reader easily understand about the logics and the reasoning for importance and advantages of the major points. (Borland, 2012)


 Hong Kong has always identified itself as a motherland of China. They are combined with the unique history to achieve the global achievements and to create the national identity. Hong Kong remains numerous with colonial influences to deal with the visibility of appearance and also with the architectural presence. Chinese also perceives this country with the great amount of opportunities. Hong Kong has received best applications for success and also achieved the global identity. The identity of Hong Kong was part of China and the Chinese people want Hong Kong in their life. Japan has been the greatest threat for China and Hong Kong might introduce western ideas and views in the Chinese culture. If Hong Kong returns to China, it would be benefited the democracy movements and also endangers the stability of the Chinese economy. China always desires the economic value of Hong Kong and the leadership of China deals with historical symbolism. Hong Kong is known well for the national symbol and China honor the pledge to maintain the Hong Kong’s way of life for the next 50 years. (Chiang, 1996)

China is the motherland to the country known as Hong Kong and the century describes about the land of Chinese that enters a new era of development. Hong Kong should return to Chinese rule and should rethink to move to China. There were disputes between China and Hong Kong but Hong Kong is currently a separate country. Hong Kong was a country of United Kingdom. Thus Hong Kong has its own legal system, own currency but it is not the part of China and is also not separate from China. (Aboolcarim, 2007)

China’s success has created great expectations and the history of Hong Kong turn differently. Today Hong Kong is known for better administration and governs. China without Hong Kong is not complete and full. In case of Hong Kong, there is law that matters. (Fiss, 1998)

Hong Kong has number of significant achievements and especially the physical location. Hong Kong is one of the important and the major cosmopolitan international and global cities and the people are getting rich in the cultural aspects of the society. Hong Kong can build high capacity in China as they have huge potential to provide best advices and huge exposure to play the important role in this regard. Hong Kong should return to China for the benefits of China as it requires financial benefits and Hong Kong could help successfully in terms of investing in China. This could build high manufacturing production and economic process in China and also it could help in turn the high value to raise the markets. On the same side, Hong Kong also has high opportunities and carries best advantages in terms of financial center. This will create high value added services in the sector of finance and Hong Kong will sustain in the economy as well as it will transform the city in the true world. (Chan, 2012)


Hong Kong is renowned globally for the better environment and also it has a stable economy. It plays a great role in terms of international presence and also in terms of accessing the Chinese economy. Hong Kong could be the first choice for better interest and also it could become the regional market in country like Asia. Hong Kong plays a vital role in the China’s economy and they take various measures to position themselves with China. They are the world’s largest manufacturing region and they also access more than 400 million consumers in the market. The history of Hong Kong influences through the current influences by Chinese people in the today’s economy.

The British employees influences within the Chinese culture with respect to certain advantages. The people in Hong Kong built their international environment with the key business and worlds. Hong Kong also possesses high capabilities to get motivated and to work on the major skills and activities of the business. The languages that are effectively known well in Hong Kong are English and Chinese. The overall Hong Kong culture is based on business – oriented and highly competitive. This helps to maintain the competitiveness of the country.

Hong Kong has the major presence in the field of technology. It is a prime location and possesses a business oriented culture. This is set for the entrepreneur and their business that can benefit the economy of China. Hong Kong has huge benefits so, it should not return to China. (Gargan, 2010)

There are special administrations for the country to govern the administrations. China has two special zones i.e. Hong Kong and Macau. Due to the concern that Chinese takeover the city, Hong Kong left the city. It will retain the rule of law and freedom to the capitalist and also to the country. China is a matter of fact and Hong Kong continues to strive for more freedom and more control. (Borland, 2012)

China have a full international border, it requires a visa to live, work and visit the more number of visitors. According to the research, one knows that Hong Kong is tied to China. Hong Kong’s return back to China not only creating positive effects for China but also it is helpful for the global economy. It is transmitting the manufacturing capability to distribute the consumer goods. This city has unique culture and advantages in terms of worldwide capability and high distribution systems. Hong Kong matters not only because it is important in the global economy. They transmit the power of China’s capability and also distributing the consumer goods. Hong Kong has survived war, waves of refugees, drought and other factors. Hong Kong is more alive than earlier. The return to Hong Kong to China has already achieved and it could settle the true challenge. Hong Kong has always been the Chinese city and they are combined through British protection. Thus, they also grew into one of the most important and commercial sector. Hong Kong is a transition period. Hong Kong must think the future of its economy and they depend on traditional sources that will help in the research & development. (Pcgasia.com, 2010)

The economic success of Hong Kong has not been the miracle and China opens its door to foreign investment. They focus on competitive edge and also China opens its door to foreign investment. The investors of Hong Kong and the competitive edge of Hong Kong deal with the foreign investment and also there are comparative advantages associated with the Hong Kong economy. As Hong Kong became more prosperous, it will deal with the changed situation. Workers and specialists in Hong Kong are very skilled and talented. But according to the history and research, China also possess skilled and talented labors that they can attract the country i.e. Hong Kong. Hong Kong is an attractive destination for China and they could have greater opportunities in this country.

When compared to China with Hong Kong, the land of China is more beautiful than Hong Kong. The economic possibility is very higher in this country and there are some problems associated with the economic potential of Hong Kong. China is also very eager to want Hong Kong back because of several reasons that are as follows below:-

Hong Kong banking system and capitalist system is very strong when compared to China and China carries special management system that will be benefited for both the country. China has much more advantages than Hong Kong and food stuffs as well as utensils are also better in China as compared to Hong Kong. Prices are much lower in China than in case of Hong Kong and salaries are also higher in China as Hong Kong. The prices are also higher than in Hong Kong but it is not possible for Chinese to go to Hong Kong because of some reasons and certain problems that is related with visas and other documents. China also encourages foreign investors to use Yuan and to invest the money to the economy of China. After hand – over of buildings and other important commodities to China by Hong Kong, there was one problem associated with it that is – about the part of investment. (Englishnews.cn, 2012)

So, there is not so much investment associated with Hong Kong and this was the major issues related with it. The Chinese government is going down that impacted the wealth gap and the prices of the economy. There are challenges for Hong Kong also along with China in terms of maintaining the relations. The people of Hong Kong do not believe in the authority of Beijing and there are some other problems also attached with Hong Kong with respect to the economic position that is bit important for China.


Evidently, the paper must write that the paper focused on important information about the country Hong Kong and also about the China.

In the first section, the paper discussed about the introduction with respect to the country’s importance and its benefits. The paper in the other section discussed about the success and the history of both the country with respect to business, climate, environment, entrepreneurship and many other important reasons.

Thus, in the next important discussion, there has been an important focus on the benefits that China and Hong Kong both can receive in terms of returning back in China. With respect to business, education, investment, this option would prove great for the future perspectives and it will also help the country to gain other important advantages as well.

The better investment will help the country to grow well. Hong Kong has high skilled labor and when compared to China, China also has high skilled labor, workers and the prices are also very high in terms of other investment areas. Together both the countries will help to grow and develop for a long term in the economy.


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