History assignment help on: Ray Comfort – New Zealand

History assignment help on: Ray Comfort – New Zealand

Note: Ray Comfort is a Messianic Jew & a truly nonviolent spiritual warrior/crusader because he is both bold & determined as well as compassionate, kind, patient, loving, & generous. His messages are challenging, yet his motivation is compassion & his methods are patient.

Assignment Writing Tutor Australia1-Give an example of how Ray Comfort is insistent/persistent in his methods.

 As shown in the video Ray Comfort was insistent in his approach, because he consistently tries to make the interviewees see the connection between holocaust and the abortion, he believes sin is a sin  and tries to make the interviewees see the same thing. Also he keeps coming to the same questions during the interview and he believed that the concentration camps by Adolf Hitler were wrong, and tries to make the interviewees see the same.

2-3-Give at least 2 examples of how Comfort is simultaneously compassionate, patient, & loving in his


2- While interviewing the candidates, Ray Comfort patiently listens to the answers of the interviewees, he is loving because he tries to reduce the hate between the religions, for e.g. Ray Comfort makes the guy who follows Adolf Hitler and hate Jews, rethink about his philosophies and his attitude towards Jews, also through interview he tries to make people see the connection between the holocaust and abortion.

Assignment Expert Australia3- He is compassionate because he has a deep awareness of the suffering of the Jews in the Nazi’s concentration camps, and also he is concerned about the abortion, that is very much prevalent in the American society.

4-If you felt emotionally or spiritually moved by specific person’s apparent initial

transformations/conversions resulting from their dialogue with Comfort, then please try to describe what you felt and thought and/or realized. Be as specific as you can. If you did not feel moved, then describe your feelings or thoughts regarding this video.

After seeing the video, I was impressed by how Ray Comfort made the interviewees change their mind and made them to rethink about the sin that was Nazi concentration camp, and is still going on in the form of abortion, in the society, however as far as religion is concerned, more than being associated with any religion or being called an atheist, I like to be more spiritual, thus the debate on Jesus and religion does not affect me very much. The video in all was good, and doesn’t seem to be manipulative, as far as the outcome is concerned; Ray Comfort certainly did a great job.

5-What else did you learn from Ray Comfort of New Zealand?

Assignment Help AustraliaThe things that can be learned from Ray Comfort are that he understands what most of us don’t seem to understand, a sin is a sin, and can’t be tolerated. He makes the interviewees imagine the picture of hell, which leads to many changing their minds about abortions. Other thing that can be learned from Ray Comfort is that he values human life, which is lacking in most of us today. Third thing that can be learned from him is respect for every religion

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