HIstory assignment on: Maya Civilisation

                                              HIstory assignment on:  Maya Civilisation

Maya Civilisation is the one which is widely known among the globe for it is the first fully developed written language system. It belonged to the ancient America that is it being pre-Columbian. The civilisation was much enriched with the architectural patterns it relied upon, the aesthetic art it produced along with the interests of the civilisation in the astronomical systems of the universe.  The Civilisation is in fact so ancient that it dates back even to the pre-classical i.e. from 2000 BC and it survived till AD 250. During this period it could be noticed that all the cities which were being built under this civilisation reached to highest measure of development and they continued with their development till the Spanish advent was made (Canadian Meuseum of Civilisation 2010).University Assignment Help AustraliaThe Mesoamerican region was a perfect cultural blend and also showcased that a huge interaction happened among the inhabitants of this civilisation. It cannot be said that the art like writing, epigraphy or that of the calendar emerged through this period but it can be said that this civilisation greatly involved in the developing the same. Maya was completely into creativity ranging from the use of the small and basic tools to the construction of the pyramids and related architecture. In fact the civilisation was also skilled enough for proper farming, clearing the rain-forests, and conserving water for the storage. The civilisation laid a foundation in creativity in terms of pottery and weaving also, and therefore engaged into small trade business so as to foster growth in creativity and exchange. Maya believed in human sacrifice in order to please their gods, the scriptures and the texts which are seen belonging to this civilisation are popularly known as codices (Indians.org 2012).Buy Assignment AustraliaIt can be concluded that if the advent of the Spanish would not have been there who had certain expansionist designs then probably the civilisation had flourished for better. The civilisation had its own part of rise and fall but was yet strongly guided by the religion and the strong culture which kept them together.

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