History assignment help essay on: Postmodernism television

History assignment help essay on: Postmodernism television


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The postmodernism is the art of the cultural movement and the term is used to encompass wide variety of altitudes in the different fields like cultural criticism and aesthetic production. It is a critical movement that is related to the arts politics philosophy and sociology. As per Berman, M. (2006, May 8) the postmodernism helps to describe the music dance arts theology philosophy and film with the up to date in culture. Under the shadow of the postmodernism huge number of thinkers of the academic world have generated innovative routes to describe the new cultured conditions. The postmodernism has produced the heat and long standing debate which can be interpreted as validation of its influence. The ultimate of the postmodernism is to rewrite the modernism in order to open its closed systems. The movements draw out different techniques that challenge the sentiment motivation and tradition behind the employment of the various techniques in important ways. Many of the postmodernism features are directed from both political and aesthetic authorities that are in the regular practice of imposing the rules and regulations. It is very difficult term to generalize and there are several common factors which can be said to characterize art of postmodern forms. One of the key issues of the postmodernism is the idea of metanarratives and narratives which are changing the way in the form of text language and symbolic items to represent the world. The reconstruction and deconstruction will play in terms of history expression and art. The innovative ideas of postmodernism are more successful in political and ethical issues of identity like difference self wood and autonomy. It is regarded as the popular arts and they are no less crucial to the culture than the classic arts.

Advertising of postmodern society through television:

Assignment Expert AustraliaAs per Feuer (1992)By examining the TV advertisements we are able to determine the arts and culture with the innovative technology  that is used to create the simulations that portrait the stories in effort to make desired reaction from the people. We can find the new and strange things in the cultural creation through the TV advertisements. The few seconds of the cinematic productions that fills with the dancing joking and singing with the good derived plots and the resolution which conflicts the characters that overcomes the obstacles and fulfill the desires with the short time with the help of the product. Unlike the films which produced the wrath of the people if the unfolding of the story is disturbed in commercials there is virtually nothing to interrupt in the story. The invention of television is made up of several individual forms of illusion and fake. For instances many advertisement they will project their products that are altered as per the customers so as to seem more appealing to the viewers. The turkey of raw are made to look more baked with the different food coloring. This looks symmetrical to the original and cooking of food turns out to be a good effect of sound during editing. The sensor is altered to develop and create false identity of the original product. The advertisement has the power and potential to take up the elements which are fantasy in visual and attractive image of the product. The false claims make various approaches. The different types of approaches are grouped together such as videogames theme parks and television that all comes into the basic categories. Some of the advertisement presents the useful trivial product information and some of them will use glamour to produce the sincerity and sense of path to attract the viewer’s emotionally to buy the product. Some of them use humor as the effective tool to win the viewers and deduct the importance of the message. The television advertisement is ultimately used to allow the customers to feel the product even before they have purchased it. The advertisement helps to inspire the sense in the viewers that they can escape from the imperfection of day to day existence. The advertisement gives the other type of variations it also provides the false promises that make better than the original product. The greatest example is the Disney is the most fair in the world that creates the fiction that reveals the way of the new technology.

Power of the television in postmodernism:

Buy Assignment AustraliaAs per Jean-François (1984) the postmodernism is the effective way to analyze how the culture and television have changed. Even though there is lot of rejection of the movement and it is presented in all the networks. The most popular shows in the television are the Simpson. The Simpsons was postmodern but all the time the people do not recognize them because they did not understand the postmodern television. The Simpson TV program is dedicated to portray the society in all multi facet glory. The people can experience the entire spectrum of the society by employing the number of characters to present the fictional world. The different type of character in the Simpson would be impossible task but it comes to the television shows to represent the full structure of the society. Due to the Simpson treatment the few aspects of the society have been left touched with numerous stocks of characters to identify the different type of the peoples. The television advertisements creates the new worlds with the fantasy and desire. In order to achieve the effect it also engages in the production of high tech capitalism process. In the movie the electric horse man the human beings were transformed into the images that the can feel themselves and they involved great deal of manipulation and deception. When the false role takes something to you and essential turns into the image it will be more interrupted as in the movie. The people suffer in the form of alienation as well as they had been trapped in the culture where they are surrounded by the images and the presentation that are inspired to buy them. This type of the culture makes the appearance of place and people to be faked and as the window dressing for the fake claims and promise.

Hyper reality of mass media:

Get Sample AssignmentThe symptom of the postmodern era caused by the increase technology into the masses. In the innovative technology the mass media becomes has become more integrated into the lives of the people. The reality represents the media to give more credibility than the realities that they are tried to imitate. The mass media had huge impact on the people by creating the images of the reality and that attracted more number of the people. The artificial stimulation offered by the media that motivated the public to get all type of the hyper real images and demand more stimulation. As per Gianni (1989) the television had been regarded as the dominant medium for the postmodern society particular before the internet. As described the television is the ultimate and perfect object for the new era. The television has more power to absorb the images with the incredible ease. The television is the fastest communication in today’s world that attracts all the type of the people.  Disney is the few second spots ends up by creating the postmodern world. It is just the fiction of the American culture keep pretending and invite us to pretend along. The postmodern society would be able to use the technology and transfer the, limit imposed by the world. The technology plays a crucial role as well as the large scale and popular forms of culture. The culture is multiform and it also consists of the several classes of the different races. It is conditioned by the economic and political force.

Buy Sample AssignmentConclusion:

As per Stuart (1999) the television studies are the critical and multicultural which provide huge scope to the culture and is applied to the wide variety from serial to movies. The television is one of the powerful media in the postmodern society. The Simpson is awarded as one of the most regarded program in which the postmodernism is clearly exhibited. The Simpsons displays the formal features that are connected to the postmodernism such as self-consciousness, hyperrealism and fragmentation. The postmodern is not based on the universe or unchanging principles like Jews, Christians and Muslims that embrace the ethical code based on the god character. The postmodernism would appear to be an acceptable way of talking about the society. The television can be metafictional and also considered as the major element of the post modernism. The post modernism is the large reaction with the scientific or objective efforts to explain the reality. It claims that the people perceive the world which is subjected to role of language, power relations and motivations in terms of belief and ideas. The postmodern often points the idealism relativism and constructivism. The postmodernism relies on the experience of the abstract principles and the outcome of the individual will be necessary relative than the universe. The postmodernism was applied to the movement that is related to the music art and literature that opposed the imperialist phase of the capitalism.

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