History assignment essay help on: The Korean war & Korean films

History assignment essay help on: The Korean war & Korean films

The Korean War, which was actually cold, turned hot for the first time when there was a clash between communist forces and what is known as free world. Korean War has taught many things like strength of the soldiers, preparation in the military, strategy throughout the global nation. Still, in today’s world one can see the consequence of divided Korea. Korean War has been conducted both on the land and sea, even in sky near the peninsula of Korea. The clash is between North Korea and the Republic of Korea that is actually South Korea, in which there has been a loss of lives of many people. South Koreans were being supported by the United Nation and United States, where has China supported North Korea.

How wars has been portrayed in the Korean films

The Joint Security Area (Gongdonggyeongbiguyeok, 2000), or we can say JSA is a dramatic movie with some mystery in it. This movie contains some unusual circumstances of the country Korea, which was actually divided into North and South Korea. I n 1990s there have been   many incident of shooting and killing at the Korean Demilitarized Zone, or we can say DMZ in the place known as Panmunjom. In the media Panmunjom or the Joint Security Area is known as Truce Village(Korean Truce village and also in military accounts and this portion of the Demilitarized Zone of the Korea is the place where the forces of North Korea and South Korea face each other (Lee Jong Haun, 2006). Bridges of No Return which is located in the Joint Security Area crosses the MDL that is Military Demarcation Line that exist between the South and North Korea. The Military Demarcation Line or we can say MDL .In 1953, at the end of the war, this Bridge of No Return was used so that there can be an exchange of prisoner. North Korea has refused for the permission to fix or replace the bridge, which was offered by the government of the United Nation, as per the report which was shown(CNN report).The highest grossing movie in the Korean history is Joint Security Area (Darcy Praquet,2007).Joint Security Area movies start with the shooting incident that occurred at the north side of the Military Demarcation Line, or we can say DMZ, where the soldiers of the North Korea were killed and the guard of the South Korea was found dead. Different interpretation were made both by the North and South Korea about an incident which results in argument and countries which were neutral send the major who was actually Swiss about the war. The film has shown how reality behind the death has been discovered, and during interrogations, how different officials and higher rank soldier lied to save themselves. On the order of the President Syngman Rhee, the KPA soldiers who were twenty five thousands in number and who were held in ROKA camps got released into South Korea to destroy the negotiations which was made for harmony (Richard Steward).It has shown the reality of the wars .According to the historical facts, Joint Security Area was established on 8th of the November, in 1954, which was actually due to an agreement of the North Korea and the United Nation. When the military headquarter was set by both the side, within the DMZ.There was no line of Military Demarcation till 1976, and military people of both the sides were allowed to walk around freely, but after the incident that occurred on 18th august, 1976, that is Axe Murder, then come the existence of Military Demarcation Line and it was guarded on each side by both the parties to avoid an argument between the two side. The UN Administered JSA Guard has been protecting the zone of South Korea and the zone of the North Korea is being protected by the ministry of Armed Force. According to the tourist guide, who tells the tourist that many Korean, that is around 8 millions in numbers are isolated from their families, due to this division.

Now let us have a look towards another Korean film that is Taegukgi which is based on war and it is a dramatic film which has shown how two brothers were swiped away. The two brothers struggled and fight just for the survival. It made people, who were born after the war to consider them as quite fortunate. Some facts which were shown in the movie differ from reality according to the historical facts. One was the used of LPG gas container. In 1950s the post-box used to be cylindrical, but in the movie they have shown different post-box. The students of the Middle School were not allowed to raise their hair, where as in the movies, the hair which was shown of the middle school student was quite long than actually allowed at that time. The another thing which was not correct in reality was that at the time of the Korean War, the number of  stars which was there in the American flag was forty eight but fifty stars on the flag has been shown in the film. The Korean War has been considered as the war, which is forgotten by many people. The main reason behind this fact is that although it was a civil war on a large scale, it was actually a war between the Capitalist Democratization and Socialism. The one who says that cold war is actually a war; in which there has not been single shooting has forgotten the manipulation done politically in order to use the smaller nations to protect the interest of the dominant nations of that time. The brutality which is shown in the Korean film based on the war, and the absence of culture and civilization has made realised that that this war was not actually about the rivalry between the ideals of Communist and Western, which is quite often portrayed in the films made by American and one should not forget that at this time, the film industry of US, with or without the involvement of the government were silently supporting the ideas and beliefs of that time. The visitors has to sign one agreement before visiting the joint security area as they are entering into an hostile area and can face some problem, (Jennifer Lee, 1998).These ideologies has been continued till today, the only difference is that there has been changed in the place of enemy that is it has gone to Middle Eastern Terrorist from Russian. The movie based on the war has shown the conflicts between those who are human and those who believe in inhumanity. There is one important thing, that is parameters based on ideologies has reduced people to fight for high handed issues and has shown the concept related to human dignity which is accepted universally. This has actually risen from the history of Agrarian and this is an important part of the societies present in the far Eastern. Taegukgi (Taegukgi hwinallimiyoeo; 2004), tell us about the brothers who separated during war.It has shown that it was quite meaningless to fight over political issues and it is very important for the existence of brotherhood between North Korea and South Korea, which was portrayed in the movie. This film which was based on the war has shown the cruel reality of the war, along with that it has also shown an arising of wars based on the emotions. The movie has shown an adverse effect of the war, where it not only tear the nation, along with it, individuals in the family also get apart. According to the movie, there has been a close fights on the battle ground and they have shown hand to hand fighting and it is shown that the people of the armed force leave their weapons  and fought with their bare hand, but in reality, hand to hand fighting did not occurs practically on a large scale, and the number of peoples who were injured or killed due to this kind of fighting was very less, we can say not more than 1%.Both South and North Korea, initially after the independence ,adopted the Taegukgi version, but later after three years  there has been a change in the national flag of North Korea to a design which has been inspired by the Soviet. The South Korea or we can say The Constituent Assembly of the Republic of Korea in July 12, 1948 has considered their national flag to be Taegukgi. Dissimilarity is the way a street of Seoul has been depicted. In the movie, there are many people in the markets of Seoul, but in reality the street is not so lively. So we can say that that some concept which has been shown in the movie regarding the Korean War differs from the reality. Both the movies has shown the Korean War, along with that it has shown the various aspects of human during wars to safe themselves or their loved ones during the war. it has shown the existence of brotherhood. The movie has shown that how unfortunate it is to belong to the same family, and simultaneously the part of the split country.



The films made on wars tries to cure the problems .Many countries has shown their attention to the Korean peninsula after the event that is known as Korean War. There were small and big factors that have given rise to the Korean war. There have been various circumstances. People who took participation in war lost their dignity as they were forced to act cruelly so that they can survive. Many people have lost their parents, children and their loved ones. The children who lost their parents in the war entered into the world of adult to fulfil the needs of their stomach. Women sacrificed themselves to protect their loved ones during the war. Refugees, when returned to South Korea faced bitterness from the people of their homeland.

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