History assignment on : Chinese Society

History assignment on : Chinese Society

The texts discuss about the Chinese society ‘spacial’isation of the genders and that how women have been looked at from men’s point of view. The texts speak a good deal about that how the roles for both o them are redefined in the society. Lessons for Life, provides the reality of the relationship between the husband and the wife and that how they have connected together. This book reflected the Confucian attitude which dete5rmined the nature of the gender in terms of yin (feminine/passive/submissive) and yang (masculine/hard/assertive). This meant the natural command over all the beings (Lee, Lin-Lee (1141-63)). The upside down of this system would always remain unacceptable and would mean unnatural for the world. According to this text, the Chinese women have always been put to test and thus they would have to qualify over the virtues, the womanly language, the womanly behaviour or bearing and the work that is womanly. In all the cases this category had to be put at a level lower than that of the men in the Chinese society. In the other text, A Male View of Chinese Women’s Lives. Fu Xuan, who was an orphan who was raised by women, reflects on what he witnessed growing up about the lives of the Chinese women. He himself being an orphan could very well relate to the atrocities which the women faced in the Chinese history and culture. The poem which he wrote brings out the miserable condition of the women and what kind of a treatment did they get at the hand of the men. According to the poet the men of the Han dynasty had been treating the women very cheaply and were almost commoditised (Karl, Rebecca E (430-441)). One can conclude that both the point of view are important in the context of understanding the culture in China, which since a long time in the history has been challenging for the women. The important perspective is that of the Fu Xuan which confirms the rude attitude towards women in China.

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