Health care essay help on: Report on Primary health care

Health care essay help on: Report on Primary health care


Assignment Expert AustraliaThe purpose of this report is to increase the focus and action for primary health care to be taken in case of a stroke in Australia. Analyze the current primary health care services and initiatives and discuss about proposal to improve existing services in Australia. Stroke is a chief reason of disability and death in the elderly population of Western countries. In Australia, the second biggest killer after coronary heart disease is stroke and is also a chief reason of disability. The Model of Stroke Care for Western Australia (WA) 2006, National Stroke Foundation, and Stroke Unit Trialists’ Collaboration 2003 etc. are some initiatives taken by Australian government for betterment of primary health care in case of stroke.


A stroke occurs at the time the flow of blood to various parts of the brain stops. It is occasionally called a “brain attack”. The brain cannot get oxygen and blood if the flow of blood is blocked for more than some seconds. Cells of brain can perish, leading to lasting injury. The types of stroke include: hemorrhagic stroke and ischemic stroke. A stroke is an urgent medical situation. Instantaneous dealing can diminish disability and lives can be saved. It is extremely significant for people having symptoms of stroke to reach hospital as fast as probable. A drug that is of clot-bursting nature that can lead to dissolution of clot may be given if a blood clot is the cause of the stroke. Usually, patients ought to arrive at a hospital in the limit of three hours following the symptom’s commencement. These drugs might be obtained by several people for up to 4 – 5 hours following the symptom’s beginning. Stroke is exceedingly avoidable (Hankey 2005). According to the National Stoke Foundation in Australia if you or someone else around is experiencing the signs of stroke, such as facial weakness, arm weakness and difficulty with speech, for any period of time, triple zero (000) should be called immediately. As per the experiments, about 79 years is the average age of patients who have a stroke (Jamrozik et al. 1999). Judicious recommendation of suitable patients to acute stroke units is essential for efficient stipulation of expert care (Harbison, J. et al., 2002). If one reaches the hospital in time, a drug known as ‘tPA (Tissue Plasminogen Activator) might be administered. The blood clots that cause an ischaemic stroke are broken down by this drug. Aspirin can also be administered in case of ischaemic stroke (caused by a blood clot) but it is not suggested if one had a stroke because bursting of the blood vessels. The danger of stroke elevates with prior fleeting ischaemic attack or stroke, age, high blood cholesterol, diabetes, , smoking tobacco, deprived diet, high blood pressure, atrial fibrillation, inadequate physical activity, tapering of the carotid that nourish the brain and extreme alcohol consumption. People with a more than one of these factors of risk are at yet superior stroke risk (AIHW: O’Brien 2005). The Model of Stroke Care for WA 2012 (MSC 2012) comprises of amplified elements and gives a whole picture of services in case of stroke throughout the community. It shows the progress accomplished from the time when MSC 2006 was primarily authorized. Information on services in case of stroke at Western Australian country hospitals and health facilities has been embraced by the extended MSC 2012 (Model of Stroke Care, 2012). The Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing provided financial help in the growth of clinical strategies for stroke rehabilitation and recovery and acute stroke management as an element of the National Stroke Unit Program (National Stroke Foundation 2003, 2005a). The above mentioned papers declare finest exercise in the concern of people with stroke. A huge quantity of post-stroke disability can be enhanced (National Stroke Foundation 2005a). Social relationships, physical independence and mobility by making provisions of communication aids, mobility and altering the surroundings can be perked up by rehabilitation services.

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A proposed service/initiative may include timely action to be taken in case of a stroke, in which case immediate paramedic help must be provided, proper first aid must be given, the community must be made aware of the signs of stroke and ways to prevent it. Better service can be provided throughout the country by initiating development of stroke centres that are accessible to one and all, special drives being conducted so as to make the people aware of the help available to them in case of a stroke emergency, supporting them emotionally as well as financially by the aid of the government or public agencies, rehabilitation of stroke patients so that they can lead a better and independent life. To provide these amenities, support groups can form non-government organizations, government-aided organizations or enhance the work of existing foundations or services by providing their support in terms of money or volunteers. Primary health care includes better, quicker and more convenient health care for people from all social backgrounds along with taking care of their well-being after the end of the treatment. The family of the patient is also taken into account while treatment of the patient, any social, monetary or psychological help in readily available for the patient as well as his/her family. The foremost aim of these services is to improve and maintain health of the entire community. Over the next 5-6 years, one more stroke event is experienced by one in six survivors of a first-ever stroke (Hankey et al., 1998). So to safeguard the well being of such patients, primary health care organizations must ensure these patients are checked on after some specific intervals. Disability is experienced by almost every patient right after an event of stroke. Speech or swallowing difficulties, personality changes, problem with memory, and everlasting paralysis of one side of the body or a variety of other problems might be observed. After stroke, common disorders include, cognitive impairment, anxiety and depression (Srikanth et al., 2004). Thus it is up to the primary health organizations/services to ensure these patients are treated for their disabilities and maximum relief is provided to them. Any kind of paramedic, psychological or physiological help required by the patient must be readily available. By collection of funds from private sources, stakeholders etc., best kind of facilities must be provided to these patients. Two years after an event of stroke, many patients have deteriorated quality of life is terms of health, the quality of life being rated as poor by various survivors (Sturm et al. 2004). Hence it is important that their surroundings are improved and their family and friends are trained to encourage them, keep them engaged in day to day life so that they do not feel left out. In spite of the elevated morbidity and mortality of stroke, the symptoms of stroke or comprehending that getting treatment is vital and imperative cannot be identified by a number of individuals. A significant effect on delays of appearance in hospital is due to severe shortage of public wakefulness of signs and symptoms of a stroke.This consecutively influence the timing and selection of way of curing, and ultimately the results for patients. A nationwide analysis conducted in 2003 involving around 1,000 Australians of ages 40 and above revealed that out of three, two respondents knew about a stroke but consciousness of symptoms and signs of stroke was diminutive, with 33% identifying them as paralysis (National Stroke Foundation, unpublished). It is well recognized that on the whole efficient concern for patients of stroke is available in stroke units rather than normal hospital wards (Stroke Unit Trialists’ Collaboration 2003). Randomised controlled trials have revealed time after time that patients have improved results when treated in stroke units as related with usual care (Kalra et al. 2000; Langhorne et al. 1993; Stroke Unit Trialists’ Collaboration 2003), thus the primary health centres to be constructed must be specifically for stroke related patients only as that is the only way that utmost attention would be given to them for their better, faster and appropriate treatment. These centres must not only provide treatment for curing the patient but also after the patient is fully cured, continuous follow up must be regularly done. Rehabilitation is required by numerous stroke survivors require. The aim of rehabilitation is to enhance function, avert worsening of function and lead to the maximum probable stage of independence psychologically, financially, physically, and socially (National Stroke Foundation 2005a). Collective, coordinated use of nursing and allied health skills, medical, alongside with educational, social and vocational services to supply individual treatment, follow-up, assessment, discharge planning and regular review is included in rehabilitation. The limitations of this proposal may be lack of continuous inflow of funds which will lead to lack of resources; both material as well as human to support the care of stroke patients, this will affect their as well as their family’s well-being.


The main points of the proposed future services and initiative include:

  1. Provision of immediate action, timely paramedic help and proper first aid.
  2. Special seminars, awareness drives etc. to be conducted to spread awareness of the signs and symptoms of a stroke.
  3. Best quality provision of treatment during as well as after the patient is cured; emotion, social, personal, psychological, physiological treatment.
  4. Rehabilitation of the patients, so that they are independent.
  5. Encouraging the family of the patient to help and support him/her to overcome the trauma.
  6. Providing help in any form necessary, be it monetary, emotional or psychological.

Buy Assignment AustraliaPrimary health care ensures complete treatment of the patients along with their families, with the help of funds from various sources and according to the above mentioned proposal, any person who suffers from a stroke along with his/her family will benefit during as well as after he/she is released from medical care.

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