Ethical Assignmenet help on : Importance of Integrity and ethics in professional life

Ethical Assignmenet help on : Importance of Integrity and ethics in professional life

Plan for the next 10 years as an Accounts and Finance manager

With such a competitive and demanding professional life ahead it really needs dedication and the right means to work for the companies while making a career. Planning in advance and making the right moves at the right time is what is required from the point of view of a budding manager. The 10 years after the professional world starts holds the key for a safe and secured future. As an accounts and Finance Manager the plan should be to join a new or a growing concern so that the learning process is facilitated by active participation in the day activity. Although joining the biggies could well be an option but the learning process within the smaller or emerging units is way higher. After 4 to 5 years when the organization has grown manifolds it could be the time to initiate a move and switching to an established organization based on the experience accumulated and the contributions in the last firm. This would surely be the next step towards moving out to another level in the career.

Continuous learning backed by important projects would shape the career in a way that leads in promotions and assignment of higher levels of responsibilities within the organization for the next 5 years.

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Importance of Integrity and ethics in professional life

Integrity is defined as the consistency of actions, methods, values, measures, expectations and principles. In simple terms integrity is being honest and truthful in your professional life and acting in the ways which are consistent with your principles. It is very important for every individual to follow the above things so that the organizations and its employees have faith on the individual while a particular job responsibility is assigned. Having integrity means standing up for the things and views which are right and carry out the things in the right manner. Moreover integrity could well be maintained when an individual makes the right choice even though the path may not be easy (Preparing Your Family 2011).

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On the other hand ethics complement an individual’s professional life equally. Being ethical in carrying out operations and following values may be difficult in the highly politicized work environment. But in the longer run being ethical pays off where people tend to rely on the individuals while assigning responsibility and shaping up a great career (IDEA.Leeds 2012).

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