English Assignment Help Online:: Essay on Portfolio Education & Campus life – Do’s & Dont’s

English Assignment Help Online:: Essay on Portfolio Education & Campus life – Do’s & Dont’s


Do’s and Dont’s of Campus Study Life??

Solution the Essay frame is::

University marks a big transition in the life of an individual. The ambience and surrounding of a university is such that it helps the student to come out of the protective culture of a school and develop oneself through the independent and challenging environment of the university. As a part of our course curriculum we welcome you .These years that you will spend in the university will mould you into the kind of Human Capital that the society will be proud of .In the sections below we put across certain thoughts that as an individual you should be well aware of before starting this new part of your life. We have collated some perspective about the quality of social and study life in a university. These perspectives will put you in a better stead to appreciate and understand the expectation out a university. We have also put across a set of Do’s and Don’ts that the university expects   out of new entrant.

Campus Study Life: Independent and Challenging

The campus study life of a university marks a big shift from that of schools. The students move out of a structured work environment to an environment where independence and challenging responsibilities are cherished .The course structure and the evaluation component is also designed on similar lines.

Some of the key points that is expected out of a University Campus Life:

  • Emphasis on self-development through independent study and initiative
  • Strict  and messy time-table with lot of classes and practical’s
  • Varied class timings based on course structure
  • Impetus on critical thinking supported
  • by data and analytical tools
  • Feedback intermittent
  • Different kinds of assessment based upon course structure
  • Academic staff may not be always accessible
  • Different forms of teaching right from class room to online
  • Continued Assessment for a period of three to five years
  • Broader range of responsibilities and assignments to be handled
  • Large class size…
  • An emphasis on class participation

Campus Social Life: Thriving and Exciting

The social life in a campus bustles with activity. It a melting pot of cultures .The students belonging to different status of the society brings a whole new flavor and activity into the campus social life. We look below into some of those aspects:

  • Lot of International students belonging to different socio-economic groups
  • Emphasis based on mentor mentee relationship to discuss ideas and share advice
  • Lot of team activity leads to team bonding …and thus great friends
  • Networking skills honed and developed through interaction across batches
  • Interaction with people from the industries through live projects and assignments
  • Honing of leadership and social skills through community  help group projects
  • Peer mentoring…encouraged…
  • Then there are always weekend parties!!!

Course Structure: The university course structure is on the following lines as mentioned below

  • Necessary Credits   to be completed at the end of tenure
  • Every  subject will have varied  assessment components
  • Online quizzes and assignment supplements for every subject
  • The fees for every term to deposited within due date
  • Every mid-term and end-term assessment to be followed by a one to one interaction with the  course coordinator concerned
  • Minimum class room attendance to be maintained, failing which students would have to repeat the subjects
  • Grading system for the subjects to be based on absolute or relative basis depending upon the course coordinator

Administrative Requirements

  • Details of the individual with the specificities of the local guardian to be registered
  • Any leave for a subject to be sanctioned by the office of the Dean
  • Fee Receipts and other necessary documents to be submitted in the office within due date
  • Lab keys if required will only be issued after a written application duly approved by the course coordinator
  • Registration and deregistration for subjects should take place within due date.
  • Academic code of conduct and university code of conduct to be maintained in all possible ways

The Do’s and Don’ts of University Life


  • Indecent behavior in public places or study places
  • Physical duel with academic staff
  • Use of drugs and other intoxicants banned as per state law
  • Malpractice is any form…whatsoever
  • Plagiarism in any form in academic  content submitted as a part of course work
  • Racial comments on any ethnic group


  • Explore your interests and choices in the initial years
  • Network , help and collaborate with fellows across the campus
  • Actively engage with faculty and academic staff to extract the maximum from them.


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