Doncaster Quarry Site(Project Report):615286



Your Company has won the Tender to rehabilitate the Doncaster Quarry Site. Prepare a preliminary Report for the project.  The council will rely on your expertise to return the site into a safe community park. Your task is to setup the site and control the construction works ( fill 35 x 85 x 65 meter deep hole).

Important Council Briefing Session 31st August (outline of requirements

Part (A) Report (2000 words)

Your Report should discuss the key activities required. Ensure to includes an outline of (but not limited to):

  • Setup of site, including amenities, gate house, boundary fences, signage..
  • Stabilization of rock faces o Establishment of a haul roads o            Allocation of equipment and manning of earth works operation o     Dewatering of hole o             .

Ensure to include drawings and photos throughout your report.

Part (B). Presentation:  In your Groups, provide a formal 10min presentation outlining your equipment selected for the project and why.    


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