Basically, these are the simple ways to describe what to do for this

1. Go through the brief introducing this assignment. (page 2 in this file)

2. Find and choose a good idea (it could either be a policy, program or
practice) from a city other than Melbourne. (eg: monorail network, short trip
fare, etc. ps: these are examples given by tutor in class so it shouldn’t be any of them I chose
for my assignment.)

3. Form a title (no more than 20 words) for the chosen idea.

4. For the first part (about 350 words), describe what is this idea, what are
the advantages of it, how well it improving the current city it is in now.
5. Get charts, evidences showing the benefits for it. (Could be official articles,
articles from subject reader [which have been attached together with this file], government
reports, charts, records etc.)

6. For the second part (about 400 words), analyze in depth why would I
suggest this idea to be applied in Melbourne.

7. State the advantages that this idea could bring to the city of Melbourne,
(improving the current city, solving any ongoing problem, issues, etc.)

8. Describing more about the pros and cons of the idea rather than selling
hard the idea.

9. As noted there is not a lot of words could be used in this assignment,

therefore attributed illustrations, maps, figures are really important. (I
hope there are more evidences given in this assignment)
10. Keep an eye on the references being used in this assignment, 3 out of 5 of
the attached readings MUST be used in this assignment. Additional
reports, result charts and evidences must be added to support the main
argument. (The tutor stressed on this strongly as she would really note our references, in
order to decide how convincing our assignment is since this is a suggestion assignment.)

11. Go through the marking sheet (attached below at page 3) and check if all the
requirements are met.

Briefly describe one good idea (it could either be a policy, program or
practice) from a city other than Melbourne, and then analyze how feasible
it is to apply this idea to Melbourne.

A theme throughout this subject is learning from innovative practices in other
places. Throughout the semester, but particularly in the final third of the class,
we will be discussing these international good practices and their applicability to
the Melbourne context. For this assignment, you will need to briefly describe
one good idea (either a policy, program or practice) from another city, explain
why aspects of this idea should be applied to Melbourne, and explain how
aspects of this idea might be applied, including a sense of feasibility (what
might be directly transferred, what might need to be changed to suit the local
context, whether this is a realistic idea or just a ‘blue sky’ hope!).

HINT: think about what opportunities this idea may offer Melbourne and what
barriers exist which may prevent this initiative from materializing.

In addition to original research (not only websites, but scholarly articles and
government reports on this idea), you MUST refer to at least three readings from
this subject reader in making your case. As was the case for the two other
assignments, quality (in terms of clarity, conciseness, and analysis) is far more
important than quantity. Attributed illustrations are recommended.

The essay will be assessed on:

• A strong argument: your ability to state why this idea should be applied to
Melbourne and how feasible it is
• Linking to readings: backing up your opinions with facts, figures and
• Analysis rather than mere description: briefly describe the idea but then
analyze how applicable the idea is to Melbourne

The whole assignment should have around 750 words text plus
(attributed) illustrations.


(Copy of marking sheet)

Style and Clarity

• Title signals your main argument: what the idea is

• Good grammar: upper and lower case used correctly, punctuation, etc.

• All documents are correctly cited in the references (including websites,
articles in the reader)


• Concise and perceptive description of the one good idea (policy, program,
practice) from another city and why it should be applied to Melbourne

• Concise and perceptive description of how that idea from elsewhere
might be applied to Melbourne, including some sense of feasibility

• Use of evidence to back up argumentsL statistics, theories, observations


• Excellent analysis (explanation of why the idea is important), synthesis
(bringing sources of information together) and evaluation (whether it is
feasible and if so how)

• Exhibits complexity, perceptiveness, originality, depth and maturity of


Melbourne City and the Developing Tourism Destination


Melbourne is a beautiful city of Australia and has the flora and fauna to attract anybody in the vicinity. Off late people from across the countries have started to come their and see its beauty. There are a lot of places that one can visit and thus make it one of their memorable memories. There are beaches to be visited, islands, sea food and above all the landscape and natural beauty that is being surrounded their that makes Melbourne one of the most favored cities of Australia to be visited. I would mainly like to iterate the points that Melbourne would beone of the best known tourist destinations in the coming days. As per Lewis(1995),we have to ensure that the place is being promoted well in order to make its name in the top tourist destinations of Australia. We have to give special attention like promotion it in social networking websites and making sure that people understand the importance of it. Their shouldalso be very well education on the places that can serve their interests and their should also be enough hotels so that it can accommodate the people in it.

Melbourne is also known for its people and the crowd init. People are very helpful in nature andthey also tend to be happy all the times. Occasionally you would feel the joy being with them. You can also visit to the local zoo and see the various kinds of animals that are being kept their. Imust say that it would be a very good view for all. As per Grantley (2010), the main important aspect is that the city should be developed with the best infrastructure so that a lot of tourist come and stay their. It would be a great fun activity andthey would be cherishing it to the rest of the lives. More hotels and motels need to come up so that it can be developed well andtheir is great mount of  investment that is being needed for that. Then only would the city be one ofunique kinds.

Melbourne is one of the oldest cities of Australia. Thus the cultural ethos and ethics of the country are well to be known in the best of the forms. We also have to think from the prospects of economy. Australiantourism is nit that famous andwith the recession coming their way they have to think from other aspectsalso so that they are able to catch up their way. Hence tourism would be one of the greatest ways by which this kind of thing can be developed and their would be great amount of money inflows that would be taking place in it. Hence we have to agree to the point of taking Melbourne as the main tourist destination. This would mainly solve all the major problems that their would be great amount of monetary gains that would be happening in it.

Jewish museum is another main tourist destination that people and tourists would be looking after. As per Geoff(2008), there are a lot of things in it that would make the people moreexited. Also there are a lot of shopping giants that have come up and one such major ones is the Queen Victoria Market. It has be the oldest of the markets and is known for it simplicity with which traders trade there. People would mainly enjoy being their andthis has to be one of the topmost markets of Melbourne. Melbourne is also known for its cruises and this would be another major point which would do the talking. Cruise come from all across the world to the harbor andthis can also be another major point of destination that it can look forwardto. In allwe can say that Melbourne would be one of the best places to be visited if it isbeing developed in the best possible way. The infrastructure needs to be developed andtheir should also be a lotof promotional aspects that should be taken into consideration. Yes, we cannot say that would  be developing it overnight but if we take good efforts then it can be developed in the span of six months. This would at the end bring more prosperity to the city andit would shine like a major tourist destination in the coming years.



Cervero, Robert B. (1998). The Transit Metropolis: A Global Inquiry. Chicago: Island Press.

Lewis, Miles (1995). 2nd. ed. Melbourne: the city’s history and development.

Russell, Mark (2 January 2006). “Life’s a beach in Melbourne”. Sydney Morning Herald.

Tapper, Andrew; Tapper, Nigel (1996). Gray, Kathleen. ed. The weather and climate of Australia and New Zealand (First ed.). Melbourne, Australia: Oxford University Press.

Strong, Geoff (5 March 2008). “Australian sports museum opens at MCG.

Grantley, Bernard (6 January 2010). “NBL eyes city rival for Tigers in Melbourne’s suburbs.

Essential but unplanned : the story of Melbourne’s lanes. Weston Bate. City of Melbourne.


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