Australian Cultural Identity



Australia is mainly a country which is multi-dimensional and has a lot of cultures that is beingfollowed up.The main culture that is being followed is the Christian religion. Apart from it there is Hindu, Muslim, Jews, Buddhism and other kinds of religious practices that are being followed up. Australia mainly helps all religious sects to grow to great heights andit also helps people from all the religions to come together and enjoy. Thus the maincultural identity of Australia would be multi-cultural identity andpeople are fee to practice all kinds of religious practices in the country.


Australian Cultural Identity

Australian cultural identity is mainly a culmination of all religious sectors and people from all races come up and live in the country. One of the major religious sects that is common in Australia is the Hindu community. There are a  lot of people who come all round from India for studying, working and staying with them. There are  a lot of instances where there is racial discrimination with these people. The cases of murders of two young college going students which was recently reported in Sydney brings to light that things are not going simple asbeing talked about.


The main reason why such incidents happen is over population of these people andtheir is less jobs for the other people. This is creating regional divide and the main victims of such incidents are incidentally Indians. They are not in any position to do any thing and thus they are struck up where they are. This is a typical kind of situation that is being followed up in the country. Thus Indians need tounderstand the point that it is not their country and they should behave in order and secondly they should also understand the point that mingling with the people would not mean that they all are one. They should take up this challenge and be in their limits rather than spreading their wings open.

Such type of cases have also been reported by a major of Chinese population that is staying in the country. They feel that there is  a lot of racial discrimination that is happening up in the country which is making them more aware of the situation and they are also taking up cues from Indian population. Media also has to play a very good role in educating the people and the country men and they should alsoensure that there is allround support from the governmental agencies for the same. Such incidents should thus be avoided at any cost and their should belaw and peace that should be prevailing in the country.



Culture is an integral part of any country and if there is no culture thenit would not look as if there is any country. Australia’s culture and tradition is also world famous as it adopts a lot of culturesinside their own culture. This type of civilization is very essential for the growth and development of a country. This mainly helps the country to grow to great heights andit helps in integrating people from all the sectors.

Apart from few racial discrimination cases that were being registered in the media there is a quite peaceful culture that is being practiced in the whole of Australia. People are helpful and their is good flow of people from across all nations who come to Australia for all kinds of activities. This makes Australia one of the best nations of the world and the main reason for this is their powerful strong religious cultural practices that they follow.




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