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For measuring the agile projects, there is a higher quality of product which is set with the visibility and inconsistent cost tracking. A complete strategic misalignment is set where there is a need to integrate the Portfolio Management into the agile development for the overcoming of all the roadblocks. (Verzuh 2015). The visibility, predictability and the measuring ability is important for analysing the costs of the project. This includes the single source of truth along with ensuring that there have been alignment which is based on the projects and the resources. The consolidations of the resource planning and the management with the consistent reporting helps in properly managing and then maintaining all the reports with the tracking of time and other project costs. with the changing summaries, there are field data collection, scheduling and the accounting hence, for this, there have been functions which include the job control usage of the data with proper estimates with information it includes the fields to measure the costs and the project production. (Turner, 2016). Hence, to work on the objectives, it is important to simplify and cheapen the experience of the project. The approach includes the planning of the costs management and then estimating the costs to properly determine the appropriate budget which is important for the cost control.


As per the analysis, there have been steps structures for the cost management process. This is based on using the software to work in collaboration with the proper use of the project cost management. (Stark, 2015). It includes determining the budgets as well as the sources of funds. The control has been over the planning costs management which involves the determination of the policies and the procedures with a proper documentation that will be important for planning and procedurally handling the documentation plan. The output for this is depending upon the cost management. (Binder, 2015). With this, there have been orders of the magnitude with the budgetary standards and the definitive patterns. The bottom up estimating and the computerised tools are mainly involved for the allocation of costs to the work items with time.

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