Communication essay help: Singapore as a multicultural society

Communication essay help: Singapore as a multicultural society

Singapore is one of the multicultural countries with diverse ethnic people. There is a great difference in terms of income and wealth, but we can find a huge difference in terms of ethnicity in the country. The country people’s desire can be easily counted in terms of 5C’s i.e. car, club membership, credit card and career. These aspects defines and describes the kind of society and cultural phenomenon which is being followed and encouraged in Singapore. This shows that the Singaporean people are very much attracted and sophisticated towards the wealth and the status.

Assignment Writing Tutor AustraliaCommunication plays an important role in the development of cultural dimensions. With reference to the Hofstade’s five dimensions of culture which are as follows: power and distance, individualism v/s collectism, femininity v/s masculinity, uncertainty avoidance and the short term v/s long term orientations. These are the five important dimensions that help in describing the cultural phenomenon and diversity that is being followed in Singapore.

The power and its distribution is one of the important aspect of cultural context. We can easily see in our view over the colleges, schools, offices that the hierarchy is distributed unequally. That gives an overview that how the unequal distribution of power and authority is being followed by the Singaporean people.

If we talk about the relationship between an employee and employer, the Singaporean bosses are being respected by their juniors and colleagues. This is really good culture and shows a kind of honesty at the work place. If we talk about the student and teacher relationship then it again shows a kind of gratefulness in itself. Teacher treats the students as their kid. So it is really an effective environment for the better and effective development of the children in schools and colleges.

Assignment Expert AustraliaIn Singapore, families are the core part of the society and it is one of the most important unit in the society (Kua and Yand, 1991, p25). There is culture of immediate family, that is really a great thing to understand and lean about the Singaporean culture and their intensity towards following this kind of unique culture (JoAnn Meriwether Craig, 1993).

Singaporeans follow collectism as a whole, the main reason which i could find behind this, they are very much influenced with the group decision making system. That gives them more confidence and competitiveness while forming any strategy whether it is business or family.

If we talk about the Assertiveness among the Singaporean people, then it gives us an idea that they are not very much assertive and promissable in their day to day life. They hardly make promises to avoid any kind of unwanted responsibilities and liabilities. This is a kind of open culture that they are showing in term of these dimensions.

We can see a kind of strictness in business decision making aspects and most of the communication happen in a non-verbal aspects i.e. we need to be very much conscious while judging the facial expressions while we are at workplace. The group and teamwork is given more importance in business and there are very strict policies that need to be followed by each and everyone.

Essay Writing Tutor SydneySingaporean people are very formal and even more formal in terms of doing business/professional aspects. They follow rules and culture in an effective manner to avoid any kind of discrepancy at work place.

These are the various context which gives an idea about the kind of multiculturalism is there in Singapore and they are very much concerned about their culture and status. This is really a good sign for any country or even for society to follow their culture without any fail. That is the basic aspect which we see in the local people. This also gives a good and rising sign for the companies coming to do their business in Singapore. They are very much attracted towards the kind of culture they follow in business and their professional life.

Everybody in their own hierarchy and position follow the rules and cultural norms to make a better and effective place to live in. There are various non-governmental and governmental programmes for the upliftment of society is being run. This is again an effective initiation towards the upliftment of society and culture.

If we talk about the physical distance, then it is being followed by the Singaporean people, they are very much conscious about the relationship and the kind of distance which is required to be maintained between men and women.

The status counts sometimes may disregard the respect for the elders in some cases. Sometimes, we can see these kinds of inequality among the people regarding, when it comes to the status and the wealth count. But this is also a part of cultural dimensions that give birth to the attitude and it is a kind of motivation among the people that inspired them to earn more and live a better life.

Assignment Help AustraliaSo, I can conclude the topic by saying that, Singapore is really an unique place in terms of culture and mostly in terms of cultural aspect with business. This is an unique and effective part for Singapore that is leading them ahead in terms of services which they are offering, that shows their culture and kind of effectiveness without saying a word.

Singapore’s fine culture keeps people in line

According to this report, we can easily understand the kind of culture and the discipline they follow and they make the people bound to follow if anybody is not allowing himself/herself to follow the same. The court takes a punishable and effective judgement over any crime whether it’s small of big one. The kind of judgement is really effective and very much concerned towards the discipline that is required to be followed by each individual without any fail.

Law and regulations are one of the most important and effective part of any country of society that is needed to be followed by each and every individual. This makes a kind of equality among the people and shows a unique kind of perception in other’s mind. This kind of cultural norms and regulations gives a differentiation to the Singapore people and society. Due to the fine culture and discipline in every sector whether its business, game, society or anything. They follow the same culture without any fail. This makes a point of differentiation for Singapore.

The people understand their cultural concerns and getting motivated to follow the same culture. This is resulting in less crime compared to other places.

The title of report is self explanatory in itself that how the cultural difference is being developed and maintained by the Singaporean people and government to make a difference perception in other’s mind.

Buy Assignments OnlineThey are really doing hard to maintain their unique culture in each and every aspect to continue with their differentiation and uniqueness. We can see the involvement of Prime minister while forming a law and their planning for the betterment and effectiveness of the rules and regulations that will have a direct effect on the culture of Singapore. Hope the same will be continues by the Singaporean people in future to make some more differentiation and uniqueness and this will also be a lesson for the other countries and societies.

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