How Charity Organizations help women with ovarian cancer?- Literature review

Literature review

How Charity Organizations help women with ovarian cancer?

There are various charity organizations working to help women with ovarian cancer. Today, the organizations for ovarian cancer all across the globe launch campaigns for developing awareness of ovarian cancer. This campaign has been named by charity organizations as BEAT. The OCNA that is Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, the Coalition of National Ovarian Cancer, the Gynecologic Foundation of Cancer and the Research Fund on Ovarian Cancer (all charity organizations) have joined hands for providing education to women. The information provided is on the prospects of their bodies so that they can recognize the difference in their bodies when a symptom of any disease especially as the growing report of Ovarian Cancer rises (Summer 2012).

According to the OCNA, initiating its campaign in U.K as an initiative at international level, BEAT will be a check list developed for women and the doctors that check them. The full form of BEAT will be as follows:

B: Bloating which remains

E: Less eating but feeling that the person is full

A: Pain in the abdominal region

T: Trouble with the urinary bladder

Through several such campaigns, the charity organizations continued growing all across the world. Other charity organizations included Ovacome, National Alliance of Ovarian Cancer of Canada, New Zealand Silver Ribbon foundation and the Australia Ovarian Cancer. The charity organizations as reported by Ovacome, encourages all the involved communities. The flyer for campaign on BEAT is downloadable and extra material on educating the disease is also provided on the internet. These websites constitute of,, thegcf,org and (Summer 2012). Each of these is initiated by charity organizations determined to cause an improvement in the women health every day. According to the National Alliance of Ovarian Cancer, it advocated the health of women with cancer in their ovaries in U.S prior to everyone else. Interests of the women was advanced by this charity organization advocating an increased national level with regard to funding of research on developing a framework that early ovarian cancer can be detected, improving the practices of health care and treatment of protocols for saving life (Summer 2012). The National Alliance ovarian cancer provides education to professionals of health care as well and raise awareness in the public dimension with regard to ovarian cancer signs and early symptoms so that treatment intervention can take place as soon as possible for saving as many important lives of women as they can. This National Alliance of Ovarian Cancer is the organization of charity under 501 © (3) and was established as early as 1997. The information of the same is provided in the dimensions of ovarian cancer and perspectives (Summer 2012).

The National Coalition of Ovarian Cancer is another such organization of charity that comes under 501 © (3) providing education to the public and knowledge about the deadly cancer in women that develops in the ovaries. They have provided a new approach that is a help line number, chapters that are local at the level of NOCC, a website of comprehensiveness, support on peer, publishing and programs on awareness and education. The mission of NOCC was only towards gaining awareness in the public and then promoting education on this cancer that prevails in the ovaries. The commitment of this coalition was to improvise the rate of survival and the life of women with quality living by removing the danger of ovarian cancer to spread as early as possible through intervention (Summer 2012).

According to the Foundation of Gynecological Cancer, established through the oncologists of gynecological society, 1991, the mission was to be collaborated with other charity organizations and gain support in research, education and bringing awareness on the early intervention. These goals helped the organization to develop an increase in the funds of public as an aid towards program development and implementation for meeting the goals as desired in accordance to the missions and visions of these goals (Summer 2012).

In accordance to the funded research on Ovarian Cancer which is one of the largest organizations in the privatized non-profit zone in U.S, the dedication is specially towards funding the cancer research on ovaries. The mission is towards finding the method to detect early and then finally cure the cancer in the ovaries. Every year, the institute, as reported by the National Charity organization Association involve in unique cases of ovarian cancer around 22000 of them in the country of U.S and most of the women in these cases approximately ranging to 16000 die of ovarian cancer. In the world today, as reported by the research fund on ovarian cancer institute, there does not lie any mean that is effective towards detecting early to intervene in the cancer. Ever since 1998 however, the funding institute for ovarian cancer has distributed more that 33 million dollars to the research of ovarian cancer (Marrie 2011). This is a generosity with regard to the donors that have offered such donations. The sponsored research of OCRF has developed to find out new strategies that will prove to be innovative in nature in order to intervene early, explore the increasing genetic risks of ovarian cancer, provide an understanding into the biological molecular disease, provide an identification into new targets and better targets of treating and then deliver to decipher how the spreading of ovarian cancer is caused and why does it happen in order to put a barrier towards its growth and save the lives of women all across the globe (Margaret 2012).

There is another organization of charity that cannot be left without discussion. This organization is Target Ovarian Cancer organization that passionately helps the women and the professionals of health in bringing awareness towards their signs and the ovarian cancer symptoms. The programs that the company started are based on national screening systems and programs of cervical screening tests that bring in awareness towards this silent cancer that is ovarian cancer.

Each of these charity organizations provides a method of secondary research to help women with ovarian cancer. With the help of this secondary research however, an insight can be helped to gain a better quality of life for most women (Mallible 2014).



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