Case study on The Missing White House e-mail” Missing White House e-mail

Case study on The Missing White House e-mail” Missing White House e-mail


Essay Writing Tutor SydneyThe whistle blowing is disclosure of the confidential information to other person which occurs in the government department or in a private organization. These illegal activities may be classified in a way like violation of rules and regulations and also leads to the direct threat to the public interest such as violation corruption and activities of fraud. The whistle blowing refers to the disclosure of the information in the organization by the members if illegal or immoral practices under the control of the employees that may affect organizations. As per Geoffrey (2000) the whistle blowing action can be classified in both external and internal types. The external whistle blowers relate to the outside person of the organization like media and watch dogs. In the internal whistle blowers it will relate to the employee and leaders in the organization. The whistle blowing is connected to the unethical conduct that undermines the core and ethical values such as integrity honest respect and responsibility. Due to whistle blowing the huge conduct also occurs when sources are spent lavishly.

Case issue:

As per Gehringer (2002) during the year 2000 to 2005 millions of email message were missing from the white house computer system. This happened during the Bush administration which was offense of national archive evidence in fundraising campaign. The email contained huge confidential information like Monika affair and the scandal of Iran .the entire working system was monitored and the whistle blowers leaked the sources which remained silent of losing their jobs. If the whistle blowers were caught they will punished under the law of violation act and they had chances to be in jailed. Some of the official in the white house also involved in the cover to protect the whistle blowers for giving the irrelevant information. The personnel of white house were mark Lindsay the administrator was threatened the Lambuth and Beth as the lawyer for white house. Due to distortion she has been defended the administration from Lambuth accusations. The customer care representative who threatened the whistle blowers Lambuth and hall were watched by the law firm for public interest. The white house matter has been sued for missing emails as well as threatened the employees. The public interest is attained when the white house accounts for the missing email records. The people can learn about the drama that was taken place several years back in the history.

Buy Assignment AustraliaMajor impact on whistle blowing:

The problem was first notified when the lawyers need the emails which are related to Lewinsky. The computer specialist Daniel berry is the responsible person for searching all the emails and he stated that huge mails were dropped to Lewinsky.  The problem was prevented through Lambuth information from processing over hundred mails. The official administration knew the glitch happened but they did not take any action to recover the mails or to effort the repair system. The whistle blowing enters into the group of citizens for the responsibility and ethics to file the lawsuit for the failure system in Clinton white house. The hall has been conveyed the information of missing mail to the white house official including the president Clinton. Nearly five hundred mails have been sent to both Monica and Lewinsky. This email came from democratic national committee which was sponsoring for the campaign in the year 2002. The hall also stated that the missing emails were valuable information about the illegal transaction what was happened in the campaign that also involves the vice president gore. The missing email also discovered by the technicians which were missed to the white house officials. The technician also found that automated archiving system was not in good conditional and also found serious fault for not working properly. Due to failure the system was not able to send and scan the message.

Possible indicators:

As per Perritt (2006) the problem can be tracked closely and sorted out by implementing employee dismissal law. The concept can be used to indicate the employee where the issue based on the racial characters or employee assertions of rights. The other law can also be implemented under the president record act which requires the decision and policy activities within the president officials and duties. This also acts as the documentary materials which include the mails correspondence to the electronic and mechanical which is received and sent. The white house is the public organization which helps to understand the public in promoting and enhancing the better performance of the human skill and technologies of the material resources. The white house should preserve the records of the president which is concerned with the military secrets national security secrets legal works and legal message  that should be preserved for the importance of the nation. The citizen of the responsibility is to promote the accountability and the ethics in the government and also started the mission to pressure the administration for missing email from the white house since it was the act of violation. It is necessary for the staff members and other workers to understand the laws. The crew has been accused for violating the law and also shows the misuse of the power. The watchdog group also made question on the white officials against the president record act. The mark Lindsey also passed the policy for the staff members to maintain all the records of the email message and the also issued the memo stating that usage of internal emails was the prohibition in the white house. They staff member are instructed to send the mails only for the internal official use. The major challenge for the Bush administration had refused to declare the record keeping process publicly. The white house staff members use the mail conversation through the republican national committee account for the official business. The open system theory also postulates the organization is not entity of individual and it is based upon the society. The mode of operation and technology should coincide with the environment. The change in the environment is also requiring changing the order to survive. Since the white house is a public organization is comes under the scrutiny from the citizens and open theory can also applicable in the case which consider the organization as static entities.

Buy Sample AssignmentAlternative solutions:

As per Fred (2001) alternative solution should be applied to the above scenario to prevent the loss and consequences that arise from the deleted emails from the white house. The white house should focus on the email system which cause the major problem in the whistle blowing. The innovative technology should be used to record the entire incoming and outgoing message in the mail conversation. Modern technologies should also implement to prevent the scam. The email missing was found out by the attorney general and this was also happened during the Iraq war. Lambuth claimed that email system is in problematic and also supposed to alert the official to take the action but due to the delay in emails the official fail to take the action and failed to rectify the problems. The white house official was at the base of the controversy and most of them threatened their juniors if they are revel the fact. The white house official should have the secrets of the peace and enhancing security in the country. This information is always related to the national security and politically sensitive. Since the white house is a ruling office they should not broken the rules and regulations because it is embossing grades of the official’s competences. Bush policy is aimed to preserve the email messages of recording in all the departments. It is an approach to involve in the storage of the message and does not require for maintain the suiting and tracking of all the groups in the system.

Recommendation of whistle blowing:

As per Stephen M (2000) the major recommendation for the issue is implementation of the president record act which mandate to the people right to ensure the records are maintained in safe and secure condition for the country. It can achieved by taking the files back up in which the records is sent to the administration of the national archive for the storage. The administration is also accepted to give the information to the white house system which has failures in the missing mails. The president record act is the responsible and takes the initiative of maintaining the records of the management. The act also ensures the public owns and the public have the right to know the fact which contains in the missing mail of the records. The act also allows the president to deny any record that is considered to be no added value to the historical information and administrative importance. This can be achieved by only through the national archivist. The staff member is required to take the severe steps to ensure the information to be maintained and recorded under the president. The act allows the people to access the information of the president. The major root cause for the problem is poor operation of information technology and the policy which they are implementing in the current situations. The white house counsel should maintain the good IT professional for their operation to keep the records very safe. The managers have to be very professional and competent of their service. They have to play major role in marinating the record with the innovation technology and upgrading the system and format the old technology in regular intervals to keep the system in good conditions.

Assignment Help AustraliaConclusion:

As per Roberta Ann (2002) it is more important for the employees to educate rights and taught the business ethics to build up organization in good level. The whistle blowers provide the society with the justice and protecting the ethical behavior. Without these people it is very difficult for stepping up and doing the right things. In order to make the system very effective the good evidence and support should be provided to the concern will ensure the protection of the information to the designated authority. It can also be eliminated by providing the ethic training for all the staff members in the organization for the safeguard to protect the information. This will control the whistle blowing in the organization. 

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