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For this assignment, you will undertake an analysis based on a self-designed fictitious study that utilizes statistical methodologies. You will first develop a fictitious problem to examine – it can be anything. For example, maybe you want to look at whether scores on a standardized college placement test (like the SAT) are related to the level of income a person makes 10 years after college; Or, whether those who participate in a Leadership Training program rated as better managers compared to those who do not; Or, whether ones political affiliation is related to gender. These are just a few examples; be creative and think about what piques your interest. You might also address a problem that you may want to look at in future research for a dissertation. You will use either EXCEL or SPSS to conduct the analysis.

Your analysis report should include the following components:
1. Describe your research study.
2. State a hypothesis.
3. List and explain the variables you would collect in this study. There must be a minimum of three variables and two must meet the assumptions for a correlational analysis.
4. Create a fictitious data set that you will analyze. The data should have a minimum of 30 cases, but not more than 50 cases.
5. Conduct a descriptive data analysis that includes the following:
a. a measure of central tendency
b. a measure of dispersion
c. at least one graph
6. Briefly interpret the descriptive data analysis.
7. Conduct the appropriate statistical test that will answer your hypothesis. It must be a statistical test covered in this course such as regression analysis, single t-test, independent t-test, cross-tabulations, Chi-square, or One-Way ANOVA. Explain your justification for using the test based on the type of data and the level of measurement that the data lends to for the statistical analysis.
8. Report and interpret your findings. Use APA style and include a statement about whether you reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis.
9. Copy and paste your Excel or SPSS data output and place it in an appendix.
Remember, the goal of this project is to show what you have learned in the course. Therefore, this project becomes a cumulative learning project where you can demonstrate what you have learned through all the previous assignments, readings and video presentations that you have watched.
Length: 12-15 pages not including title and reference pages
References: Minimum of 5 scholarly resources.

This paper outlines the descriptive report of the bullying, corruption and discrimination that being mentioned in the WA police documents revealing the menace with the powerful documents and sources. The police commissioner of WA said that the corruption and all other misconducts that are fully related to the department is thoroughly investigated and inquired by the agencies. The culture in the police department is a, matter of concern as 1 out of the ten department officers and staff alleges sexual harassment or discrimination on the one or the other side. The morale of the department has gone away as the department is all becoming more the sin than the virtue. There is lack of integrity and the ethics which is a source of major concern. The study by the Sunday times where the exit questionnaire was prepared  reveals that the officers and the staff were bullied and the ground for this was the race and this racial department in the WA is a source of major worrisome as stated by the news agencies of the Australia. The morality is the conduct that is being absent in the WA police department and it seems as the report says that the bird has fly away all the morality from the department. It is said that 20% of the department don’t have the healthy environment that includes the positive culture. The positive culture is to be maintained that requires the strict opening in the department with truthfulness. The report concerns about how to build up the positive culture by tackling the corruption and bullying like factors. At the second point this report gives an in-depth study of how the commissioner should treat the change process in order to make the department more efficient with the culture. The changes are to be made and the recent reports have shown how the bullying and all these no sense making activities have made impact on the cultural background of the department. (Apaydin, 2008)

The major challenges that the department now a days is facing is of the bullying, corruption and the discrimination. Police misconduct and the corruption are the worst part of the police authority that is merely done for the personal gains and other jobs. The department and its officials are now searching to make the material benefit through various illegal activities and it is being completely reported by the news broadcasting agencies and the journals that have got the publication of the reports. Making the corruption in the WA department is also a corruption and it is a procedural one where the rules and regulations are being violated. The police official s in the WA police departments are both the corruption and criminal. The criminal in the sense of making the violations of the state and the federal laws. The act of the police departments is also amounting of the unconstitutional as there is made huge racial and other forms of discrimination against the police officials and the staff. The reports as released by the governmental authorities in the Australia reports that the police are themselves making thee codes of conduct, investigating and police officers appointment, civil complaint review boards have the arbitrariness where the officials are not marked as guilty and trains the new recruits. The report has been prepared after the thorough investigation of the police documents and various sources which states that it is the culture, a positive culture that is required in the police department to make the police department all secure and sound for the public. Following is the detailed description of the report where amendment is required in various police codes that appears to be out dated and whose implementation has merely became the words.  WA police department need s the following suggestions. (Learning input-merger intergration, 2009)

Ethical code of conduct

WA police department needs to have the ethical code of conduct in the more elaborative form where there is the requirement of the organizational approach in the police department. It is to be done by mentioning the values and practices with the covering of the attitudes that the employees possess. The professional branches are to made focus on the corruption report and the internal and external examinations are to be made through the police management experts where the honest members are required in the commission. Police complains and allocates requires the internal investigation and these investigations are to be made in the right approach. There has been made the record 480 complaints against the conduct of WA police in the year 2012-2013.this data was more than the year previous and in previous year it was 308 complaints. The Sunday times have prepared a report that states police are involved in making the wrong comments on the goals and women have been made arrested in the said year. The department is urgent need to have the procedural law on the ethics and its conduct or else will make the fall of the department where the police officials will make the citizens all unsecure. (Bolman, 2008)

Working with integrity

There is also the need for the department to work with the management of integrity which means there is urgent need to have the well built approach for the integration among the members of the staff and its official so that the discrimination and bullying like factors could be removed .this is the statement and its implementation is to be made by bringing the police reforms in the police code of WA. The new legislation is to be made for the proper implementation if the integrity is harassed on the grounds of bullying and discrimination. (Bolman, 2008)

Management of the officials

Police commissioner of WA, Karl O’Callaghan statement that investigation is proceeds when the complaint is made requires the clear explanation as to what procedures of the procedural laws of Australia are implemented to make the guilty one sent back to the prison. Therefore, the WA police require making the programs so that the best quality officers can be made from the codes. The enactment of the legal procedures like Acts are utmost important, merely the preparations to have the code won’t work. (Bowling, 2008)

Code of conduct for the WA police

The police department is making a look very the identification of the corruption areas in the police department.tho code of conduct should include:

  • The ethical culture that is most required as the growing number of unethical behavior of the police official of the WA is risen in the present times.
  • Corruption awareness and the codes are to be framed to have the police department all secure and safe.
  • Community confidence is the most important factor that is to be obtained through the character and ethics and a regular training is to be given by implementing the programs for their police staff and its officials.
  • Stern laws are to be made against the bullying and the discrimination.

The code of conduct is too applied to those who are employed under the police Act of 1982 by the police commissioner. (Aspara, 2008)

The blue line and other services

The blue line services are not enough to have the issues tackle in the department. When the complaint is to be made against the police department officials who have been victim of the police staff misconduct then it requires the transparency and this transparency requires the transparent officers. It is required to bring and take many steps on the improvement of complaint procedures were the numbers are to be provided to lodge the complaints. (Bolman, 2008)

Unethical conduct and its examination

The commission is to be made set up by the police department that includes the reputable officers and also it should include the retired judges and other luminaries and law expert who shall make assistance to the police officers. (Aspara, 2008)

Optimize strategies

There is the need of an hour to have the optimize strategies for the proper and fair use of the workforce. with this the very optimization, the police service staff has to provide the best and effective services to the community where all the people of the society would keep the faith and trust on the police official s as they are there to protect and guard them. Bowling, 2008)

Information management

With the change in the time the information management is the need in the WA police department. The biggest challenge for the police shows that how the discrimination a bullying like factors are increasing and they are making the police officialsunsafe.According to the data presented in the Sunday times, it was revealed that the police department has to renew the information management system to hear the voice of the police officials. In this way they are receiving the information. (Bowen, 2008)

The commissioner to bring the change process in the organization need to support the following programs:

Moral and character

The police officers an all staff members requires the one to be all moral and they have to look the character of their own and this character is being founded on the grounds of what we call it as the morality. The police officers of now times require building up the character. Because the prediction of based on the fact there are the officers who used to be corrupt and making the discrimination on the grounds of the race and etc.But there might be other officers who would be the first to do the honest work with all there sincerity. The character and sincerity is what is exactly required, but as this al, things are already included in the code of conduct so the police departments need to have the more stern legislations to be passed by the parliament so that more the stern laws are the more would the corrupt police officers have. They would be in trouble when the honesty circuit functions would be done by the legislators. The characters are something that would be built in a day but the laws are that could be made as soon as possible. When the government is all requiring the stern laws and the strict actions are when taken against the corrupt officials then the law and faith of the citizen and especially of those police officers or the members of the police staff grows to higher extents who have been the victim of bullying and discrimination. (Barnet, 2009)

Incentive programs

The incentive programs are to be made for the officials so that when they lack money they opt to do the corruption will stop and it will ultimately spread the integrity system and process on the police department where all the police officials will live altogether and the problems that arise due to discrimination and other factors like bullying and corruption will get held for the long time. (Bowen, 2008)


There is made the falsification of the reports in the police departments. This type of corruption requires the money so that when the money is paid to the police officials then only is the total complaint is lodged against the culprit. The ordinary citizens have to face these severe problems in their life when there is a huge demand and pressure from the corrupt officials to have the money paid first. This type of problem is sort out when there is made the grounds of legislations that deals with the corruption in the police department only. The Australian governments need to look all these issues. With the intense faith in the police system, the WA police department has to learn from the ethical codes and has to practically apply. The police commissioner Callaghan is to be more frank to the police officers in mentioning how there is to be made amendments and changes in the process. The process and direction is to be made by the commissioner of police itself and for this it is necessary to build the relation of trust among the employees and staff of police department. In the present context and time the commissioner and other senior officials have the responsibility to give the proper instructions to the police officers and its staff members that even a single complaint would lead to the set up of the enquiry system against them. Lawul behavior and safety of the community is the first and foremost priority for the police department (annual report, 2013). The framing of commissions and the immediate response with the strict guidelines to the police department is the requirement with which the police commissioner and the staff members are required to tackle with( Barnet, 2009).





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