1. Do you think walmart is doing enough to become more sustainable?


Definitely walmart is doing enough measures to become more sustainable in the world.  Since walmart is one of the leading companies in the world. In the American business walmart played the icon role by developing their business from lower level to higher level. Walmart has the quality of adapt to change in times with the market condition. This is the great potential helped them to stay in the competition along with the environmental practices. So many complaints have been made on walmart like discrimination, illegal immigration issues and leadership misconduct. But the company cross so many obstacles by taking effective measures. And most popular complaint on walmart is the environmental issues. Few years back walmart done huge damage to the environment by releasing the co2 gas in the atmosphere. It created the pollution in the environment which caused a huge impact on the atmosphere. Million tons of carbon dioxide has been evolved by selling the low quality goods which affected the firm very badly.  By knowing all the criticism walmart came out with the good quality of goods as well as they have reduced the gas emission. By taking the effective measurement they have reduced the eighty percent of waste. And turn the atmosphere into green effect. Walmart price has both positive and negative impact in the society. It saves the consumer by $287 billion annually and it will be equal to $950 per person.  In response to the several obstacles company focused on the business and the company has continued to improve the stake holder relationship and made so much of effort to show that the company has ethically responsible company. And the walmart company has followed some strategy by analysing the market condition. They also expanded the grown produce by locally by ninety seven percentages. In order to help their shoppers to identify the healthier food items the company has announced the icon of “Great for You”. By offering the quality of fresh fruits and vegetables they have captured and saved the customer of $1 billion. Based upon the strategy they produced renewable resources and generated zero energy waste. According to Frank that the walmart company has prevented 80.9 percentage of the waste produced by the clubs, stores and the distribution centre all over the nationwide going to the landfill. By conducting the zero landfill programs that the walmart company has achieved the hallmark of $231 million to the business. Their ultimate goal is to decrease the carbon emission to all of its operations. Their initiatives helped so many families in all over the world during the recession period. So that it clearly shows that the company takes care of the employees under special care. Because the workers and employees are the real assets of the company success. This made the company to stand for the sustainability in the market for long time.  The hard work of the company always overcomes the problems and leads to the success and for the credibility.


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