Business Ethics and Law Assignment Help Online:: Ethical issues & Corruption : Kant’s Theory Anna Hazare Movement

Business Ethics and Law Assignment Help Online:: Ethical issues & Corruption : Kant’s Theory Anna Hazare Movement


Ethics and sustainability in the corruption?

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Summary of article:

The topic of my news article is ethical issues on corruption.It has been posted in the times of India for the year 2012? The one man army is geared up to recover the nation as corruption free country in the world by Anna hazare in India. The article is all about to track the politician and other high official who involved in corruption should be punished in short time under the law and developing the nation as pure form. The issue has been raised international level against corruption. Corruption is the main issue that all the countries facing in the current world. Due to the corruption the nation is not able to make foot best forward to the developed status. And still lagging in the down position and also pushes more backwards. It has been polluted all the sections of society which includes the housing, medical, telecom, postal, agriculture and sports. It is viral bacteria slowly enters into the country through the higher officials, politician and officers. It is hard to destroy the bacteria it will take huge time to demolish those bacteria’s and regain the corruption free country. Corruption is not only affecting the individual person but also affects the entire system of the government and normal people left behind with the crisis per Marjit corruption is unfair act which can bend the law through the money. The corruption affects each and every individual of the country and also made them to access the easy service from the public department. The corruption is tough to define and very hard to quantify it is one of the most criminal offenses in the today world.  That main reason for the corruption is change in the value system. People tolerance towards corruption is high and also strong absence to oppose the corruption.

a) Clearly define the ethical issue and provide a brief explanation as to why it is important.

 As per Sharma corruption is a worldwide problem. In each and every country some high people in valuable designation are have been charged for it. In India it has spread like virus in all the possible sectors. It also pollutes the honesty persons because of economic pressure in the country. The rules and laws were broken by the money. The system was completely changed due to corruption. People are hesitate to come forward to oppose the corruption, but the great freedom fighter for India Anna hazare came forward as single person and started a revolution to oppose the corruption in all the sectors. He wants the nation to be corruption free in the present as well as in the future. He does not want the nation to be drenched in the corruption well. He started to oppose as one man army in the battle and now he gathered so many supporters for this revolution. As per Anna the corrupted person is named as dishonest and immoral to the society. He says that the system has become older he want to remodel the system and people who are involved in the corruption should be punished. By understanding the consequence of corruption he introduced the Janlocal bill which is more effective to fight against the corruption. This local bill act more efficient by investigating the corruption case and completed within one year not more than that and those culprits will be punished within the two years. The local bill has power to track the corrupted politician and punish them in a short period and it won’t allow them to escape from the law. The local bill was introduced by Anna hazare will act as the most potential weapon against the corruption.  The bill was introduced by the government in the year 2010 but it was not taken into the serious issues by the politician. He struggles hard to implement the bill but the politician not allowing passing the bill. He also begins fasting for the bill to pass by the government. But the government of India has not taken the correct decision with the bill. Due to this so many politician and higher official are in safer position and they are still corrupting all the sectors in the government.  The theme of the Anna hazare movement is anti-corruption which was well supported by every citizen because it sucks the blood of the whole country. The various politicians and political parties are involved in the shadow of corruption practices they are involved in so many scams with the respect to the money. But till now no one has punished before the law. Because the system of law has been changed to their comfort. And they system and law will take so many year to function proper. Corruption is not only India but also appears in so many countries. People should come forward to oppose the corruption which is happening in all the sectors. It will help the younger generation to grow well in the future and the country also attain good economic growth.

b) Identify facts which are relevant to your analysis of the ethical issue.

As per Salinger the worldwide corruption concern is growing at the present in the top most issues. It has been reached in the universal level. It exists in both developed and non-developing countries in all the sectors which includes both private and public as well as in charitable and nonprofit organization. The corruption has effect in many dimensions like economic, social, political and environmental effects. In the political sector corruption plays central role it impedes rule of law and democracy. In democratic country the system will get affected and may lose the trust when they misuse the power for interest of public. It also results in decreasing the transparency of political decision making and political instability. According to Rose-Ackerman the corruption directly affects the economy growth of the nation and it is also responsible for the increased cost of goods and services. It also discourages the people who work sincerely to their goals. This will make the society very weak in civil due to frustrations. The corruption leads to the inequality among the organization and also reduce in the product quality. It will affect the structure of weakness and institutional crucial for best government. It will give boost the bad rule of governance through the absence of rules and regulation with the respect to the human rights and there will be no transparency in the government.It reduces the development assistance and the impact provides to exploit the resources of natural. It affects the public administration and make ineffective in the society. As per the Transparency international world corruption index for the top five countries.

1. Somalia

2 North Korea

3. Myanmar

4. Afghanistan

5. Uzbekistan.

c) Analyze the ethical issue using act utilitarianism, identifying all relevant consequences. Compare negative versus positive consequences and assess whether net utility will rise or fall due to the ethical act being examined.

Utilitarianism is ethical theory which reflects in normative ethics gaining the course of action in proper way to maximize the overall happiness. According to the theory the action of moral can be found out only through the output of the result given to actual consequences. The main contributors of this influential theory are Jeremy Bentham and john Stuart mill. This principle related to the greatest happiness. As per john the action are directly proportional to happiness which promotes and tend to reverse the happiness when the things done in wrong way.

In this theory all the activities of good and bad are included in the act during the performance of the action. It does not regard between the moral issues as choice. Both of them analyzed the balance between happiness and sorrow and trusted these feelings are dis-value.

The people who involved in the corruption and bribery in day to day life also should think that they are acting in illegal way. And they should also analyses the poor people behind them for not able to access public rights. The law can be applied universally because the corruption takes place in all the country to a great extent. Due to corruption brings down the economy to the downward position. When people realize the importance of eliminating the corruption will bring fragrance to the new society. Bureaucracy is the main tool for the good governance. The law should be made and designed friendlier citizen both ethically and accountable. Cooperation is more important among the people to oppose the corruption. The system of law should be designed well and it should be speedy and inexpensive justice for all the people to be delivered in time.  Right of information should be implemented so that which will empower the people to ask for the detailed information what they have required.

e) Provide a conclusion equate with your conscience on this issue

Corruption is the main consequences between criminals and bureaucracy. The rate of corruption has been increased in day to day life. At one point of time bribe was given to the person  for getting wrong things done but now the scenery has been changed even for the right things to be done need to pay the money in the form as a bribe. Responsiveness accompanied with the transparency needed for the clean system Personfilled with the honest and dedicated in the public life over the expenses of electoral is the key prescription to combat the corruption. Corruption has impact of corrosive in our economy. It is a global problem every country facing the problem as one of the main issues which should be sorted out in short time for the welfare of the people and thus will enable a good system for law and order. We have tolerated so many long but the time has come for all of us to root it out from the roots. In the absence of corruption it increases the public sector productivity with the increases government revenues. It will help to increase the spending money on the social sectors and also develops the quality of the public infrastructure.


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