You are required to study the country of the United States of America (USA) and its socio-cultural norms that affect its business practices. You will provide a report detailing that country’s social and cultural behaviour, including but not limited to the aspects of religion, language, non-verbal communication, contrasting cultural values and negotiation techniques within a business context.

The assignment must have a reflection piece (1/2 to 1 page in length) (learning experience about that country) section to be included after the conclusion of the assignment. This reflection piece should include any difficulties when completing this work, thoughts on your findings when completing this assignment, anything interesting and your thoughts and learning experience about the socio-cultural norms that affect USA’s business’ practices etc.

Your report should be in a business report format as follows, including a:

Cover page, executive summary, introduction, body, conclusion, reflection, references.

You should also include appropriate references in Harvard style format. A minimum of ten references should be used.



United States is a Capitalistic Economy having their more focus on business and business people. They mainly have good focus on how to do business and conduct business. American culture is also accustomed in such a way that there is more usage of money power andpeople are also more prone to business wordings.

But being a capitalistic economy doesnot mean that a country would not face any kind of problems. There are problems in terms of cultural and societal norms in the country.  The main problem would mainly be the cultural aspect as it is very difficult for all the nation people to liberate in the best possible way. There is cultural barriers that is the main point of barrier atAmerica.

Social Cultural norms are making a lot of road blocks in the normal functioning of business. A person is not being allowed to do what he likes to do. Business is the law of nature. Creation of demand andtheir supply is what lord also prescribed us but we aretending to forget it from time to time. We must thus ensurethat there is practicality thatis being followed in the country andtheir isalways peace and harmony that is prevailing in the country. America would mainly grow if we tend to understand this law and we be in best possible sync from the time.

Business Ethics in America

Business ethics would mainly include what kind of cultural forms are being practiced in America. The business ethics mainly would include what is the working environment and what all practices are being followed in the country. The main business ethics that would mainly be followed are the work cultural norms and regulations that are being governed in the economy.

American economy is mainly capitalistic in nature and there are norms and regulations which are accustomed to that of their economy. The main policy and principals that should be utilized in the environment would be the cost effectiveness policy and the nature with which these policies are being governed in the nature. Apart from it another main area of concern is the made and nature of the people of America. More important is the working climate.

Thus theethics of America is very solid in nature and all are mainly governed by the laws of the land. The land laws are pretty strict for new entrepreneurs and this makes all the people more aware of the situation in and around the land. People would mainly be concerned with the money making policy and their principles with which there is considerate increase in the amount of money making power of the people.






Business vs. Religion

The main problem that America is facing in the current times is the war between business and religion. People are in no mood to take up this thing. They are religious in nature but at thesamepoint of time, they also want to make money and earn  good business for themselves. They feel that religion is coming in their path and that is the main concern for all of them. People are asking questions as to what should they follow in their life.

If people are following religion then other people would not allow themto do businessand viceversa. This is amajor issue that is cropping up in the society. This issue needs to be resolved at the earliest so that there is something profitable that happens to thecountry. America is a capitalistic economy and  country where people starve for business andthey do business with right sense. This justification of religion mixing up with the country is making waves in the long and short run.

Hindrances in terms of society, people, nature, environment, politics are now coming in good shape and form but we have to ensure that there is correct practices that is being followed up in the economy. The economy needs to feel the same change and they should also takethisplea with good concern. The arethere only for the reason that their would be growth and development.

American economy is strong mainly because there is good business venturesthat are flourishing up. There are goodpeople who are eager to understand more and bring in more business ventures for America. We also have to ensure that there is correct practices that our country follows andtheir isgreat need for the religious thing to change in the best possible manner.

Thus, if America has to growmore further or to maintain its superpower status they have to create more wealth for the society and their should be good wealth for it. They have to ensure that there is good all round support for them from all quarters andthe main reason for that is their all roundpresence in maximum of countries. American industries are now present in mire than 100 countries all across and this is the main reason why wealth is being created and generated from America. They are mainly superpowersbecause they dictate terms to the rest of the world andtheir is no looking behind from any where.

Hence, business andreligion should never be mixed together with each other. They should be followed separately and their should be best practices of business that should be followed with the right spirit. This would mainly involve correct practices like paying taxes, andother duties to the government and alsotheir should be no cheating that should be done with them. It would be mainlybecause of these practices that religion would be followed in the right path andtheir would be allround growth and development in the country and for the people.


Cultural Norms

The cultural norms of Americaare also pretty different from the rest of world. Their are people from all across the world which stay in America. The main people are the local Americans and apart from it there are people from Latin America. There are a lot of governmental rules andregulations in terms of ensuring that there is good flow of cultural norms in the country.

They mainly want that people should understand the local cultural norms in the best possible manner so that people are in sync with the local cultural norms. If they are not in sync with that the cross cultural norms would be thebest possible thing that would be happening in the country.

The cultural norms are mainly being followed of that of Latin America and that of other Asian Norms that are being followed. There is Hinduism, Jainism, Muslim that is being followed in the country. They are an integral part of the society andthey are being looked into well as part of their religious andcustom acts. They are mainly into being andthey understand the importance of such laws and regulations. People feel that it is only because of these norms that people are able to coordinate with each other well and they are able to ensure that there is best practices that is being followed up in the country.

It is because of these cultural norms and practices that people are joined with eachother and they meet up with each other because of these things. This is one such thing that all the people enjoy andthey have good reference for that. Thus, this cultural norms have now become one of the best thingsthat isensuring that the country’s integrity is united andthey are totally in sync with themselves and with the local cultural norms and values.

Coming back to the topic, that how cultural norms are creating problems in termsof businessmaking. There are a lot of things that are not allowed in cultural. For example, Hindu culture dos not allow to eat cows meat or beef. They feel that cows are sacred andthey should notbe killed. This is one practice that comes in the way of making sure that theiris good business al around. Apart from it, the Latin American culture prohibits people from drinking and smoking which again comes in the way of creating good business.

People thus now tend to bemore confused asto what should they do and what all should they not do. They are mainly worried asif they do one thing, the other thing would be at loss and vice versa. This type of behavior would mainly affect the peoples thinking andmindset. They would notbe having good business sense andpeoplewould mainly thus go to all possible directions for a good business venture.


Thus, I would like to conclude that cultural norms are good forbinding up people but their should be some thing that should not come in between the cultural norms and business. If a person wants to do business he or sheshould notbe disallowed from doing that and they should be allowed to do whatever they want to practice or do in their life. If that is not allowed than these cultural norms would be to be blamed for all these things.

Hence, all the cultural and traditional norms are good only for binding up together. They should only be entertained for good orbad things. If a person is smuggling something which is injurious to human health , then that thing should be disallowed rather than all other things that are being disallowed. In short, we have to make sure that the things which are correct and which are legal should beallowed to be sold at any cost. Their should not be local cultural norms and values that should come in between these things.

A person is free to do what ever business he or she wants to do. He should not be disallowed from doing any thing until andunless that thing is illegal in nature. If the business is legal as per governmentalnorms and principles then he shouldbe allowed to perform that business activity. This would mainlyensure that there is good business practices that is being followed and people are also happy with the way they are doing their business. This would ensure that good practices are being followed up in the country andtheir is growth and development in the country. If people are happy then only the religious sentiments would be their and people would be happy with the cultural and societalnorms in the country.


Religions and cultural norms were beingbuild up by our ancestors for upliftment and peacefulliving. But these laws and principles were beingmade long ago. Now the way of living andthe standard of living has changed completely. Thus we have to make new norms for our living. If we do not make such laws and rules, then we would be going to some where else.

The main reflection that I would like to draw from the above article is that religious norms and principles are bound to change from time to time. If we do not change these rules, then they would tend to bind up towards poverty and misery. We must understand the fact that people are happy when they have money. If they do not have money, then no one is happy at what all times.

Business is the lawof the nature. Demand and supply is what the god also taught us and we also have to abide by those rules and regulations. If we do not abide but those rules and regulations then we would not be able to sustain ourselves in this ever competitive andever changing world. We must ensure that there is best practices that is always being followed up and we are actually able to give the best results to our people.

My refection of the whole of the article is that people should be allowedto do what all business that he wants to do. Their should not be nay kind of road block that should be given to them. This would  mainly be  a wrong path and people would be hating that path. Hence freedom should be allowed to all and they should be allowed to do what ever business that they want to do in their lives.


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