BM5207 Market Research Deferred/Retake Quantitative Assignment-91324

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BM5207 Market Research

Deferred/Retake Quantitative Assignment 


The retake course work consists of two parts.  Both must be attempted and carry equal marks.


Part one

It is becoming more and more difficult to get people to take part in market research surveys.  What are the implications of this and what can market researchers do to encourage people to take part? (1,000 words max)


Part two

You are a Market Research Executive at Lynx Trainers Ltd.  The Brand Manager for Lynx’s range of running shoes wants to run an advertising campaign to differentiate your product from your closest competitor, Puma’s.  Prior research suggests there are four determinants of brand choice in the training shoe industry: comfort, style innovativeness and durability.  The Brand Manager thinks that Lynx’s shoes are seen as more comfortable than Puma’s and has begun to design a promotion campaign around this. You have been asked by the Marketing Director test whether this is the case, or whether Lynx has other strengths over Puma.  You have run a survey on a random sample of running enthusiasts and compared their perceptions of your brand with their perceptions of Puma’s shoes (measured on a 7-point scale, 7 being the highest, 1 being the lowest) using paired samples t-tests.  The results are given below.

Write a report explaining how the results are interpreted (including the hypotheses being tested).  Do your results support the Brand manager’s decision to focus on comfort?  If so, why?  If not, what should Lynx focus on in their advertising campaign? (1000 words max).



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Section 1. 3

Section 2. 4

Section 3: Future research options. 6

Reference List 8


Market research interview conducted on Maltesers


The given section has two major parts. The first Part throws light on usage and attitude of the chocolate Maltesers. The interview transcripts are recorded in accordance to that. The interview of the respondents was conducted at 16:30 on 20th July 2015. The interview was conducted for nearly 35 minutes. He was of 35 years of age and was a male. He is one of the self-employed person with more or less a lucrative remuneration in hand. The interview was conducted at Park Street (London). The respondent consumes Maltesers regularly and completely loves to consume the product. The interview was open and the information collected was genuine and as per the opinion of the respondents.

Topic guide on the market research assignment and Maltesers

Consent form

  • Throughout the research the researcher have maintained the confidentiality of the interviewee along with the details of the project
  • The permission is sought from the interviewee only after the letting him know about the tape recording and to know whether they agree to the recording
  • They are made aware of the fact that they can ask question at any point of time
  • In order to proceed with the interview the interviewee is asked to sign the consent form. This is for the purpose of the approval.

Questions asked to the interviewee about himself

  • Asking some of the background information from the interviewee
  • The career they are part of for their living
  • Asking about the family information
  • The interest and the hobbies which the interviewee have and the time which they llot for the same
  • Interviewee’s nationality

Questions regarding the preference of the chocolate along with the diet, which the interviewee maintains

  • To what extent the interviewee is interested in the consuming chocolate. The rating of the preference for chocolate is within 1-10 (1 is least preferred and 10 is most preferred)?
  • When the interviewee is having sweet foods like chocolate, which type of the food, do they prefer most? What is the reason behind it?
  • When is the time that they interviewee prefer consuming chocolate? Is there any reason for consuming chocolate at the particular time?
  • Is it that he/she buys the chocolate for himself or is there anyone else who buy the chocolate for them?
  • Is there any special attachment for consuming chocolates like nostalgia (having chocolates from childhood)?
  • Is there any aspect, which stops him from consuming chocolates like the price of the health factors?
  • What is the reason for consuming the chocolate? Is it just taste? Craving? Stress or any other factor?

What are the chocolates which they prefer the most and why?

  • What is/are the chocolate they like to consume the most?
  • What is the reason for liking the particular chocolate?

Projective technique may be implemented with the video of Maltesers that may change the mind of the mind of the interviewee successfully.

  • What is the factor, which attracts them the most towards the chocolate? What is the way they would compare Maltesers and relating to the same after watching the ad?
  • Which are the particular aspects for which the respondents like the particular chocolate/ what is the aspect for which they do not like the chocolate? This includes Maltesers
  • What is the interval of the consumption of the chocolate and why? Do they place Maltesers in the same place with their favourite chocolate? Why or why not?
  • Is there any reason of recommending the chocolate in the peer group or family after watching the ad of the chocolate?

Project technique

Carrying out an activity with adjectival sort:

  • Maltesers along with two other chocolates would be put in front of the interviewee and then he/she would be asked to match few adjectives with the chocolates
  • The interviewee would be next asked about the reason of choosing the specific adjectives with the chocolates


  • The most current experience of having Maltesers and when was it?
  • From where did the respondent purchase it/them?
  • What was the reason for consuming the chocolate at that particular time?
  • What was the entire experience?

Their exclusive thoughts of Maltesers on the following grounds:-

  • Taste
  • Availability
  • Price
  • Packaging
  • The filling of the chocolate
  • Branding
  • Who are the people who consume Maltesers
  • Is there any special occasion for consuming Maltesers


  • What are the recommendation they would give to Maltesers in order to make it better, i.e grounds of betterment
  • Any further question regarding  the product

Ending the interview

  • Reassuring the respondents about the confidentiality of the information
  • Again asking the interviewee about the experience of the research and the interview based on the market research assignment
  •  Thanking the respondent for being a part of the interview

Part A

Description of the interview

This market research is related to the given products of the retail organization Tesco. The nature and purpose of interview is regarding the reasons behind which respondents do not participant in any form of research process and what will be the implications to the organizations undertaking the research process. The interview was conducted in United Kingdom. In addition to this, the given interview questions can be analyzed through the assist of both open-ended questions and close ended questions.

Interviewer: Hi, I am a student; I will like to take an interview for my market research project purpose regarding usage and attitude of the chocolate Maltesers. I would use this research interview only for the purpose of my project. The research module is based on Maltesers and regarding the taste and the product. The questions asked in the interview entails the focus on Maltesers. There have been series of questions based on the idea of the course and the preference attached to different qualities of chocolate. This would help me in the analysis of my research course. Your valuable comment and answer would help me in completing my study successfully.

Respondent: Sure, please proceed. I will like to add my valuable points concerning this.

Interviewer: As part of mu research module, I need to record your interview. Will that be fine with you?

Respondent: Sure, that is okay with me (smile)

Interviewer: I would also like to add that in the course of me asking you questions even you can ask me any question that you wish to ask

Respondent: That is great. (Smile again)

Interviewer: (Smile) Now I would like you to sign the consent form to know about the consent for the interview

Respondent: yes sure! I would like to sign it.

Interviewer: What do you think about quality of the product?

Respondent: I believe this particular company maintains a strong background on the quality of the products. I personally feel that due to the maintenance of the quality this particular company has diversified its business across the major cities of the, world. On the other hand, I feel that some products need to be more developed. Otherwise, this particular company maintains a strong quality on the majority of the products.

Interviewer: What are your taught about the price of different kinds of products of this particular?

Respondent: I feel that this particular company maintains all kinds of price level. This particular company has developed its business across the major cities of the world. The cultural factor of one country differs from each other. Based on these cultural factors this company develops different kinds of products of products and services.

Interviewer: How do you conclude about the feedback system of this particular company?

Respondent: The interviewer has some mixed review of this particular company. I feel that this company maintains two kinds of feedback system. One is the positive feedback system and on the other hand, the one is the negative feedback system. The main positive point regarding this particular feedback system is this particular company equally maintains a proper feedback system of the company. I have the right answer for my right questions. The most important part is the time management of this particular company. The feedback system developed by this particular company by keeping in mind the effectiveness of the time management. From my experience, I feel that this particular company has maintained a good time management system along with a proper feedback system.

Interviewer: Do you feel that different kinds of stores and outlets of the company is well outlined?

Respondent: The interviewer has different answers from different questions. This particular company organizes its business across the major cities of the world. There are many outlets, which are present across the major cities of the world. I feel that all the outlets are loaded with different kinds of stocks. I personally feel that the majority of the customers have different minds of options while purchasing. From my experience of visiting the stores of this particular company is all the stores consists a feedback system section. All the customers were requested to share their experience about the progression of the company.

Interviewer: What are your opinions about the Customer Relationship of the management of the company?

Respondent: The respondent of this particular questions have some different ideas of this particular question. Customer relationship management is the one of the key factors of the entire marketing structure. There are different kinds of factors, which are involved in maintaining the concept of the Customer Relationship management. I personally feel that this particular company develops a good customer relationship management. The major reason behind for this particular company as it maintains a strong feedback system. Many visitors in the interview section agreed this particular point. I feel that this particular company maintains a good customer relationship s the feedback system of this company is very much ahead as compared with other company, which are doing same business. I personally feel that that this particular company has developed different kind’s rules and regulations while maintaining proper feedback system. Different customers as well as different visitors share their personal experience with the feedback system of this particular company. With the help of this personal feedback system, this particular company will be able to gather proper information about the expectations of the customers about this particular company. By keeping in mind the different kinds of requirements of the people, I feel that this particular company will be able to maintain a proper feedback system.

Interviewer: What are your suggestions to the company for its betterment?

Respondent: With the rapid development of the technology, I feel that this particular company needs to develop a proper online system. Many companies depending upon the nature of the business develop a good online marketing. There are different kinds of advantages of developing online services as well as online stores. I feel that there are different kinds of advances of developing the concept of online marketing. The primary advantage is all the customers have the scope of saving time by using the concept of online marketing. On the other hand, this particular company can conclude about the different kinds of expectation levels of different kinds of customers. I feel this entire developing procedure will ensure this particular company to diversify its business as per the requirements and demands of the customers as well as for the market.

Interviewer: What are suggestions and recommendations to the company about its technological development?

Respondent: In modern generation, the technological advancement made changed the entire business structure of the world. From my experience my suggestions as well as my recommendations to the company is to launch an official application on every operating system platform. With the help of this particular application all, the customers will get proper updates about the latest products and services of the company. On the hand, I personally feel that this concept will also become helpful for the company to conclude about the demand, customer trends of the customers. On the other hand, I feel that concept of online marking must be developed by this particular company with the development of the official application.

Interview: Which is your favorite product of the company?

Respondent: As compared with the different kinds of products of this particular company, I liked the white coco chocolate. White coco chocolate is one of the most favorite chocolate of this particular company. Last, most I had short trip to South Africa. In South Africa, the popularity of the product was very much popular. This particular product is famous across the world.

Interviewer:  What is your age?

Respondent: The respondent replied that his age is 35 years.

Interviewer:  What is your gender?

Respondent: The respondent customer has replied that he is a male

Interviewer: Tell me something about yourself

Respondent: well, I am 35 years old and I am self-employed. I love reading books and I am an ardent blogger. These are my hobbies to name a few. I love adventure sport. I love to eat sweets. I also like trying different types of cuisine to enhance my idea of different types of taste round the world. These are the things, which keep me going. However, the most important part of my life is my family, which constitutes of my wife and two kids. They are the best part of my life and then come my love for work. I do not get much time to sit and relax but I make it a point to spend some quality time after returning home from my work. I spend this time with my wife and children.

Interviewer: Tell me something about yourself background

Respondent: I say at park street, London and have been part of this neighborhood for more than 10 years now.

Interviewer: oh! Wow, that is so sweet. So do you go out for travelling or visiting new places?

Respondent: surely, I visit. I make it appoint to take some time out every year to visit some beautiful places round the world. I love to try new cuisine especially sweets as that are my soft corner in food. I love to experiment and taste new foods, which is both a new experience, and new for my taste buds. I love to experiment with not only the cuisine but I also love cooking. Therefore, I try to incorporate the ideas and them out for a lovely romantic dinner for my wife. Life is good and I am living every part of my life.

Interviewer How frequently do you use products of chocolate Maltesers

Respondent: I am using retail products of Tesco on monthly basis and I am loyal towards the organization. I have been part of this organization for a very long time and the honestly feel that the products of the organization are very good. Hence, I am a lover of the products of the organization. I like to use the product of TESCO. Similarly, I like to use the chocolate Maltesers on daily basis. I love to share a much of this chocolate with my family especially with my children. They love it as well.

Interviewer: How many bars do you eat per day?

Respondent: I eat 1-2 bars per day on a regular basis. I just love to have them in my bag as a loyal customer. I also have them stacked in the refrigerator for my children.

Interviewer: As a matter of fact to what extent you like to eat sweets or chocolate?

Respondent: Well as I said I do love consuming sweet and chocolate. I would like to rate myself to an ardent lover of chocolate. Since, my childhood I have been part of the chocolate consuming. I used to love chocolate as my mother makes awesome desserts and chocolate cakes. Hence, I am fond of sweet and love consuming them.

Interviewer: So to what extent can your craving move to?

Respondent: It can go largely. I just love consuming chocolates. When I am watching movies at my home with my family, I need atleast 6-7 bars of chocolate in front of me. Therefore, you can understand the craving I have towards sweets or chocolates. This is the most important aspect along with the love for the company and the quality of the product.

Interviewer: Rate yourself from 1- 10 regarding the sweet tooth or the love for sweet tthat you have?

Respondent: In that case I would love to rate myself 9. This is because I simple gorge on having sweets. Right from childhood, I used to love having sweets or chocolates.  I remember when I used to return from school I used to go to my mother and used to ask for chocolates. This is the reason that I have grown this intense love towards chocolate. In this regard, I would also like to mention that I like to experiment with different flavors of chocolate round the world. This is to have a different kind of experience. As I said, I am a blogger so I also have the idea of searching about different type of information from the web. This helps me in understanding different ingredients and taste, which is used in chocolate.

Interviewer: When is the time you buy chocolate and why?

Respondent: I do not have a specific time for buying chocolate. I just buy them when I go to departmental stores. I need to buy them stack them in and my bag and refrigerator. I just love to use them whenever I feel like having them. This is the reason that I buy chocolate on the go. I also love to eat them in my office, as when I am stressed I just love to have them to resolve my issues and the stress that I have in my work life. This is not the case when I am at home. At home I just love to spend some quality time with my family and enjoy the taste of the chocolate.

Interviewer: so, it is an emotional habit that you imbibe? And are you the one who buys the chocolate or is there anyone else who buy the chocolate for you?

Respondent: yes, you can say that (smile). I am emotional towards chocolate. I just like to eat chocolate when in my work pressure at the same time I just like to have the chocolate when I am in a fun mood. Even in my office, I have few of my teammates who just love to have a bite of chocolate from me. They are aware of the fact that they would get a piece of the chocolate whenever they want to have them. This is the kind of image in my office relating to chocolate (laughs). Mostly I buy the chocolate wile going to office or while returning. However, when my wife goes shopping even she has the interest of buying a range of chocolates for me and the children. Initially she did not like me consuming so many chocolate. However, with time she has been fond of chocolates as well. Even she has grown the interest of buying different types of chocolates with different taste and fillings. She also likes to taste different range of chocolates.

Interviewer: Is there any aspect, which stops you from buying or eating chocolates beyond limit?

Respondent: Not exactly! There is nothing is the world which can stop me from consuming the chocolates. I just love them and I do not have any inhibition regarding the consumption process. This is because over the years, I have been part of the chocolates and being a child, I have consumed a number of chocolates every day. It is for this reason that there is nothing in the world, which can stop me from this aspect. I would love to consume the chocolates and would continue to do so until and unless I am too ill and doctor prescribes me of not consuming them. I visit doctors regularly and so there is no issue with me consuming so many chocolates per day.

Interviewer: So if the doctor asks you to not consume chocolates would you do it? Is there any other reason like pricing which can stop you from consuming chocolates?

Respondent: Yes of course! My first love is my family more than chocolate. Therefore, if the doctor were asking me to stop consuming chocolates permanently I would do that. This is because if he thinks that it might affect my health then it is directly related to the idea of my health. Therefore if I turn out ill that is not something, which would be liked by my family. In such case, I need to make it a point that I do not use chocolates as part of my eating process. This is important and ensures that I would not do that. There is no other means like pricing which can stop me from consuming chocolates. This is because of the fact that even if there comes a time that is cannot afford the buying of chocolates. I may not be able to, completely stop it but I can surely reduce the consumption. Until and unless I am forced to stop having chocolates, I cannot stop having the chocolates. This is important, as there are certain things in life which you just love to eat.

Interviewer: Where do you usually buy the chocolates from? What are the ways in which you can apply adjective to the chocolates?

Respondent: I usually buy them from the departmental stores. The adjectives, which can be used in the chocolates, may be creamy, delicious, tasty, good, sweet, smooth and silky.

Interviewer: Which is the type chocolate you prefer the most?

Respondent: I prefer any type of chcoclate, which not necessarily bitter. This is simply because I love any type of chocolate. In such case, it is important to note the fact that there are certain aspect that is important for me. It is only the taste of chocolate, the creamy feeling, and the melting aspect f the chocolate in the mouth. As I mentioned Maltesers is one such chocolate which is not only tasty but is creamy inside the mouth.

Interviewer: Do you think that Maltesers is only eating on specific occasions? And do you feel like only specific people eat it?.

Respondent: Not at all, I think such chocolates can be taken at any point of time, throughout the day. I love consuming them at any point of time. This could be to cater my urge of consuming sweets or could be to do away with the stress life of daily life. Hence, I would like to add the fact that I do not need any of the occasions to enjoy a bite of chocolate.

Interviewer: Do you think the packaging of the product can be improved including bit size?

Respondent: No, it is perfect on my behalf. Still, the product promotional tools and techniques can be improved largely. I have been one of the loyal customer but the genuinely I think that the improvement of the product could be on the ground of the promotion. There are certain aspects, which is missing in the advertisement and could be made better.

Interviewer: What are your thoughts on Maltesers now concerning about its pricing, tastes and branding?

Respondent: I believe, it is perfect in all respects. Right now, I am craving for it. The pricing strategy of the product, its branding is just the best. I feel I will buy the product right way. Therefore, according to me, it is branded product in all respects. For this reason, I will there is no need or scope for improvement for the product.

Interviewer: How was your experience from the interview?

Respondent: Yeah it was a good experience in the interview session. I came to known about the latest products as well as latest services of the company and on the other hand, I got the opportunity to share my taught and suggestions for the betterment of the company.

Interviewer: Thank you so much for your inputs.

Respondents: You are welcome, it is my pleasure

Part B

Section 1

There are interviews that were evaluated by the researcher based on durability, style, comfort and innovativeness of both the shoe products that is Lynx and Puma. This section will evaluate the quality of the transcripts undertaken by the researcher for the quality of the research. The researcher has taken a sample size of 252 respondents. Since, this is odd number of respondents, therefore, the research can be considered as feasible as it is carried out on a longitudinal basis. The quantitative research process has several forms of advantages and disadvantages. One of the biggest advantages of all the quantitative data is that accuracy of data plays a crucial part in case of quantitative data analysis. In addition to this, with the help of paired sample analysis, different varieties of data can be analyzed and can be rated on different scaling basis. Another major advantage of quantitative data is that hypothesis can be set before the research process begins. Apart from this, the researcher can give effective direction to the process with the assist of the given quantitative data analysis (Downing and Clark, 2010).

There can be different forms of research variables that can be analyzed based on quantitative research analysis. Apart from this, such forms of variables can also assist the researcher to evaluate cause and effect of the given variables. In the given research, the researcher has selected the methods of mean, median, mode standard deviation and confidence level of mean. With the assist of the given tools, the researcher can perform an in-depth analysis of the given research project or purpose. In addition to this, the researcher can also analyze all the aspects of the research based on the given descriptive statistics of the quantitative data analysis. However, on the contrary, there are several forms of limitations in the given analysis of quantitative research analysis. The occurrence of the research analysis can be nullified based on the given research analysis. In addition to this, in the given research, all the tools of descriptive statistics like Z-test, T-test, ANOVA, Chi-Square was not all used by the researcherIn addition to this, another limitation of the research process is that it lacks different varieties of quantitative data. It does not have other forms research scales. Due to this reason, it is of extremely difficult for the researcher to interpret findings and analyze the behavior of the respondents. Other main reason behind this is due to lack of different types of research analysis. Therefore, the findings of the data are questionable (Quirk, 2011).

Apart from this, there is no null-hypothesis at the beginning of the research project. Therefore, without the testing and selection of hypothesis test, the researcher could not be able to validate the overall process of the research. Apart from this, since the sample population is not a large sample, therefore, feasibility of the question cannot be questioned. In addition to this, there is a wide scope of future research study as the researcher did not evaluate and implement all the tools and techniques of descriptive and inferential analysis. In addition to this, the characteristics of a good interview are that different variables of the research can be analyzed and all forms of questions have been asked to the respondents in accordance to the given demographics of the customers. Another attribute, of a good interview is researcher carries out the whole research process on a longitudinal process rather than cross-sectional process. It is of great essence for a market researcher to evaluate different forms of questions and interpretations to attain different forms of research aims and objectives. These is absent in the given analysis of Lynx Trainers Ltd.

Section 2

This section of the quantitative research analysis will evaluate the coding of data of the given research analysis. The first section of the given quantitative research analysis talks about the theme of durability of the products of the organization Lynx with respect to its competitor Puma. This has been analyzed with mean, standard deviation and standard error. Most of the respondents responded in favor of Lynx more than Puma. This is mainly because; the mean of Lynx is higher than Puma. The mean of Lynx is 3.94 out of 7; while mean of durability of Puma are 2.86. However, standard deviation and standard error mean of Lynx is a bit more than Puma Shoes. Since standard deviation of duration of Lynx shoes is higher, therefore, it interprets that responses are very much scattered for the given form of element of research, Standard error reflects about the reliability of the research. Since, standard error of Lynx is higher than the standard error of Puma; therefore, it reflects that reliability of responses of Puma shoes is more than that of Lynx. However, the confidence level of both the responses is not the mark with due respect of 95 percent confidence interval. However, the percentage of mean is higher than the percentage of standard error and standard deviation (Fraser, 2012).

The next theme of the quantitative research analysis is based on perceived stylishness of both the shoes. The mean of stylishness of Lynx shoes has a higher mean than stylishness of Puma Shoes. Therefore, most of the 252 respondents responded in favor of Lynx shoes other than Puma Shoes. This is main reason why the mean of Lynx is 4.02 and mean of Puma is 2.21. However, in the given case, the standard deviation and standard error of Lynx is higher than Puma. This further reflects that reliability of Lynx is less than Puma. However, in the given case the mean of Lynx is 2.7 times greater than its standard deviation. Therefore, it interprets that this result is acceptable. In case of comfort, the mean of Lynx is 2.86 while mean of Puma shoes is 2.76. Therefore, most of the respondents answered in favor of Lynx. In case of standard deviation and standard error, Lynx is below than in case of Puma. This further interprets that the feasibility and reliability of the given research theme is correct. Apart from this, the interval level is higher in case of paired samples test. The f-value and p-value is 1.375 and 251. Therefore, the given research project is reliable on the eyes of the market analysts. Due to this, the manager of Lynx opted for comfort level of marketing strategy in comparison to other form of attributes. In case of perceived innovativeness, the mean of Lynx is 2.40 and Puma is 4.08. Therefore, the respondents responded in favor of Puma shoes other than Lynx shoes. The standard deviation and standard error of Lynx is also higher than Puma. Therefore, the responses are scattered and reliability of the research is questionable. Therefore, Lynx cannot market their products based on perceived innovativeness.

Based on the analysis of the research findings, the management of the organization may opt of durability, perceived styles apart from comfort as well. This is evident based on the research findings of quantitative research analysis. Apart from this, the organization needs to be move and diverse their respective products and services apart from a perceived level of comfort. This is evident from the level of mean, standard deviation and standard error. This is also evident from the testing of hypothesis of the research analysis. On the contrary, the findings of the research are questionable, as it is not done on longitudinal basis.

Section 3: Future research options

There are various options for future research options of the research. The researcher investigated the research through basic descriptive statistics. Several other advanced tools of descriptive statistics was completed ignored in the given research study. Such forms of advanced tools and techniques are ANOVA, Chi-square, Z-test correlation and regression analysis. Therefore, in case of future research, a longitudinal approach may be used except cross-sectional analysis. Apart from this, more number of sample size and respondents can be selected in future research projects. This will help to reduce standard error of the research project and will increase the feasibility and reliability of the research effectively (Brijs, 2012)

Apart from this, different forms of hypothesis testing can be evaluated in the future. In addition to this, the organization Lynx shoes can opt for more than one theme. These are comfort, stylishness and durability. The mean of all these themes is higher in case of Lynx shoes than in case of Puma. In addition to this, the organization Lynx may evaluate several other future research strategies like taking a higher number of sample sizes, a higher percentage of sample frames and different research design. This will increase the accuracy of the research effectively. The researcher may also evaluate the research project by following several other techniques of research philosophy, research design and research approach. Several future researchers can select positivism research philosophy, descriptive research design and deductive approach to carry out the research project effectively. This will reduce standard error of the research effectively. Apart from this, the given research project do not follow any effective pattern of any research design and research project. Therefore, the given research project has several limitations. These limitations can be in the form of cost frame and time management. In case of the given research project, the researcher have only selected the data based on likert scale analysis. No other forms of data were used in the given analysis of data. However, in case of future research, different market researchers can use other form of quantitative and close-ended questions. Multivariate analysis and bivariate analysis can also be implemented by researchers to reflect the normal distribution and regression analysis of the various respondents of the responses of the quantitative questions (Frisendal, 2012)

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