IT Assignment Help Online:: Warehouse management – ERP / SAP benefits of warehouse management and uses

IT Assignment Help Online:: Warehouse management – ERP / SAP benefits of warehouse management and uses


Uses & management of ERP / SAP of warehouse management??

Solution the essay frames is::

Application of Warehouse Management in our Organization

 About Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management is one of the methods which is now being used on an extensive basis to monitor and control the supply chain activities in the business world. It has been derived from SAP which mainly helps in better flow and control of logistics and also helps in maintaining the day to day records which are being used and performed at different core applications that a business does. Thus, Warehouse management is mainly a technology and software which helps in maintaining the Supply chain activities and also helps in understanding and recoding the transactions that happen on a day to day basis. The main objective of Warehouse management is to maintain a computerized stock and returns into the warehouse and make sure that all entries are passed on well and there is no redundancy in terms of transactions that are being made on a day to day basis.

This mainly helps the people to keep a check on all items which are pertaining to day to day operations and also helps in maintaining a flow in the overall applications of the company. The warehouse management mainly checks the flow of materials in and out and makes sure that if any sort of data is incorrect, it can be rectified within shortest amount of time frame.

Benefits of Ware House Management

Following are the main benefits of Warehouse Management:

  1. It can data track products during the production process: The main advantage of Warehouse management is that it helps in tracking the data during the process of production till the time products are being finished and ready for delivery. This is one of the major advantages of warehouse management.
  2. Efficient Warehouse Management: Right from procurements of goods and raw materials till the time finished goods are being made, Warehouse management plays a very important role. This mainly helps the company to set up standards and deliver the goods on time.
  3. Helps in reducing the costs: All sorts of costs such as  inventory planning, cost management, IT applications & communication technology costs are being reduced with the help and usage of SAP and Warehouse management software’s. Thus there is a direct benefit of profit that is being attached to it.
  4. Warehouse management deals with receipt, storage and movement of goods: The main advantage of Warehouse management is that it mainly helps in from the beginning till the end. This type of software would this be helpful in all manufacturing areas where there is time frame from 1 month to 1 year.

 SAP R/3 Software and Uses

SAP R/3 was earlier called as Enterprise Resource Management. The main benefits of this kind of software is that it helps in smooth flow of data and applications that are being linked with it. Thus, their would be all kinds of work that needs to be done in a company starting from Invoicing to procurements and then later on dispatch of the same goods to the end consumer. This all work can be done with the help of SAP software. This is the main reason why a lot of multinational companies are now using these kinds of software’s because it helps a lot in checking down the costs which were being unnecessarily being used in the earlier times.

It also helps in better accounting practices and policies and helps in maintain a good Audit procedures at all levels. Be it HR, Finance, Operations, Supply Chain sap is able to manage all things in its software and also helps in bridging the gap between the pasta and the present. We can check all sorts of data and entries in just a span of time and this makes the software more easy and worth to go.

Companies using SAP Software

Now lets understand the usage of WM and SAP software’s in companies and how was it useful to them. 3P is mainly a manufacturer of high performance plastics and has it presence in more than 10 countries. The main problem that they were facing is how to manage the high amount of inventories and how to respond to them in the shortest amount of time. At this time, they took and implemented SAP and WM software in their company. With the application of it, they were able to manage all the inventories and stocks at ease and their was no problem what so ever with the vendor management as such.

Another major player was Bajaj Auto Ltd which is mainly a two wheeler manufacturer in Indi and Asia markets. Down in 1990s their was a sudden splurge of demand after India announced Globalization. Their were people from all quarters who were after them and hence they were not able to finalize on any orders. At this point of time, they implemented SAP which mainly made sure that all their requisitions were placed on time and their was a balance between raw materials and finished goods in their warehouse.


SAP and Warehouse Management software’s are the best software’s through which companies can be able to save  a lot of costs and their would be more systematic and p[professional way of working. People thus have to understand that such kinds f software’s mainly helps people to grow at all levels and there is constant help that is being provided by such softwares at any given point of time. All sorts of business solutions can be done with the help of both these software’s. Thus, it would be recommended that this software should be used in our company so that there is discipline in the way transactions are being done and there is no sorts of problems in the functioning of the business.

This software would mainly our business to grow more further by reducing the costs and their would be proper schedule through which there is input and output of raw materials. People would thus be able to track on all items and their would be systematic functioning of the machines. With the help of warehouse management, we can be able to find out the wastages that would be happing and if what all measures should be taken so as to make sure that such kinds of wastages can be  reduced. It also helps in recording and classifying all data’s in the best way possible and their is good storage of inventories at all levels. The SAP ERP program me mainly helps in managing the given set of resources in the optimal ways o that there is profit making that can be done. We as companies need to implement such kinds of software’s o that we go on the right path and we are competitive in terms of our competitors are concerned. With the usage of such software’s people would be able to climb new ladders of success and new business ventures would be climbed up in the coming days.


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